The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries

Season 1 Episode 5

The Disappearing Floor

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Mar 06, 1977 on ABC



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    • Frank: Welcome to Transylvania.

    • Callie: And they have one heck of a story.
      Fenton: Well, I haven't heard one of your stories yet that wasn't at least interesting.

    • Frank: I don't understand it. This room was full of furniture.
      Joe: The second time.
      Fenton: What do you mean by the second time?
      Joe: Well, the first time we came in here there-
      Frank: Do you really wanna tell him about that?

    • Fenton: I can sure tell you boys have been here. Frank, Joe. I'd recognize those sneaker tracks anywhere.

    • Mr. Hodges: Security wants to know how many sons you have.
      Fenton: Just two.
      Mr. Hodges: Yes, Captain, you have them all.

    • Joe: Well, at least we know a house can't fly away like a UFO.
      Frank: Right now I wouldn't bet on it. Come on.

    • Joe: Curiousity killed the cat, if you recall.

    • Frank: This is crazy. It's like a fun house.
      Joe: Not for me. I'm gettin' out of here.

    • Frank: Empty.
      Joe: I wouldn't exactly call this palce empty. Makes the Taj Mahal look like a redevelopment project.

    • Frank: There's no welcome mat.
      Joe: Why do I have a feeling that wasn't an oversight?

    • (Looking at the house)
      Joe: I suppose you're gonna wanna go in there.
      Frank: We've come this far.
      Joe: I had a feeling you were gonna say that.

    • Frank: Listen, flesh and blood doesn't just disappear.
      Joe: Sometimes it does.

    • Gertrude: Fenton, was that the boys driving off in the van again?
      Fenton: Unless somebody just stole the thing right out of our own garage.

    • Frank: Taber must've seen the flying saucer too.
      Joe: I just hope so. At least that way we don't look like two space freaks.

    • Frank: Dad, you really don't wanna hear this.
      Callie: Oh, personally, I can't wait.
      Gertrude: Me neither.
      Fenton: I'm all ears boys.
      Frank: Well, there was this old road, it has sort of swerves and dips in it. I'm afraid I scratched up the van.
      Fenton: You scratched up the van. That-That's what this is about?
      Joe: Well, it wasn't Frank's fault.
      Frank: Dad, what would you say if I told you that we were run off the road by a disc, a flying disc?
      (Fenton laughs)
      Fenton: I'd say that's the best story I heard since the 'F' you got in volleyball was because your shorts were too tight.

    • Gertrude: Have you eaten?
      Frank: No, I'm starved. I could eat a horse.
      Fenton: Uh, first the report. Then the horse.
      Gertrude: Fenton, they're growing boys.
      Fenton: And I'm a man of growing curiousity Gert.

    • Frank: How are we gonna prove to Dad what we saw?
      Joe: You'll just have to tell him the truth.
      Frank: Why me?
      Joe: You're the oldest.

    • Frank: Duck!

    • Frank: Taber's gone.
      Joe: Forget about Taber. Do you see that thing?
      Frank: I wish I didn't. Come on, before it takes off.
      Joe: Wait a minute. (Takes a couple of pictures) We might be safer if it does take off.

    • (Looking at the flying saucer)
      Joe: Frank.
      Frank: I don't know Joe. I was kind of hoping you didn't see what I see.

    • Joe: That only happens in movies like Casablanca.

    • Fenton: Call the police Callie. The boys are in terrible danger.

    • Joe: Well, just be thankful it's not flying.

    • Frank: There's another way in.
      Joe: How do you know?
      Frank: Desmond couldn't have made it to the house ahead of us. Not the way we were moving.
      Joe: He always could've taken the flying you-know-what.

    • Joe: Okay, all you gotta do is honk the horn and that'll let us know Dad is on the line.
      Frank: We'll come running.
      Callie: What if I see your flying saucer?
      Frank: Normally I'd think that was funny, but not here. You see that UFO make it two loud honks.

    • Fenton: While I'm gone, you boys stay out of trouble, huh?

    • Callie: Easy. Now all you two have to do is prove it.
      Frank: No. Now all we three have to do is prove it.

    • Frank: I'm talking about holograms.
      Callie: Holly who?

    • (Watching Frank watch a hologram dancing ballerina)
      Joe: I knew this case would get to him sooner or later.

    • Fenton: He was working on a major project that had eerybody all worked up into a trouble.
      Joe: Fantastic. What's he working on?
      Frank: Yeah, what is it?
      Fenton: I haven't the faintest idea.
      Joe: Oh.
      Frak: It's nice to be on the inside of a new discovery.

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