The Hat Squad

CBS (ended 1993)





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  • Matt, Buddy and Raf are three boys who watched or had their parents killed. They ended up in the system and were given hope when they were adopted by a cop. Now they live to help others. They wear fedoras and become legends, as cops who care.

    For a show that didn't last long I thought this was a novel idea show that really peaked my interest. The acting is not the greatest but the ideals and possibilities were there. The three boys came from terrible situations and were given a break. They showed that in the dire situations hope is there. I looked up to these guys and this show got me interested in cops, and lead me to investigations in science and mystery. I recommend this show to anyone who doesn't mind the B-grade rating. I wish it comes out on DVD soon. I would gladly fund a remake of this show if I had the money. Matt, Buddy and Raf are typical cops who had a really bad childhood. They lost both parents and in one case watched their parents killed. When they get a second chance, they use their lives to help others. The idea is there, but the fans weren't. If a show like this came out now it would really take off. With all those CSI shows and cop reality shows, the Hat Squad would be the biggest fad. I guess it was before it's time and should have waited a few years before it came out. But at least the actors all went on to better things. Nestor Serrano went on to many shows, including Bad Boys and CSI. Billy Warlock came from Baywatch and went on to Young and the Restless, Days of our Lives. Don Michael Paul went on to CSI, as well as Nestor, and various other shows.

    These guys deserve a DVD release and I intend on finding one or making one.