The Head

MTV - Music Television (ended 1996)


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  • Season 2
    • Rats
      Episode 6
    • The Bad Seed
      Episode 5
      An alien bearing a great resemblance to Roy breeched “the security of Technology Incorporated Laboratories and absconded with a container of dangerous experimental energy” (or anti-matter). Pasquale Mendoza alerts Jim and Roy to these events when he comes knocking, assuming that it was Roy who was responsible for the theft… but soon Jim and Roy spot another man with an unusually large cranium – which contains Roy’s baby brother, Mark. Mark is supposed to deliver the anti-matter to a race of nasty, green, humanistic aliens who need the substance for fuel, but a botched transaction on the moon leaves Roy as a hostage to the nasty aliens.moreless
    • 3/5/96
      Jim awakens to find that his already gigantic head has grown even larger -- so large, in fact, that it's wedged in the four corners of his bedroom ceiling. A visit from Dr. Axel results in the draining of a green ooze from Jim's brain and a prescription for a stress free vacation. Jim, Roy, Ivan, Ray and Dr. Axel head out on a fishing trip to find the legendary giant blue fish. Shortly after their departure on the water, the gas tank gets punctured and the boat explodes, leaving them stranded on a remote island. Soon Axel and Ivan are kidnapped by an evil old man who breeds the blue fish... and they discover that the fish live off of human flesh.moreless
    • 2/20/96
      After taking a chance on a Personal Ad, Raquel is swept off her feet by a charming Siamese twin. Blinded by love, Raquel doesn't see that she's simply being used. Jim and Roy must escape from jail to prevent the wedding, otherwise Raquel will be eaten alive.
    • Romance
      Episode 3
      A pair of Siamese twins woo Raquel and propose to her. She's swept off of her feet... unaware that they're secretly evil.
    • 0.0
      Suffering from terrible nightmares, Chin travels to China to learn why his parents abandoned him, but he is captured by the evil Mr. Chang and forced to fight in the Battle of the Freaks Competition.
    • 2/6/96
      Seeking fame and fortune on the Spoken Word Circuit, Jim sells his soul to the Devil in return for earthly success. Roy and Madeline risk eternal damnation and challenge the Devil to a double-or-nothing battle in hell.
    • 9.3
      During a lunch with the human anomalies group, Chin reveals that he's been plagued by nightmares, so Jim suggests that he goes to China to confront his demons. Shortly after arriving, Chin vanishes on Jim and Roy, so they go into a bar looking for him, but instead discover his father. Meanwhile, Chin has been hypnotized by the evil Mr. Chang, his former captor, who makes Chin fight in a freakshow as The Spider. When they catch a commercial with Chin for an upcoming battle to the death, it's up to Jim, Roy and Chin's father (the original Spider) to save him.moreless
    • 2/6/96
      Jim, Roy and the whole gang appear as guests on Pasquale Mendosa's daytime talk show. We've got reunions, confrontations, and plenty of surprises, today on Pasquale!
    • The Pasquale Mendosa Show/The Rise and Fall of Jim/Inside The Head
      Jim and his friends go on "The Pasquale Mendosa Show" ("The Head"'s take on "Geraldo") to tell the world about the alien invasion that almost was... and the fight continues when Gork shows up in the audience. Meanwhile, FBI agent Marshall proposes to Smithy -- but Smithy reveals a secret of his own. This is mainly a clip show, recapping the events that transpired in the first season

      In "The Rise and Fall of Jim," while playing basketball with Roy, Jim sees a baby that's about to be hit by a car so he rushes to save it -- resulting in press coverage for his heroic deed that's seen by a sinister agent. So when Jim appears at open mic night at a local bar, the agent arrives with contract in hand and turns Jim into an overnight celebrity. Jim gets a big head (so to speak), so Roy peruses the contract and discovers Jim has actually sold his soul to the devil. Madelyn and Roy make a deal with the prince of darkness -- if they can beat an American Gladiators-style contest in Hell, Jim can keep his soul; if they lose, the devil gets their souls too.

      "Inside The Head" is a behind the scenes look at the making of the show with the creators and crew.moreless

  • Season 1