The Hardy Boys Mysteries

Season 2 Episode 14

Death Surf

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Mar 12, 1978 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Death Surf
While windsurfing in Hawaii, Frank tries to rescue a girl who disappears and is claimed to be dead.

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  • Frank Hardy, a pretty girl, who is supposed to be dead, stolen money from a bank, a bank owner bent on revenge, and a mysterious man named Hubba who owns a bar. Make a deadly combination find out why in this episode.moreless

    When Frank and Joe are vacationing in Hawaii, they get involved in a very strange case. Frank while windsurfing encounters a beautiful girl. He sees the girl fall off of her windsurfer. He being a great swimmer tries to jump in and save her. He dives in many times but fails to save her. He can't even find her which he finds very strange considering he was only 50 feet away from her at the time she went down. He only stops looking for her when his brother, Joe who was filming the whole thing, jumps in and stops him. He says Frank you can't dive in any more or you will end up drowning yourself. He says let me do it one more time, but Joe convinces him there is nothing you can do and Frank stops. Frank is very upset about this. A detective with the police department and tells Frank to go home there is nothing else he can do. There have been three other drownings this month. He tells Frank and Joe to come back tomorrow and make their statements. When they come in the next day the dad of the dead girl is there. He is mad and accusing Frank and Joe of being bad boys and even going as far as accusing Frank of murder. The detective says that these are respected boys from Massachusetts and even detectives who are respected by law enforcement all over the mainland. The dad says that Lepold and Lowe were good boys. Frank and Joe then show up and Joe tells the dad that his brother almost died trying to save the guys daughter. The dad is sorry that he accused Frank and says it was because he was flustrated. Frank says so am I. I could just not save her. The dad then asks him to find out all he can about his daughter. Frank agrees and tells Joe that he agreed to do it. Joe says he thinks it is unwise and Frank shouldn't do it. They then start investigating. First thing they do is go to the girl's house which has been ramsacked. They then talk to a photographer who was friend's with the girl and he had taken a lot of pictures of her. They also find out that he had met her at Hubba's place. They go there and meet Hubba, who we find out later is the one hiding the girl on his boat. Then Frank goes out on the beach after seeing a video of the girl Joe follows him and they kinda of get into about Frank being in love with a dead girl. Then they seperate Joe goes back to there motel room and Frank goes back to the beach to talk to her friends. While in the hotel room getting in envolope the phone rings Joe answers it and starts to go back downstairs to deliver it. The phone rings again and Joe goes back into the room where he is promptly thrown across the room and knocked out. Frank comes into the room 45 minutes later to see it ramsacked and the phone ringing he answers it and finds out the man who Joe was supposed to meet has been waiting for him for 45 minutes. All of a sudden we see a hand and it is Joe's. He goes over and asks Joe what happened. He explains he was attacked by a gorilla. They decide they are going to tell the girl's father about the his daughter. Frank and Joe then go back to Hubba's to find out more. Hubba gets his two gorrilas to beat them up in a warehouse. At the warhouse the man who knocked Joe out saves Frank and Joe's life. He explains that the girl had stolen 100,000 dollars and he wants it back. Frank who doesn't believe goes and asks where Hubba is while Joe goes to find out about his gorilla. Joe finds out the man is a rough character and wanted. Frank meanwhile finds the girl alive and well on Hubba's boat. Hubba was protecting her from the gorilla that attacked Joe. Frank and the girl are then rescued by Joe and Hubba from the gorilla. Frank and the girl become good friends. It was a very good episode because it was full of caring for other human beings, and Joe and Frank for each other.moreless

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