The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries - Season 1

ABC (ended 1979)


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Episode Guide

  • The Mystery of the Solid Gold Kicker
    Nancy Drew and her girlfriend attend a college victory party where they find a football star standing over a dead girl with the murder weapon in his hand.
  • The Secret of the Jade Kwan Yin
    The Hardy Boys discover a box at the beach that contains a priceless jade statue. This plunges them into a case involving smugglers and an extortion plot against a community of Chinese-Americans.
  • The Mystery of the Ghostwriter's Cruise
    Taking a luxurious ocean cruise, Nancy and her friends go into action when a famous mystery writer on board receives death threats that follow one of his own plots.
  • Wipe Out
    Wipe Out
    Episode 11
    While the Hardy Boys are in Hawaii for a surfing contest, their hotel room is robbed. Discovering that they're not the only victims, the two detectives volunteer to help the Hawaiian police apprehend the burglars.
  • The Mystery of the Fallen Angels
    Nancy and her friends are at a benefit performance at a carnival when they witness a jewel robbery. Suspecting a gang of bikers, Nancy goes undercover as a runaway who wants to join the carnival.
  • The Mystery of the Flying Courier
    The Hardy Boys investigate a crooked disc jockey and a case of record piracy. Joe Hardy makes his singing debut at a disco where Frank recognizes a girl who has been missing for three years but denies her identity when confronted.
  • A Haunting We Will Go
    When Nancy Drew and her friends revive a 20-year-old play to raise money for a youth center, they are astounded when five members of the original cast return to perform in it, especially when the theatre is supposed to be haunted.
  • The Flickering Torch Mystery
    While assisting in a missing persons investigation for their father, the Hardy boys believe they have discovered a murder plot against a famous rock musician, but no one believes them.
  • The Secret of the Whispering Walls
    A burglary at her home leads Nancy Drew to investigate her aunts' attempt to sell their farm, which someone is apparently trying to make them believe is haunted.
  • The Disappearing Floor
    The Hardy Boys, while doing some legwork on a case of their father's involving a missing Russian scientist, see a UFO that leads them to a mysterious mansion full of illusions, where floors disappear and rooms change size.
  • The Mystery of the Diamond Triangle
    Nancy Drew and her girlfriend, George, see an automobile run off the road, but the sheriff tells her that the road has long been closed and there is no trace of the accident.
  • The Mystery of Witches' Hollow
    Frank and Joe Hardy try to visit Captain Maguire, the uncle of their father's assistant Callie, but discover that he disappeared in a mysterious wooded place called Witches' Hollow. Their only clues are a mute's sketches.
  • The Mystery of Pirate's Cove
    Nancy Drew and her friends see a beam of light coming from a supposedly abandoned lighthouse, and a professor tries to convince her that it is haunted. The local sheriff thinks they're imagining things, so it's up to Nancy to solve the mystery.
  • The Mystery of the Haunted House
    Joe and Frank Hardy, suspicious of their father's "fishing trip," follow him and become involved in the search for an amnesiac ex-soldier being chased by killers for some secret he knows. They end up at a club called the Haunted House that has mazes, trapdoors, and secret passageways.