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The Haunted Hathaways

Saturday 8:30 PM on Nickelodeon Premiered Jul 13, 2013 In Season



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The Haunted Hathaways

Show Summary

A recently divorced mother and her two daughters move into a New Orleans house that they soon discover has the ghosts of a father and his two sons.

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AIRED ON 3/5/2015

Season 2 : Episode 21


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    • So much potential gone to waste

      This might have been a good show had it not been a sitcom. I'm personally tired of sitcoms on all networks, but we can thank soccer moms and those who pushed for "political correctness" for ruining television in the 1990s and asking kids' networks to censor everything. You can also thank a shallow generation for not understanding REAL story-telling, finding things "boring" unless they are funny.

      As bad as the humor was, it still had potential that Nickelodeon wasted. It's not like we haven't heard of the "Casper the friendly ghost" theory before, but there were a lot of unsolved mysteries surrounding the characters. Those mysteries could've been the fire that could've moved the show along. How did the Hathaways die? What really happened to their mom? The mysteries could've led to deeper development.

      I found Miles to be a unique male character. While most male characters are pretty one-dimensional and fit into "card-board box" molds, loving farts and poop, Miles cared about hygiene and his appearance. Frankie was also unique for a female. Disney Channel claims to be progressive in this area, but their female characters are bland and horribly girlish. The only way that channel separates girl from boy is by making the two genders so horribly opposite. There is no strength or realism, no development. Frankie wasn't so typical. They were two characters that could've made small minor social changes.

      Since most kids watching Nick are shallow, they are contributing to the reason the shows suck. Most people have resorted to putting on the "nostalgia" glasses and worshiping old nick and Dan Schneider, though many of his shows were just as corny as The Haunted Hathaways, The Amanda Show being the worst. The worst part is that this show is a sitcom and maybe should've had a feeling like So Weird or Are you Afraid of the Dark. But seeing how The Haunting Hour fared, maybe parents feel it's "too scary" for their children.

      Poor timing is also a contributing factor. Wizards of Waverly place just ended, so this show was going to be compared in every single way.

      I felt this show was a relief from Victorious, the singer and Big Time Rush, more singers who seemed to capitalize on the popularity of Hannah Montana at the time of debut. I had enough of people deciding they were going to sing. It's a shame the world wasn't ready for that. Apparently, Nickelodeon wasn't ready for something new either.

      Nick's direction seems to be moving away from appealing to a "teen to young adult" audience, to a child-friendly audience. All of the main characters are kids unlike the era of Drake and Josh, Icarly, Victorious, etc. That also affected the popularity of the series.

      The acting wasn't too strong either.

      Finally, it had a black cast. And honestly, white people don't "relate" to black people. You can compare shows with a black cast and they will have lower ratings than white shows.

      Most review online show how little imagination people have. "Ghosts living with humans? So unrealistic". Since when has television ever been and why does it need a slice of life to be entertaining? Ah! Real Monsters wasn't realistic. It was still good entertainment. Again, the concept of the show could've been appealing with a better cast (acting emphasis) and attention to the show's strengths rather than the weaknesses. If the creators had paid attention to what could make this show unique, it would've been more unique. If people weren't living in the past, with the nostalgia glasses on, perhaps others would've seen this show's potential.moreless
    • the haunted Hathaways

      I love the show it funny show to watch and I wish they make a season 3
    • As Kenan would say from "Kenan & Kel": WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!

      What kind of ding-dong come up with this crap?! If I was the Winchester, I would find the ghosts' bodies, pour baking soda on the dead bodies and flame them, 'til they die because this one is just as bad as: Marvin Marvin, The Thundermans, Henry Danger, Every Witch Way and the others. For god's sake, BRING THE OLD NICK BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like Taylor because she is good-looking, but I hate the show because it's horrible. And I thought The Big Bang Theory was alot worst than this. I can honestly say, this series is one of the worst TV shows ever made!moreless
    • haunted what?

      i rather watch drake & josh, can NICK produce a remake of it?
    • The Haunted Hathaways HA! more like The Haunted Stinkaways

      THIS SHOW DRIVES ME NUTS! Get it off air

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