The Hard Times of RJ Berger

Season 1 Episode 12

The Right Thing

Aired Sunday 11:00 PM Aug 23, 2010 on MTV - Music Television
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With Lily in the hospital, RJ decides to go to the prom with Jenny, only to leave later feeling guilty.

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  • A kind of awkward ending that leaves you feeling satisfied, which may be disturbing in itself.


    I have mixed feelings about this episode, but mostly positive feelings. It was definetly a much more serious episode, where almost every character is suffering from sadness.

    I'm really not sure why the writers decided to go this route with the finale being this serious and sad episode. I first started watching this show and got hooked, because it was light and hilariously ridiculous. This episode however makes you feel sad and somewhat weird about Lily and RJ. Maybe this was the only way to plausibly get RJ and Jessie together, who knows. The fact remains Lily dies after taking RJ's virginity. Whats really weird about this, is the fact she dies clinching his boxers and he walks out of the hospital all smiles. I'm hoping he's not aware of the fact she just died, otherwise thats just creepy. Other than that the episode really brings somethings to a fitting close. I hope this show gets renewed cause the writing is quite good, especially for a show on MTV.

    Here's to more funny lighthearted episodes and less dramatic and creepy ones.moreless
  • "The Right Thing" gives "A hell of a new approach" a hell of a new meaning!!

    When the show first started, I said in my review of the pilot that it had an old idea but with a hell of a new approach. And throughout the season's run, it held on to that description well. Now, reviewing the finale, I realize it happened again!!

    "The Right Thing" was a departure from the usual tone. It had a darker, more mature sense to it which I couldn't tell was good or bad!! I enjoyed the episode but not the way I did the others. I mean it worked on a completely different angle with the same strength the series had all along!! It made me care about the characters as if I was seeing them for the first time in a different context. But it worked, granting a good, yet awkwardly fitting finale!!

    It wasn't all smiles & sunshine, one could easily notice the writers were not usual to the new, drama type, writing!! Some ideas were out of pace while others felt a bit forced. RJ & Lily's "deed" at the end felt too weird!!

    I don't know what to expect the next season to be!! A rollback to the previous nature would feel .. hasty.moreless
Mara Casey

Mara Casey

Mrs. Miran

Guest Star

Andrew Fiscella

Andrew Fiscella


Guest Star

Melissa Mandisa

Melissa Mandisa

Mrs. Pretnar

Guest Star

Larry Poindexter

Larry Poindexter


Recurring Role

Marlon Young

Marlon Young

Coach Jeriba Sinclair

Recurring Role

Ciena Rae

Ciena Rae

Robin Pretnar

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    • (RJ's closing monologue, after making love with Lily and keeping his promise.)
      RJ Berger: My name is RJ Berger, and I just did the right thing...

    • Lily: (After she and RJ make love, her voice barely above a whisper.) Thank you...
      (RJ smiles and kisses her on the forehead.)

    • RJ Berger: (Crying as he takes Lily's hand gently in his own.) I'm so sorry Lily... It should have been me and you tonight...
      Lily: (Weakly.) Sorry I ruined your night...
      RJ Berger: (Smiling through his tears.) No, no, you didn't ruin anything... It was just...
      Lily: RJ... It can still be special... Remember our promise? (She smiles softly.)
      (RJ undresses slowly and lowers himself gently into bed with Lily.)

    • Max Owens: You're trying to put the pound game on my girl you little b*tch!
      RJ Berger: Your?! You're here with Robin Pretnar you hypocritical piece of sh*t!
      Max Owens: What the HELL, did you just say to me?! You don't talk to me like that!!!
      RJ Berger: (While everyone goes silent and still.) Max... You can go ahead and try and kick my ass buddy... But I'm promising you one thing... When the dust settles, so help me I will have your balls tonight... I don't care ifI have to kick them until my foot breaks. I don't care if I have to pop them between my teeth. I don't care if it kills me. With these people, and God as my witness, I am taking your balls tonight! So bring it!
      Max Owens: (Visibly flustered.) I'll take my chances, you little b... (Gets cut off as Miles tackles him to the ground and straddles him backwards, proceeding to punch him in the balls over and over again.)
      Miles: Leave! My! Friend! Alone! You *sshole douche bag! Get out of here dude, this is all just luck and cheap shots!

