Frank and Joe's Mom

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    Does anybody know why she wasn't in the show?
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    I thought I added a comment. Yes Laura hardy was in the books. I remember her when Fenton got ill on a case that the boys ended up solving Mystery of the Spiral Bridge. The boys chum Tony Prito's father was in construction and there was trouble at a highway projet of his in Kentucky. The boys ended up going with the chums in disguise. the cover is one of my favorites Grosset and Dunlap still prints it Its

    for some reason Aunt Gertrude gets included but not Mrs Hardy. In the serials on Mickey Mouse Club Aunt Gertrude is also listed but not Mrs Hardy. In the orginal version of the books shes a real character with a pet cat. By the way she is Fentons sister. Maybe thats another reason. Reminds me that when Batman was on TV they had Aunt Harriet which the comic books had dropped. She was because of comic code problems. For the TV show they brought back Aunt Harriet in the comic books too.

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    I remember Frank mentioning her during the episode the Hollywood Phantom. The item the kidnappers gave to show they had Mr. Hardy was a golden ring that Frank said was given to him by their mother, and that he never takes it off. So I think for the TV series she died or something much like Nancy Drew's mother. But I think that's the only time she's mentioned in the whole series. I could be wrong since I haven't seen season three yet (I have season two and one on DVD).
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