The Haunted Hathaways

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  • So much potential gone to waste

    This might have been a good show had it not been a sitcom. I'm personally tired of sitcoms on all networks, but we can thank soccer moms and those who pushed for "political correctness" for ruining television in the 1990s and asking kids' networks to censor everything. You can also thank a shallow generation for not understanding REAL story-telling, finding things "boring" unless they are funny.

    As bad as the humor was, it still had potential that Nickelodeon wasted. It's not like we haven't heard of the "Casper the friendly ghost" theory before, but there were a lot of unsolved mysteries surrounding the characters. Those mysteries could've been the fire that could've moved the show along. How did the Hathaways die? What really happened to their mom? The mysteries could've led to deeper development.

    I found Miles to be a unique male character. While most male characters are pretty one-dimensional and fit into "card-board box" molds, loving farts and poop, Miles cared about hygiene and his appearance. Frankie was also unique for a female. Disney Channel claims to be progressive in this area, but their female characters are bland and horribly girlish. The only way that channel separates girl from boy is by making the two genders so horribly opposite. There is no strength or realism, no development. Frankie wasn't so typical. They were two characters that could've made small minor social changes.

    Since most kids watching Nick are shallow, they are contributing to the reason the shows suck. Most people have resorted to putting on the "nostalgia" glasses and worshiping old nick and Dan Schneider, though many of his shows were just as corny as The Haunted Hathaways, The Amanda Show being the worst. The worst part is that this show is a sitcom and maybe should've had a feeling like So Weird or Are you Afraid of the Dark. But seeing how The Haunting Hour fared, maybe parents feel it's "too scary" for their children.

    Poor timing is also a contributing factor. Wizards of Waverly place just ended, so this show was going to be compared in every single way.

    I felt this show was a relief from Victorious, the singer and Big Time Rush, more singers who seemed to capitalize on the popularity of Hannah Montana at the time of debut. I had enough of people deciding they were going to sing. It's a shame the world wasn't ready for that. Apparently, Nickelodeon wasn't ready for something new either.

    Nick's direction seems to be moving away from appealing to a "teen to young adult" audience, to a child-friendly audience. All of the main characters are kids unlike the era of Drake and Josh, Icarly, Victorious, etc. That also affected the popularity of the series.

    The acting wasn't too strong either.

    Finally, it had a black cast. And honestly, white people don't "relate" to black people. You can compare shows with a black cast and they will have lower ratings than white shows.

    Most review online show how little imagination people have. "Ghosts living with humans? So unrealistic". Since when has television ever been and why does it need a slice of life to be entertaining? Ah! Real Monsters wasn't realistic. It was still good entertainment. Again, the concept of the show could've been appealing with a better cast (acting emphasis) and attention to the show's strengths rather than the weaknesses. If the creators had paid attention to what could make this show unique, it would've been more unique. If people weren't living in the past, with the nostalgia glasses on, perhaps others would've seen this show's potential.
  • the haunted Hathaways

    I love the show it funny show to watch and I wish they make a season 3
  • As Kenan would say from "Kenan & Kel": WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!

    What kind of ding-dong come up with this crap?! If I was the Winchester, I would find the ghosts' bodies, pour baking soda on the dead bodies and flame them, 'til they die because this one is just as bad as: Marvin Marvin, The Thundermans, Henry Danger, Every Witch Way and the others. For god's sake, BRING THE OLD NICK BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like Taylor because she is good-looking, but I hate the show because it's horrible. And I thought The Big Bang Theory was alot worst than this. I can honestly say, this series is one of the worst TV shows ever made!
  • haunted what?

    i rather watch drake & josh, can NICK produce a remake of it?
  • The Haunted Hathaways HA! more like The Haunted Stinkaways

    THIS SHOW DRIVES ME NUTS! Get it off air
  • average, in my opinion

    What bothers me is the teen girl's clothing, it's sometimes inappropriate. I also don't like the language oh my gosh. It's not really the funniest show, but it sometimes makes me laugh. To be hones, in my opinion, it's average. But currently, I like it more than the thundermans.
  • Annoying

    Let me redo this review.

    Ok, I first have to say that it is a rip off of Wizards of Waverly Place. This is Nicks 2nd show that is a rip off of that show ALONE. Why would Nick renew this?!?! They need to bring back their good shows again. It is at least better than Sanjay and Craig and Breadwinners though.

