The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries

Season 2 Episode 16

Sole Survivor

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jan 29, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap

Joe is in a hospital in Hongkong and is told that he's been in a coma for a year. Joe is visited by an American official who wants Joe to tell him what happened. He, Frank and his father are helping an old friend of his father with a man's defection. While waiting for the man to arrive Joe decided to rent a car and go around. That's all what he remembers. The American tells him that Joe and his father are dead, they believe his father's friend betrayed them. Joe is given letters from people he knows he reads one from Nancy Drew. He remembers when he and Frank went into a perfume shop and they doused each other with perfume. A nurse looks concerned but she is kept away from him. The American approaches Joe to ask him how they were going to meet the defector. When he tells Joe where they were found, he says that's far from where they were suppose to meet. After leaving Joe the man tells the doctors they only have a day to prepare. Later, Frank, Fenton and his friend are looking at Joe's car and he shows Frank and Fenton photos of the doctors who are spies that were sent to stop them. Back in the hospital, Joe is in the closet and that's when he smells the perfume that Frank spilled on him. Later the nurse comes in and shows Joe a newspaper that's when they come in and take them away. They tie them up and lock them in a warehouse. Frank and Fenton are waiting for the man to arrive. Joe and the nurse manage to get out and try to make it to the rendezvous. When the man arrives, the spies capture them. Joe arrives with the police and saves them. Later they tells Joe that they placed a drug on his steering wheel which knocked him out.
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