The Hardy Boys Mysteries

Season 1 Episode 2

The Mystery of Witches' Hollow

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Feb 13, 1977 on ABC
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The Mystery of Witches' Hollow
The boys pay a visit to Captain Maguire and are greeted by a strange woman who claims that Maguire has become one of the victims of Witch's Hollow.

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • The Mystery Of Witches Hollow was adapted from the Hardy Boys novel The Clue Of The Screeching Owl. This is the only episode ever to be a true adaptation of a Hardy Boys novel.

    • QUOTES (18)

      • Joe: We have to take Chet on that camping trip we promised him.
        Chet: Not in witches' hollow.
        Frank: Well, you see, there's a place a little further north called the Devil's Rock. There's a legend there that says the place-
        Chet: Forget it!

      • Fenton: Well, you boys do intend to tell me what you're doing here?
        Joe: Nothing, Dad. Just a little catnapping.
        Frank: Catnapping? That's pretty good.

      • Joe: Remind me never to do another crossword puzzle. I still don't understand what's going on.

      • Joe: You certainly have a way of punching holes in our balloons.
        Fenton: Only when there isn't enough air in them.

      • (Frank's laughing at Joe's wet form)
        Joe: You're the one who told me to roll.

      • Frank: That has to be the heart of witches' hollow.
        Joe: You kidding? It couldn't have a heart after what we've been through.

      • Joe: By the way, if Chet falls off the roof, just give him a sandwich. He won't need a splint.

      • Frank: We'll get the sleeping bags.
        Joe: Hey, don't I even get to pick a number?
        Frank: Don't worry. I've got a feeling Callie's screams scared every witch out of the witches' hollow.
        (they laugh)

      • Frank: Joe, think of a number between one and ten.
        Joe: Five.
        Frank: No, you lose. I'll take the first watch.
        Joe: Just for the record, what was the number?
        Frank: It doesn't matter. I just don't feel like sleeping.
        (Joe laughs)

      • Joe: Really communing with nature.
        Chet: Sure, just like a worm on a fishhook.
        Frank: That's an awfully direct way of putting it.
        Joe: But the phrase does have some truth in it.

      • Frank: I told you you could stay back in the cabin with Callie.
        Chet: I'm beginning to wish I had.

      • Frank: Come on Joe. The Sheriff knows his county better than we do.
        Sheriff: You know, that's the most sensible thing I've heard you two say since you came in here.

      • Frank: That is blood?
        Sheriff: Son, a game coat is for carrying game. Not cookies.

      • Sheriff: Joseph Hardy, your father would be ashamed to hear you jumping to a conclusion like that.
        Joe: Um, I'm Joe. He's Frank.
        Sheriff: Look, I don't care if you're Sherlock Holmes.

      • Frank You're holding up pretty good for a younger brother.
        Joe: It's your example I'm trying to live down to.
        (They laugh)

      • Joe: The guy I was chasing tripped me.
        Frank: Did you say guy?
        Joe: I don't know. A guy, a thing. Could've been a girl for all I saw.
        Frank: Nah, it couldn't've been. You wouldn't mind so much falling for a girl.

      • Joe: Hurry up! I can't hold on much longer!

      • Chet: I-I knew this was a mistake. Here we are, in the middle of nowhere, a storm coming and no food.
        Joe: Chet, you closed the hamburger stand in Forestburgh.
        Chet: That was an hour ago.
        Frank: If I couldn't see where you put it, I wouldn't know where it went.

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