The Heights

FOX (ended 1992)


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  • Season 1
    • The Transformation
      The Transformation
      Episode 13
      Alex finds his long lost dad, but learns that he did not have just one family. The warehouse where the band rehearses is bought and they have to leave. But what at first looked like the end of the band, due to the lack of an insurable room for rehearsal, appears to be their big chance - they get a job as a house band, even though the club owner is rather annoying.moreless
    • Things That Go Bump in the Night
      When Jodie and Dizzy visit a Lamaze class, he gets way too caught up in it and becomes worried about the health of their child. J.T.'s flirting annoys a woman, who pretends to be a witch and curses him. After that, some bad accidents occur to him. Hope and Rita compete for the same job at a magazine, so much so that in the end neither gets the job.moreless
    • The Wanderer
      The Wanderer
      Episode 11
      Rita gets visited from a long gone boy friend and Alex sees, that he wants to get Rita back and intervenes. Rita is first pissed, but in the end she recognizes the lower motives of the ex and dumps him. James Bandizi wants the band to play on the birthday party of his daughter, but he wants to sing a song himself. Dizzy wants to get more familiar with his mom in law and finds working out as a bond, but overdoes the thing. 2 Nightmares Jodie and Dizzy visit a Lamaze class and he goes way too much for it, gets very worried about the health of the child. J.T. flirts and annoys a woman, who pretends to be a witch and curses him. Some bad accidents occur to him in follow. Hope and Rita propose for the same job at a magazine and do heavily compete. In the end no one gets the job.moreless
    • Independence Day
      Independence Day
      Episode 10
      Jodie and Dizzy are in honeymoon at a hotel and meet another freshly wedded pair. The other guy has problems to copulate; it's his first time. The pair annoys them so much, that Jodie and Dizzy can't get at it and they leave early. Since Dizzy moved out from Stan, he seeks a new roommate. Finally Lenny moves in, and causes some adjustment problems. Alex wants Rita to move out from their parents, but she is annoyed from that. Finally she moves in with Hope in a fine apartment.moreless
    • What Does It Take?
      Dizzy marries Jodie. Stan almost loses the wedding ring. Rita is too hot for Alex, wants always just to join the hips, what frightens him. J.T. and Alex propose to their girl friends while heavily drunk and get laughed. Hope pretends he slept with her while drunk, but he can't remember anything and is sad.moreless
    • Splendor in the Past
      Lenny meets Rosie, who is a fighter for environmental protection, and joins her in this interest and her bed. Rita decides it's time to sleep with Alex, but he wants to have it more special and wait. In the end, though, they do the hot thing.
    • No Place Like Home
      Jodie and Alex seek an apartment but find nothing appealing and end up with a room at her parent's. Stan looks after the son of a cousin at his foster-mother. Suddenly his cousin comes out of prison and claims her child. Later she sees that he has a better life at the foster-mother. J.T. drives a Cadillac to Seattle for James Bandizi and wants to make a holiday of it by taking Hope with him. However she takes Lenny along and he annoys them later.moreless
    • Fear of Heights
      Fear of Heights
      Episode 6
      The famous performer Betty B. and former close friend of Rita comes in the town and visits the band. Betty wants Alex to secretly write songs for her and later even come to New York, but he decides to stay with his small live and Rita. Dizzy and Jodie have some problems to tell her mother of the pregnancy and marriage.moreless
    • Reunion
      Episode 5
      The band has the idea to modernize Stans Dad's bar. They play rock music and really many people come, but the atmosphere doesn't please Stan's Dad, so they have to go back to normal. J.T.'s Dad has a class reunion and doesn't want to go. J.T. learns that his father was way back in school a nice guy, but has dramatically changed during Vietnam war. Hope's parents urge her to give up the band and go to college, but she decides to stay.moreless
    • On the Nickel
      On the Nickel
      Episode 4
      Alex meets a youth who lives on the street; he tries to help him, but he steels his keys to the store and some money from the cashbox. First Alex is under suspect, but finally Rita persuades the boy to tell the truth. Lennie takes a job at a comic and junk vendor, but looses it again, since he is not as weird as the owner wants him to be.moreless
    • Evil Ways
      Evil Ways
      Episode 3
      Dizzy takes a second job as night portiere in a fine hotel, where he even gets offered a career. Jodie doesn't like him doing two jobs. She learns that he tries really hard to please her, and accepts his marriage proposal. Lenny falls in love with Natalie, but his approach is too slow, so that J.T. gets her first, before she recognizes her real love interests.moreless
    • A Star Ain't Nothing But a Ball o' Gas
      Stan's father wants Stan to graduate in music conservatorium. Stan proposes and gets a place, but then he decides not to go. Dizzy buys a ring from Jo Bandizi, but it's faked. He confronts him and gets his money back. He tries to propose to Jodie, but she doesn't want yet. Hope has an idea for a song, but differs with J.T. about the realization. They come up with two very different versions (Common ground versus Battleground).moreless
    • Talk to an Angel
      Talk to an Angel
      Episode 1
      Alex invites Rita to a poetry reading at Benny's cafe. Several members of the group stop by and are surprised when Alex reads a poem for Rita. Jodi tells Dizzy she's two months pregnant. Dizzy decides he wants to marry her but is confused and scared about his relationship with Jodi, his music with the band, and the baby on the way. Alex starts dating Rita and turns the poem into a song, "How do you talk to an angel". Alex shows up at rehearsal and joins the band as a singer/guitarist.moreless