The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries

Season 2 Episode 8

The Strange Fate of Flight 608

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Nov 06, 1977 on ABC
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The Strange Fate of Flight 608
After the pilots are mysteriously knocked out, Frank and Joe Hardy crash land a commercial airplane full of gorgeous stewardesses on a deserted island in the Bermuda Triangle after a major tropical storm.

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  • The Hardy Boys, stolen diamonds, and 116 stewardesses make a dangerous combination watch this episode to find out.

    While Frank and Joe are in the Bahamas helping their father and spending time surfing and singing, they decide to get on a flight and go back to New York, Joe wants to see the Nicks game. They ask their friend Beverly who gets them seats on Transpacific Flight 608. Little do Frank and Joe or anybody else know that this is a doomed flight, a man in a white suit is smuggling diamonds and his friend gave the girl Carla fake ones and they are going to kill the people on this plane so it isn't found out. To accomplish this they give the flight crew a strange drug which causes them to have headaches, go blind for a while, then pass out. When the co-pilot who has a bad headache and is lying down says that the plane is turning and it shouldn't be turning. Frank and Beverly open the door to the cockpit, by using a screwdriver; they find out that no one is flying the plane. Frank gets in the now vacant co-pilot seat and starts giving out mayday signals. Joe then takes the co-pilot who can't see but is still awake into the cockpit to help Frank fly the plane. He then passes out and Frank and Joe are left to fly the plane. One of the engines, engine four, catches on fire and falls off. Frank has to land the plane; it ends up crash landing into the ocean. Everyone survives and they get in lifeboats. Carla wants to get something out of the plane, probably the diamonds. Frank doesn't let her but he sees her radio and takes it with him. They then make it to an island where they spend the night. Frank, Joe, Beverly, Carla, the flight crew and the 116 flight attendants have all survived. The next morning the man in the white suit shows up and tries to get the diamonds back. He tries to kill Carla, Joe, Frank and his friend. Beverly comes up behind and uses the flare to scare him. Frank and Joe tackle him and the Coast Guard takes him, his friend and Carla (who did the smuggling to help her sick brother) away to jail. The Coast Guard, Fenton and Beverly's dad all come to the island and everyone is rescued. It was a very good episode probably one of the best.moreless

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