The Hard Times of RJ Berger

Season 1 Episode 6

Over The Rainblow

Aired Sunday 11:00 PM Jul 12, 2010 on MTV - Music Television
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Episode Summary

When a new girl starts at the school and seems to like RJ, he is urged to use her as practice, should he ever get the chance with Jenny.

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    Blythe Auffarth

    Blythe Auffarth


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    Noureen DeWulf

    Noureen DeWulf


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    Mona Sishodia

    Mona Sishodia

    Claire's Mom

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    Beth Littleford

    Beth Littleford

    Suzanne Berger

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    Larry Poindexter

    Larry Poindexter

    Rick Berger

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      • (RJ's closing monologue, as he walks away with Clair, holding hands.)
        RJ Berger: My name is RJ Berger, and I think I might like the clunker.

      • (A Purity Club member kneels in front of RJ, followed by the sound of a zipper.)
        Purity Club Girl: (She looks shocked.) Noah's Arc, that's a LOT of wood... (She smiles.) It's one of God's miracles... Would you mind if I say grace first?

      • (After finding out that Clair wears a Purity Ring.)
        RJ Berger: Well, it's official... I'm God's urinal cake... A beautiful girl comes halfway around the world, moves in next door, isn't repulsed by me, and BOOM! She joins the Purity Club. I mean, Sorry RJ, no snizzle for you!

      • (While discussing whether the new girl is 'get-able'.)
        Lily: You know who else is get-able RJ? Me, right now... I even carved your initials into my hair. (Lascivious smile.) Kanye style...
        (Miles and RJ both look at her head.)
        RJ Berger: Where?
        Lily: You're looking a little far north...

      • RJ Berger: Well you know, Dad told me I need to aim a little lower. He said I needed to... Hump a clunker before I handled a Ferrari...
        RJ's Mom (Suzanne): (Laughing wickedly.) Hell, your father has some nerve!
        RJ Berger: What do you mean?
        RJ's Mom (Suzanne): Sweety, daddy was my clunker. The first time we rubbed nasties, I was really thinking about rubbing nasties with Jeremy Jessup.
        RJ Berger: Please don't say rubbing nasties...
        RJ's Mom (Suzanne): He was the star of the football team... (She starts to fondle the gear shift.) Ah, he was the star of every team... He was built like a horse... (She starts to rev the car in place repeatedly.)
        RJ Berger: Alright...
        RJ's Mom (Suzanne): Like a Bavarian Warmblood...
        RJ Berger: I gotta get to ..
        RJ's Mom (Suzanne): All that power at his disposal, all that stamina!
        RJ Berger: MOM!!!
        RJ's Mom (Suzanne): Sorry! (Long awkward pause.) All I'm saying is just be careful. Sometimes you wind up liking the clunker and driving it around for good. (Long pause and a sad sigh.) For the rest of your life... Oh well! Chop chop! Have a good day.

      • (RJ's opening monologue, after seeing a cute girl move in as his neighbor.)
        RJ Berger: My name is RJ Berger, and I think a clunker just pulled into my neighbor's driveway.

      • (After finding RJ looking at pictures of Jenny Swanson.)
        RJ's Dad (Rick): Still dreamin' of her golden skadoosh?
        RJ Berger: Dreamin'sall I'll ever do...
        RJ's Dad (Rick): Come here... Cop a squat with daddy. (Long pause.) RJ, you're a Berger man... And if there's one thing Berger men know, it's how to bag chicks. You wanna know your problem? You're aiming way up here right outta the gate. You know what your grandpa Sam once said to me? He said son, you gotta hump a few clunkers before you can fondle a Ferrari...
        RJ Berger: Ah, Dad... As far as my balls are concerned, the wheel hasn't even been invented yet. I wouldn't know the first thing, what to do...
        RJ's Dad (Rick): Well that's the great thing about clunkers. You can knock 'em up against a few walls, leave cigarette burns on the upholstery, and dump 'em in a ditch. (Long pause.) Hmm... Well, I'm glad we had this talk. Don't forget to take out the trash...

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    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • The title of this episode, Somewhere Over The Rainblow, refers to the Purity Club's unusual practice involving multi-colored lipsticks. The girls would put on brightly colored lipstick and try to leave their mark on as many guys as possible, all while remaining technically virginal.

        Somewhere Over The Rainbow was the signature song from the 1939 adaptation of The Wizard Of Oz, sung and made famous by Judy Garland.

      • Lily: I even carved your initials into my hair. (Lascivious smile.) Kanye style...

        'Kanye style' refers to rapper Kanye West, who has been known to have his initials and other things carved into his haircut.