  • not good

    This show has many reason why it has bad ratings. but its better than Marvin Marvin and all the other crappy shows on nick, But this is one of the worst shows i have ever watched. I watch the plot it was horrible, The characters are mean, and stupid, it has a lot of butt and burp jokes that were never funny, AND the this i hate most about this show is the laughing track machine It laugh's every 5 seconds like if its not funny laughing is still in the background, Worst then the Thundermens. I don't think i ever laughed at any of the jokes, Picture this Fanboy and ChumChum in real life, That is basically the haunted hathaways ratings. All im saying is TAKE THIS DOWN NOW! NICK!
  • Just as bad as The Thundermans!

    I just reviewed The Thundermans. Now I'm reviewing this crappy show. I'm still watching Gordy by the way. Gordy has just been appointed CEO of Royce Industries! So yeah watch Gordy and forget The Sucky Crapaways!
  • Stupid show

    This show is so stupid and completely pointless. Although better than Sanjay and Craig, Marvin Marvin, or Fanboy and Chum Chum, it's still unfunny, boring, and a waste of time. Not even half as good as Victorious. It should probably move to Disney Channel. I give this show a 2/10 because it's better than Marvin MORON or Sanjay and Craig (they both get 0 at best!).

    UPDATE ON JULY 23 (originally posted on July 16): I lowered my score. The show is only getting worse and worse. I can tell it's going to get cancelled soon! I'll celebrate when they do cancel it. Party at my house! Also, who keeps giving it a 10 at sites like this and IMDb? It's getting overrated. I don't understand how anyone can like this show! Thumbs up if you agree! It needs to be cancelled and forgotten, just like Marvin Marvin, Fred the Show, How to Rock, and Bucket & Skinner. Also, the mother on this show CANNOT sing. At all. The ironic part is that she was singing Home on the Range. Why's it ironic? Because in DISNEY'S Home on the Range, the character Grace was actually a better singer! And she's a tone-deaf cow.


    UPDATE ON DECEMBER 21: And now they've renewed The Thundermans. What's wrong with Nick?

    UPDATE ON JANUARY 31: I was looking at the List of Rabbids Invasion episodes at Wikipedia and found out it was renewed. But hey, they renewed this show, The Thundermans, and Sanjay and Craig too, so what's new? I'm thinking they can't cancel Rabbids Invasion because it's the only watchable show besides Sam & Cat, and canceling it would leave them with only one pseudo quality show. However, they STILL should have canceled Sanjay and Craig. I mean, it hasn't even aired a new episode since December 7, which was the episode where they wet the bed. I still remember the commercial: "You're in for some drama. And by "you're in", we mean "YOU'RE IN"? Obviously a pun on urine. And you know what was stupid about that episode? They wet the bed at camp because they couldn't keep their challenge, but why didn't they just go to the bathroom BEFORE bed? Major plothole. AND, Sanjay almost licked his own urine! I don't know HOW that show is rated TV-Y7. The other episode it aired with was even worse! I was hoping the first terrible episode would at least be paired with a less horrible episode, but nope! It was worse. I can't believe that show, The Thundermans, and this show haven't been canceled yet! I mean, The Thundermans has a 2.5 and this is rated the same as Sanjay and Craig, a 4. No one likes these shows! Nick, just because you don't have many shows left doesn't mean you can't cancel the worst three shows! Even if that only leaves us with two shows. Two pseudo quality shows that are still really bad. Time to get better shows!

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 2: Nick has an upcoming show called Breadwinners that airs in 20 days. Today I found the pilot on YouTube and showed it to my family. EVERYONE HATED IT! They all said it was the worst thing they'd seen in their lives. And that includes The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure (2012), Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale (2006), and Rabbids Invasion. So I won't be surprised when Breadwinners gets a 1.9 just like Marvin Marvin here at and Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale at IMDb. My Aunt said I should rate it as low as possible just to get the score down. Unfortunately, the lowest one can rate is 1, unless you are a prolific author. I have been working on that for months (6 plus months), so I can rate stuff like Marvin Marvin, Fred: The Show, and The Oogieloves a 0.0. Breadwinners is next on my "to rate 0.0 once I can" list.

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 18: Breadwinners premiered yesterday. I have reviewed it. It's bad but not as bad as Sanjay and Craig.