    • Jenny Swanson: RJ...?
      RJ Berger: (Choking back his tears.) Hey... Best, uh, Winter Formal ever huh...? Umm, it's not umm, I just started feeling really guilty, that's all...
      Jenny Swanson: (Turning his face gently towards her.) Do you wanna know why I like you RJ...? What makes you different from ALL those other guys...? (Wipes away a tear.) Is this... (Leans in to kiss him.)
      RJ Berger: Jenny...
      Jenny Swanson: No... (Kisses him gently.)
      RJ Berger: (Returning the kiss for several moments, but then pulling away.) This isn't right...
      Jenny Swanson: It's okay...
      RJ Berger: No, I'm sorry... I just feel... Like I shouldn't be doing this when she's alone... You have, no idea how long I've been waiting to do that... And most guys would kill to...
      Jenny Swanson: You are NOT most guys RJ Berger... Go be with her...
      (He kisses her on the cheek and quietly leaves.)

    • Miles: (Taking over the microphone while completely drunk.) Hello Wankerton high school! WHOOOOO!!! Oh yeah!
      RJ Berger: Oh sh*t...
      Miles: (Speaking erratically and stumbling drunkenly around stage.) I wanna say somethin', to Robin Veronica Pretnar...I know you're out there somewhere, and this is gonna break your cold ass heart... Cuz I'm gonna tell you somethin', that I've got, that Max Owens, will never have...
      Voice In Crowd: What, diabetes? Food stamps?
      Miles: It's called... integrity... GIRL! It's called integrity!!! And, you know, I wanna give a shout out, to Lily Miran... My buddy RJ... RJ!!!
      Coach Sinclair: Alright you've had your fun, gimme that.
      Miles: Hold on Gary Coleman! My buddy RJ was gonna bring, take her to this bullsh*t dance... But she got hit by a bus. But hey, don't cry for her because, it worked out great... He got to bring... Are you ready...? Jenny Swanson!!! Which is like a HUGE upgrade! Yo this is for you Lily... (Pours some liquor from his flask on stage.)
      Coach Sinclair: Alright, you've had enough, gimme that...
      Miles: No! HEY!!! NO!!! COACH!!!
      Coach Sinclair: Gimme that! G*d dammit! Gimme the mic! Gimme the mic, you fat bastard!!!

    • Jenny Swanson: So, do you normally just umm, stand around for the whole dance, or...?
      RJ Berger: No, I mean, you know, sometimes, you know, I'll mix it up, get some punch...
      Jenny Swanson: (As a new song comes on.) Oh my God, I love this song! Come on, we have to dance!
      RJ Berger: Wait, I don't...
      Jenny Swanson: Nonono, we're dancing!
      RJ Berger: Alright... (They begin to dance.) Uh, what song is this?
      Jenny Swanson: Umm, I have no idea...
      RJ Berger: (Laughs.) I thought you said it was your favorite?
      Jenny Swanson: I just said that to get you to dance...
      RJ Berger: (As Jenny sees Max and Robin dancing and starts to get sad again.) Hey? We're havin' fun right?
      Jenny Swanson: Best Winter Formal ever...
      RJ Berger: (See's a giant get well card for Lily.) Best formal ever...

    • Miles: (Belching.) Hey, Kurt Cobain drank himself to death right?
      RJ Berger: Blew his head off...
      Miles: P*ssy!

    • RJ Berger: (When he sees Jenny getting upset about seeing Max and Robin together.) Hey... I promise... to forget about everything that's happened, and have a good time... if you do... Okay? Best Winter Formal ever?
      Jenny Swanson: (Crying.) Best Winter Formal ever...

