The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries

Season 1 Episode 7

The Flickering Torch Mystery

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Mar 27, 1977 on ABC
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The Flickering Torch Mystery
While assisting in a missing persons investigation for their father, the Hardy boys believe they have discovered a murder plot against a famous rock musician, but no one believes them.

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    Edith Atwater

    Edith Atwater


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    Rick Nelson

    Rick Nelson

    Tony Eagle

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    John Pleshette

    John Pleshette

    Carl Fry

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    Lisa Eilbacher

    Lisa Eilbacher

    Callie Shaw

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      • Frank: It didn't sound like he was gonna lose his voice, did it?

      • Tony: It's comforting to know I'm so well guarded.
        Frank: It is?

      • Joe: There's no point in even looking for him around here. Houdini couldn't have gotten out of this thing.

      • Tony: You know, when someone saves your life, wordcs aren't easy to find. What can I do for you guys?
        Fenton: Say, why don't you invite them to your next concert?
        Tony: It'll be in London.
        Joe: (To Dad) A deal's a deal.
        Frank: It won't take us long to get our things out of the van.
        Fenton: I doubt very much if London knows what's going to hit them.

      • Joe: It's Johnston! I've got Johnston inside!

      • Frank: When do you act on instincts?
        Joe: When you've got nothing left to go on.
        Frank: We've got to stop that jet.

      • Fenton: How long were you in that burning building anyway?
        Joe: Long enough.

      • Frank: Now what we've gotta do is make sure the fire hasn't got into the electrical system.
        Joe: That's what I've always admired about you, older brother. Your sense of humor.

      • Frank: What have you got?
        Joe: Just a lot of power tools, for all the good they'll do us.
        Frank: Now, think positive.
        Joe: I am thinking positive, it's the siutation that's negative.

      • Man: When those high octaves hit that sound system, it'll be byebye Tony.
        Joe: Holy -
        (Frank puts his hand over Joe's mouth)
        Frank: Shhh!

      • Chief Collig: Now why is that even when they do what I say, I still figure they're pulling one over on me?

      • Frank: Chief, you know you're always telling us not to come to you without hard facts.
        Chief Collig: Yeah?
        Frank: Well,
        Joe: We don't have any.

      • Police: This is the police! Come out of that airplane! Come on out!
        Frank: We'd be delighted.

      • Tony: I'd like to go with you. Dick's a very good friend of mine.
        Joe: All we've got is a van. Not exactly a limosine.
        Tony: Are you kidding? I've traveled all over this country doing one night stands in a van that was held together with rusty nails and pieces of string. Come on, let's go!

      • Joe: What would you rather be handling? An interesting missing person's case or crowd control for a rock group?
        (Frank smiles)
        Joe: Sorry I asked.

      • Joe: You have to admit this is an interesting cause we're on.
        Frank: It is?
        Joe: Normal, everyday guy, he's got a brand new wife, good job, leaves his house in the morning after breakfast, "Bye honey. Be home for dinner. Be home early," disappears into thin air. Why?
        Frank: She burnt the toast?

      • Frank: Oh, Dad gets to go to New York and work with a rock group and I get to work with you. How did that happen?
        Joe: Just lucky I guess.

      • Joe: How was that teach?
        Frank: It's teriffic. Now put it back.
        Joe: How do you do that?

      • Tony: It's even more fun trying to get out of the stadium.

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