    UPDATE ON JULY 17: Nick finally cancelled Sam & Cat! Hallelujah! So that's one crappy Nick show down, seven more to go. Now we just need to get rid of: this show, The Thundermans, Breadwinners, Rabbids Invasion, Sanjay and Craig, Every Which Way, and AwesomenessTV.
  • Just as painful as The Thundermans and AwesomenessTV

    What is Nick thinking greenlighting these terrible shows nobody likes for a second season? I agree with leviwellsy, demariusbridg, and Disney4life; this show should not have been renewed and is not funny at all. Rabbids and Sam & Cat are the only decent shows on Nick, and even Sam & Cat has its problems. But the Rabbids are solid. This show however is liquid!
  • The ***ed Hathaways is more like it.

    Nickelodeon needs to go back to their olden days where their shows didn't suck. I mean, if Nick cancelled Breadwinners, Sam and Cat, The Thundermans, and started returning their older shows, it'd be a LOT better. This show is so stupid and feels like it should be some Internet cartoon.
  • Another Sucky Shitcom by Nickelodeon

    This show isn't funny at all. Seriously, if you have a choice between hitting yourself in the face with a hammer and watching a half hour of this putrid, smelly shit, then I'd totally recommend you go with hitting yourself with a hammer. Its just another stupid live action "shitcom" that probably won't even make it past season 1. I'm starting to hate Nickelodeon now. Like seriously, if you can't think of any new ideas for shows, then bring back some of the old ones and make new episodes of it. And here's the thing about the Haunted Hathaway's: Its not realistic! Those are the nicest motherfucking ghosts I've ever seen! And if I ever saw a ghost in my house, I'm packing all my shit and leaving no matter how friendly they are. But this isn't nearly as bad as the Thundermans. Dear God, I can't take many more of these terrible shows Nick produces. I guess I'll just give up cable TV for good and go back to watching Netflix :-]
  • david,review

  • Anyone Else Notice?

    All negative comments aside, has anyone else noticed how, The Haunted Hathaway's, in my opinion, is a poor knock off of the Disney Channel's, Wizards of Waverly Place? Starting from the families home which is on a corner just as the Wizards home, to the kitchen and the position of the walk in freezer. Not to mention the families home just up the stairs, as well as, to an extent, their opening credits. Also the set up of their dining area from the, FAMILY owned and operated, restaurant which is underneath their home. Plus the family of ghost living quarters which has the feel of the wizard layer. Don't get me wrong this show is kinda okay at least for nickelodeon, considering they have been going down hill the past few years with some flops. But for them this is a starting step up for the channel that i grew up with and loved.
  • drives me nuts I am about to go crazy

    have you seen the show its disgusting its like looking at masseuses seriously you will turn to stone. Another thing that is annoying is that one little kid he is annoying i am going to shoot myself if i see him again he is on the cover for the show really just wow kid go back to smoking cigars its not even a good show i like rabbids invasion but this yuck just dont watch it not good at all
  • Watch out for Nick's shows!

    To avoid Nick, just get off their channel. That's it. One thing for dumbness is the wrong time. For example, A new episode of Rabbids Invasion! This Saturday, starting at 10:30/9:30c! In the audio, they instead say 10:30 instead of 9:30c with the time of broadcast. I look at the guide one day, and it's plain old wrong! Another thing is the new shows like Sam & Cat, The Thundermans, and this show. These are very annoying and have a most likely chance of low ratings mainstream. They aren't funny either. Last thing is that they only care for these comedies. Too many new episodes and more care for these shows have been received by me. I wouldn't watch the boring one month event. EVER. But the only funny thing for one of the previous events that produce episodes for the comedies to celebrate New Year's Day, it was called "Jooby" from Sam & Cat. The word is funny. I'd rather watch Power Rangers Megaforce than this.

    I hate this show. The sad part is the fact that the jokes are similar to the things I say to my friends and the sadder part is the fact that I can never say these jokes again without someone saying "You got that from The Haunted Hathaways.
  • A cheap WoWP clone.

    When I saw this shows promos, I thought it looked mediocre and just Nickelodeons chance to cash off Wizards of Waverly Place. I watched the pilot and it was decent, but after seeing the rest of the few episodes, I knew this show would be garbage. The actors fail to epic proportions at acting and don't even seem like their trying, all the jokes are cheesy and forced, and the premise isn't even original. Of course the show did get a couple chuckles out of me, but other than that no laugh and it was severely unfunny. By the way, have you guys seen The Thundermans? That show is ANOTHER Wizards clone, except this time it's Wizards of Waverly Place meets The Incredibles, and it's even worse!