    • Miles: (Completely heartbroken over Robin.) Who the hell was I kidding...? I'm a born loser RJ... A FAT, ugly loser... With acne all over...
      RJ Berger: Miles, Miles, come on... Don't get dark on me tonight... Come one dude, I'm begging you...
      JennySwanson: (Upset about seeing Max at Robin's so soon after their break up.) I know how you feel Miles...
      Miles: (Snorts.) The hell you do. You don't know jack piss princess! For you, this is nothing than one itsy bitsy bad night that'll probably end up being awesome! Meanwhile, the rest of your perfect little life is gonna be all roses and personal trainers, so don't YOU, tell ME, you know how I feel!!!
      Jenny Swanson: (Starting to cry.) I just never thought that Max, would, or... Robin would...
      Miles: Would what?! Would rip out your heart and take a big old dump on it?! Welcome to the real world beauty queen... Here's your tiara... (Rips a fart.)

    • Robin's Dad: (Upon seeing Miles at the door.) What do you want?
      Miles: I'm here to pick up...
      Robin's Dad: Robin! Limo's here!
      Robin: Okay! (Walks towards Miles, who is stunned by her beauty, while sneering at him.) What the hell are you doing here?
      Miles: I'm... your date...
      Robin: (Laughs.) Oh my God, I was being sarcastic!
      Robin's Dad: (Laughing while Miles looks heartbroken.) Polly, get in here! Some fat ass thought he was taking Robin to the Formal, look at this guy! Get his face, this is too friggin' funny, I'm puttin' this on the internet! (More laughter.) Take care fat ass!

    • Jenny Swanson: (Surprised.) What are we doing at Robin's?
      RJ Berger: What do you mean? She's his date. (Refering to Miles.)
      Jenny Swanson: (Even more surprised.) Seriously...?

    • Miles: (As they approach Robin's house.) Okay, now I'm startin' to freak...
      RJ Berger: Why?
      Miles: I don't know, I just got hit by the magnitude of it all... You know? Everything's led me to this moment, my whole life... (Starts to remember.) Every disappointment...
      Doctor: Well, we're pretty sure it's a boy...
      Miles: Growing up poor... (Remembering his first dog.) Oh daddy, I love him, what's his name?
      Miles' Father: His name's dinner!
      Miles: My mom dying...
      Priest: Lay this poor wreched soul to eternal rest... All right! Who wants ice cream?!
      Miles: My brother going crazy. (Remembers his brother using a hair straightener on a cat's tail.) My cat committing suicide... (Remembers his cat hanging from a rope, but apparently not making the connection of his brother being there.) But now... None of that matters... Because in a few minutes, I'm going to have the prettiest girl in Pinkerton High on my arm...
      Roger: We're here ass napkins.

    • Jenny's Dad: Now look pal, I'm a man of the world, I remember high school. But so help me Christ, if you... (Trails off as he gets a look at RJ, then he laughs.) Sorry, this is the Swanson house, keep dreamin'. (Starts to close the door on RJ.)
      Jenny Swanson: Dad, that's RJ!

    • Roger: (Turning completely around to face them in the back while he is driving.) Listen, anything you ass napkins need tonight, you just say the word and Rog will hook. It. Up. I'm talking booze, rubbers, floozies.
      RJ Berger: How about you hook us up with some watching the road, Roger?
      Roger: You got it!

    • RJ Berger: (As a giant stretch Hummer pulls up honking.) Miles, what is that monstrosity?
      Miles: That, my friend, is called taking advantage of someone's guilt...
      RJ Berger: Is that...
      Miles: Just a minute Roger! He feels horrible about, well, you know, running Lily over... And he asked me if there's anything he could do for us, so...
      RJ Berger: So you asked Mr. Vehicular Manslaughter to be our limo driver?
      Miles: Dude! All I know is, he got me a killer rate.
      RJ's Dad (Rick): Well, you're both guarenteed at least one giant Hummer tonight...

