The Hat Squad

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 16, 1992 on CBS

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  • Pilot premise showing where characters came from. Big bad blonde guy reeks havoc on everyone.

    I like the premise, but I have to admit, watching this episode years later, it did seem a bit poor on some of the character acting. The bad guys are a bit unbelievable in that they were pretty stereotypically evil. It almost reminded me of an episode of Batman where you have the unbelievable bad guy calling the shots along with the henchman who say little. The 3 sons and the backline story of being raised in a foster home was the best part of this show and the reason I\\\'ll watch more of these episodes frmo my archive. Overall, it was a kick to watch.
  • The show is about three foster brothers, Buddy Capatosa, Rafeal Martinez and Matthew Matheson (Don Michael Paul, Nestor Serrano, and Billy Warlock) , who were adopted by a police captain and his wife, when they were orphaned by violent crim

    great show, Billy is my favorite, the show had good stories, and Buddy and Matt looked good, the pilot episode is about a man named Victory smith who was a big overgrown bully, who ran with a motorcycle gang and robbed banks -what an
    original idea, the brothers work together to try and take the idiot down, meanwhile they try and help a foster brother adjust to his new family, which is not very hard for Billy, he usually takes roles where he is orphaned or was in foster care, I wish the show lasted more than one season Great cop show