The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries

Season 1 Episode 1

The Mystery of the Haunted House

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jan 30, 1977 on ABC

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  • Frank and Joe are pass by this hotel (we never figure out why) and they see their dad coming out of it. He was supposed to be on a fishing trip so they get suppisious and follow him. They find out someone else is trailing him too.

    I was an okay show. I was really confused for the first 15 minutes though. It is the only HB that I have watched yet. So everything might add up the more I watch. I liked the ND ones better though. It was very actiony though. It had a lot of nice chases.
  • Frank and Joe run into one of their first mysteries when their father disappears and they set out on their own quest to find him-- becoming invloved with military secrets, possible killers, a Haunted House, and a mystery no one will ever forget.

    I liked this episode of the Hardy Boys mysteries. Whilst they began in 1977, I am a teen fan of them in 2006. This episode was definitely well written and cleverly plotted, and very suspenseful. In the beginning, there are more questions than asnwers in the story, but eventually, everything works itself out... in a way that will make you laugh again and again.
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