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The Hard Times of RJ Berger

MTV - Music Television (ended 2011)



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The Hard Times of RJ Berger
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RJ, played by Paul Icaono, stars in a coming-of-age show about the hardships a fifteen-year old faces.

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  • Nice!

    Great show, to bad it had to get cancelled though..
  • Awesomely hilarious!!!

    In so many ways it reminded me of Super Bad, but it had it's own charm as a by-the-book geek sex comedy! It SOOO deserved more than two seasons. MTV, Viacom, it's official. YOU GUYS SUCK!
  • Hard Times Of RJ Berger

    this show paved the way for shows like awkward and underemployed i loved this show i believe it had 2 season and at the end of season 2 there was a cliff hanger with the pregnancy of that girl it's been so since I've watch the show i forget her name but this show was beautifully funny with Jenni Sawnson i believe her name was but i hope this show goes back into production some time later this year or even next yearmoreless
  • Bring Back My RJ Berger!!

    I am absolutely addicted to this show!! It is the most relatable teen show!! I've been waiting and waiting for the third season and I am very upset to find out that the show has been canceled!! What's going on?? Bring back the show!!!!!!!!
  • The same old story with a "Hell of a New" approach!!

    When I first saw the pilot, the first impression I got was "Dirty". And that impression only turned to "Super Dirty" as the episode went on!! For most of the 21 minute run, I had a wide, silly smile on my face. The moments when I hadn't, I was "LOL"ing like a maniac!!

    The premise is awesome, the script is a bit predicted but great non the less and the acting is very good. Each character, no matter how small the role might be, holds its lines well!!

    I just hope that it gets better as the season progresses and not turn into a mash of sex-jokes like many other shows do!! But, judging from the well pulled off preview I got at the end of the pilot, I'm pretty damn excite for more.moreless

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