The Hardy Boys Mysteries

Season 2 Episode 1

The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Sep 11, 1977 on ABC
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The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula
Frank and Joe are searching for their father in Europe, who went missing investigating a series of art robberies at a rock festival in Europe called Dracula's Castle. Nancy Drew joins the case in this episode.

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  • This is where Frank and Joe meet Nancy Drew (along with Bess) when searching for their father. They are on the case to find him and recently stolen paintings. Nancy is also on the case, they have many disagreements, and together they solve the mystery!moreless

    This is a great episode and it's about time that Frank and Joe join forces with Nancy Drew. I really enjoy the joint episodes with these three excellent characters, and this was a perfect way to begin. From the tense beginning to the exciting end, this episode is definitely a great episode to watch. The acting was for the most part very well done, and I was actually surprised at the end. I love twists and turns, and this episode kept me guessing as I was following the clues along with Frank, Joe, and Nancy. A great episode that is worth watching.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Berger's unconscious, Frank pulls open his eye to check and Berger's eye turns to look at Frank, even though he's supposed to be unconscious.

    • At the very beginning of the show, Fenton Hardy is in the castle. A cheesy white bat comes at him and he ducks. He starts to smile, then puts a serious face on.

  • QUOTES (22)

    • Bess: Nancy, why don't we just come back in the morning.
      Nancy: Cause. Life might be hanging in the balance.
      Bess: Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of. This place is so old, you could almost feel death.

    • CareTaker: Please keep close. This castle is very very dangerous.
      Mayor: Yes, perhaps Dracula will attack us!

    • Bess: Oh Nancy, do we really have to go down there?
      Nancy: You don't have to, but I have to.
      Bess: Good, cause this is one of my favorite songs.
      (Nancy drags her anyway)

    • (about Allison Troy)
      Joe: Warm human being. Its that little personal touch, like a rattle snake.

    • Allison Troy: One other thing, try to be careful in this crumbling old ruin. Our insurance doesn't exactly cover people falling through rotten floors and heavy masonry falling upon their head.

    • Tim: Say, just who are you guys anyway?
      Joe: Just two frustrated performers who wanted to get into show business, remember?
      Tim: Yeah, I remember what you said. I wasn't born bleeding yesterday either.

    • Stavlin: You know what young people do when they move into a town for a rock festival? They destroy it.
      (Frank and Joe overhear)
      Joe: Doesn't exactly give us young people the benefit of the doubt, does he?

    • (about Dracula's castle)
      Joe: It is a little omnious looking, I must say.

    • Nancy: Come on, we have an appointment to keep.
      Bess: With who?
      Nancy: Dracula.

    • (handing Nancy his passport)
      Joe: I take a little better picture.

    • Nancy: One hand on those bags, you're gonna be lying on your back, checking out the ceiling.
      (Frank touches them and she flips him so he's lying on his back)
      Frank: That's a cute trick.
      Nancy: Now then.
      Joe: Keep the waiter. I lost my appetite.

    • Nancy: What do you want? What are you doing in my room?
      Joe: We want our waiter back.

    • Joe: I have a feeling our paths are bound to cross again.
      Frank: Astrology?
      Joe: Metallurgy.
      Frank: Metallurgy?
      Joe: According to the key in her hand, the young lady shares a very important place in our future. At the very least, she's sharing a room with us.

    • Frank: You're having trouble with the natives?
      Nancy: No, my countrymen. When they come over here, they're loud and they're devious. They jump reservations.
      Joe: Steal waiters.

    • Frank: Where's the food? Why didn't you order food Joey? If we miss the connection upstairs...
      Joe: I tried to order. She - she stole our waiter.

    • Frank: Was one of these people a fourty-five year old man with graying temples?
      Fritz: Together these two ladies would not add up to fourty-five.

    • Frank: What you don't understand is that I'm expecting another party to occupy the room.
      Fritz: Oh, I understand. It's the other party who doesn't seem to understand.

    • (at the restaurant)
      Joe: See anything you like?
      (their luggage is being taken into the lobby)
      Frank: Yeah.
      Joe: What?
      Frank: Our luggage.

    • (checking into their room)
      Frank: If we could get up to those rooms now. Before the reporters jump all over us, we like to freshen up.

    • Tim: You mean you are willing to pay us to join our group?
      Frank: Yeah.
      Tim: How much?
      Frank: $50 a night.
      Tim: Either you must be desperate to get into show business or he must be awful. (about Joe)
      Frank: Come on Joe. Sing a few bars.
      Tim: Yeah. Come on.
      Joe: Come on everybody, get down. That's rock 'n roll.
      Tim: Well, make it 60.

    • Stavlin: Who are you and what are you doing in this room?
      (Frank looks at Joe)
      Frank: Isn't that our line?

    • (after seeing a body in the morgue)
      Frank: That's not our father.

  • NOTES (3)