The Hard Times of RJ Berger

MTV - Music Television (ended 2011)





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  • Nice!

    Great show, to bad it had to get cancelled though..
  • Awesomely hilarious!!!

    In so many ways it reminded me of Super Bad, but it had it's own charm as a by-the-book geek sex comedy! It SOOO deserved more than two seasons. MTV, Viacom, it's official. YOU GUYS SUCK!
  • Hard Times Of RJ Berger

    this show paved the way for shows like awkward and underemployed i loved this show i believe it had 2 season and at the end of season 2 there was a cliff hanger with the pregnancy of that girl it's been so since I've watch the show i forget her name but this show was beautifully funny with Jenni Sawnson i believe her name was but i hope this show goes back into production some time later this year or even next year
  • Bring Back My RJ Berger!!

    I am absolutely addicted to this show!! It is the most relatable teen show!! I've been waiting and waiting for the third season and I am very upset to find out that the show has been canceled!! What's going on?? Bring back the show!!!!!!!!
  • The same old story with a "Hell of a New" approach!!

    When I first saw the pilot, the first impression I got was "Dirty". And that impression only turned to "Super Dirty" as the episode went on!! For most of the 21 minute run, I had a wide, silly smile on my face. The moments when I hadn't, I was "LOL"ing like a maniac!!

    The premise is awesome, the script is a bit predicted but great non the less and the acting is very good. Each character, no matter how small the role might be, holds its lines well!!

    I just hope that it gets better as the season progresses and not turn into a mash of sex-jokes like many other shows do!! But, judging from the well pulled off preview I got at the end of the pilot, I'm pretty damn excite for more.
  • It's kind of like Superbad but it's just quite not there.

    MTV has been putting out a lot of really stupid reality shows in the last 10 years (Well other then Human Giant), so it's kind of a surprise then that they decided to actually make a scripted television series. The show focuses on the adventures of a nerd in high school, taken for a Superbad approach. Most of the jokes in the show are penis related, and focus on the main character RJ Berger, the aforementioned nerd who is very well endowed. RJ is joined by his chubby best friend Miles, who has a very dirty mind as he tries to chase his dream girl Jenny Swanson who is dating the star basketball player of his high school. I'll be honest I don't find this show to be that funny with the exception of the Coach, he's kind of funny but everything else falls flat. It's just not funny, the kid who plays RJ Berger is a good actor and Jenny Swanson's a hottie but other then that this show has no consistent identity. It's just like putting loud music, a bunch of sex jokes and you got a TV series. The show isn't witty or anything it's basically an MTV take on Superbad without the heart, humor or originality.