    Overall, Haunted Hathaways is a boring, corny, lame and terrible clone of Wizards. Don't waste your time on this junk.
  • ts a good show

    After a series of many failed new nickelodeon shows, i think the haunted hathaways is a step forward. Unlike other nick shows such as marvin marvin, wendall and vinnie and buckett and skinner, which are all utterly terrible shows, the haunted hathaways is funny, entertaining and the acting is decent slo why all the negative reviews? I especially love Amber Montana who plays Taylor because she's so pretty and talented. I also like Breanna Yde who plays Frankie because she's so cute and funny
  • So Annoying

    This show needs to go somewhere and die. And never be shown in syndication... EVER! I feel bad for kids that weren't around to see great Nick shows and instead are left with this garbage.
  • What are these shit sitcoms doing on Nickelodeon?

    These awkward, forced, badly-executed, excuse-of-a-sitcom, abominations should be taken off the air and should be sold to Disney Channel. I never expected Nickelodeon to go downhill like Disney or CN, but sadly I think it's pretty close.

    Pull the plug on this dying network, or revive it with shows that we like. Hell, remake Hey Arnold in HD or some shit, and make new episodes. Just don't air this shit.
  • On the Streak of an odd turn

    i just have to ask, who is making these shows about supernatural beings like marvin marvin and stuff like that? honestly, all these shows seem the same to me. i hope dan schneider isn't behind this crappy show because this is the guy who made drake and josh. but dan schneider or whoever else is behind these shows TOTALLY does not know what they have in perspective correct. i honestly think they have this mentality by taking some out of scope turn in nick (in this turn, using supernatural beings) they probably think they're being "cool" and "edgy" when honestly, the shows just backfire on them. shows like these would actually be better as cartoons but seeing them in live action just has the wierd feeling like "grow up timmy turner" or the scooby doo movie. beside this being an awful concept to begin with, my personal opinion on characters and the actual quality of the show still wasn't enough to save the crappy concept. to make a long story short, the characters are bland and 1 dimensional, the affects are cheesy, some jokes are just gimmicks based off of the ghost powers, and that crap. overall, i would not go out of my time to see this show and it's probably not lasting long anyways. as i do appreciate nick for trying something new instead of making shows like BTR and victorious, this still wasn't a step in the right direction (along with marvin marvin)

    It sucks! 'Nuf said.
  • Just a show ...

    with a token black family. It's stupid. iCarly and Victorious are much better.
  • I liked one part of the pilot

    I watched the pilot and the science fair one. Pilot was funny at one scene. Science fair was boring, pretty weak. So I only liked the pilot and that was it. I think Ms. Amber Montana and all the other cast members deserve to be on a better show.
  • I liked it! people are so picky.

    I think this show is really good and really funny, you want to know what show is stupoid? Rabbid Rabbits?! That stupid show belongs on cartoon network!

    Ray is my favorite character! He's hope nick does more than one also liked Marvin Marvin and they canceled that keep this show off Rabbid Rabbits and Craig and Sanjay, those shows are dumb.
  • So bad it's Scary

    The Haunted Hathaways is another interesting idea that is ruined by the traditional "Live Studio Audience" set up, bad characters, and weak jokes. I hope this gets cancelled soon.
  • boo you stink !

    This is the most corniest show I've ever watched and seen in my life. For one they're not even funny and two they can't act for nothing. Three it's a family moving into a ''haunted house''. Come on already stop Nickelodeon, just bring back Catdog, Hey Arnold, and Rugrats, Zoey 101. These new shoes are just No. I don't even bother taking my remote and putting on 33 anymore. Now, I only stick to Boomerang and Teen nick. I hate this show so much that I made a facebook page called I hate the Haunted Hatthaways. I only have 13 likes, and I need 12 more to make it really popular. I even have a funny picture up with the whole family having pink mustaches and a big red circle with an x over them all. It would mean the world to mean if you can like my page. Thank u to anyone who decides to like my page
  • Nick, this show needs more effort to be better! A LOT more

    Okay, time for Raven77 to give a negative review on a Nickelodeon show, again. This show does do better than some of Nicks so-called "comedies" but this show does`nt feel convincing. I mean, humans living with ghosts just sounds akward. I`m more into Ghost Busters if I want to see something with ghosts in it. The acting is ok but however, it feels like I barely am convinced to say it. I dont know how the family that moves in can handle being with ghosts. I`d just try to rid them from the house rather than live with them. Also, some of the jokes made on the show felt dry and wierd. If this show was supposed to be scary, I`d say it was the not-good-enough acting and dry jokes that are more scarier than the ghosts themselves. Boo! Boo you Nick (again).