    • RJ's Mom (Suzanne): Ok, here we go. (Preparing to take RJ's and Miles' pictures.) And a one, and a two, and a I love you! Ah! Oh you boys look good enough to eat.
      Miles: Funny you should say that Mrs. B, cuz I'm wearing edible underwear.
      RJ's Dad (Rick): Miles... If you're man enough, all underwear is edible...

    • Miles: (Singing.) I'm gonna nibble, on them pepperoni's baby! Oooh yeah, your titty little pepperonis!

    • Lily's Mom: I take it you're not going with Miles tonight?
      RJ Berger: No... I uh, I was supposed to be with Lily.
      Lily's Mom: That girl certainly is crazy about you RJ... She's been crazy about you since you were little kids... Since you were Richie Berger, remember that? Oh my God... She was so excited to be your date for the Formal. You can only imagine. I don't think the sewing machine stopped once all week... But RJ, all the worry in the world isn't going to bring her around any faster. I mean, you know how stubborn she is, how persistent... When she has her mind fixed on something, well... Look out...
      RJ Berger: You're telling me...
      Lily's Mom: Right now, all we can do is hope that her mind is fixed on getting well and coming back to us... (Barely holding back tears.) Go RJ, go... Have a good night for the both of you...

    • RJ Berger: (After Miles tells him that he should go home and get ready for the Winter Formal.) Miles, I promised her that we'd be together tonight... We're supposed to go to the formal together... We're supposed to lose our virginity together...
      Miles: Yeah, but you forgetting you're double booked with Jenny Swanson. Okay look... (Grabs Lily's arm and starts waving it around limply.) Look at this? Don't you think God's trying to send you a message? Knock knock...? Who's there? Nobody. (Drops the arm as Lily's mother walks into the room.)

    • (RJ's opening monologue, after seeing the shape Lily's in while visiting her at the hospital.)
      RJ Berger: My name is RJ Berger, and this is all my fault...

    • RJ Berger: (Immediately following Lily's accident.) I took her for granted coach... I was going to break her heart...
      Coach Sinclair: You hang in there Berger... She gonna be alright, she's a tough girl... They gonna fix her up real good... We're talkin' about the bus right? (RJ stares at him in horror.) Now see, that was a joke... You know, to break the tension, lighten up... (Trails off.) I'm sorry man, that was messed up...
      Miles: I thought it was funny...

  • NOTES (6)

    • Audience - 1,288,000

    • Also Known As:

      Hard Times - USA (working title)
      Hard Times - Tempi duri per RJ Berger - Italy
      RJ Berger - Hard kor - Hungary
      Tiempos duros para RJ Berger- Spain

    • Featured Music:

      The Narrative - Castling
      The Temper Trap - Soldier On
      Ari Herstand - Your Eyes
      The Hanks - The Only Thing Real
      Shout Out Out Out Out - Procrastinator's Fight Song
      Miike Snow - Animal
      Ryan Calhoun - Underneath
      The Downtown Fiction - Where Dreams Go To Die
      Sophe Nix - Camera
      Hyper Crush - Disco Tech
      Miike Snow - Silvia
      Secrets In Stereo - Starting To Rain
      Jacqui Sandell - Dance Like Nobody's Watching
      Andy Davis - Kiss It Goodbye
      Hip-Hop Party League - Everybody Get Loose
      Moving Picture Show - Saturday Night
      The Queen Killing Kings - Like Lions

    • Filmed with a 1.78:1 aspect ratio.

    • Production Companies - MTV/Remote Productions

    • Distributers - MTV Networks US, MTV Hungary


    • Miles: (While drinking liquor from a flask.) These sorrows aren't going to drown themselves RJ. I'm going Cobain style tonight. (Conversation between Jenny and RJ for a few minutes.) Hey? Kurt Cobain drank himself to death right?
      RJ Berger: Blew his head off...

      Miles alludes to musician and songwriter Kurt Cobain, who rose to fame as the lead singer of the band Nirvana in the late 80's and early 90's. Cobain battled addiction for years, and as RJ points out, died by shooting himself in the head, rather than by drinking himself to death, as Miles thought.

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