The Henderson Kids II

Season 2 Episode 21

Episode Twenty One

Aired Unknown Unknown on Network Ten



  • Trivia

    • For master criminals, they were pretty stupid to leave a ladder around the side of the building, why didn't they just leave the door open!

    • Tam's hands are clearly tied to the chair but in a close up shot when a hand is slammed over her mouth, she lifts up her hand to stop it, magic!

    • The only way into the locked centre was through the skylight, so where did Steve and Vinnie and everyone else come from and how did they get in.

    • If Ron was planning on killing Tam anyway why did he have her tied up so she could see and hear everything, there was plenty of places to put her, like Ellis's store room, She and Carol couldn't get out of there last time, or he should have just had her killed straight away, unless he thought he was a bond villain and just enjoyed her torment!

  • Quotes

    • Wal: (to Steve) Steve this is not a kids game!, the bird smuggling was only half of the operation, they are running drugs, hard drugs, they are very desperate men and they cannot afford to get caught.

    • Tam: Oh Ron thank goodness, look you've got to do something, they're using the youth centre to...
      Ron: I wish you hadn't come back here tonight!
      Ellis: What we gonna do with her boss?
      Tam: Boss?

    • (confessing to Tam, Wal is innocent)
      Harry: Nah he didn't know a thing about it, and when he did find out he skipped, no guts your old man!

    • Brains: Steve they've got Tam!
      Steve: Who's got her!
      Brains: Spider and Ellis at the centre!
      Vinnie: Well we've got to go and get her!

    • "Vinnie stop yammering and go thump someone!"
      Tam forgets her anti-violence policy when it comes to Harry and Ron

    • "Leave her alone!"
      Marty bravely takes on Tam's kidnappers

    • Ron (going to kill Tam) This should put her to sleep for a few hours, just like it does to her precious native birds!

    • "Brown Street Boys!, Marty!"
      Vinnie knows who he can count on when he goes after Ron

    • "For the moment Mr Mullins"
      Wal is reminded by the police not to leave town

    • "Hello Tam-Bam!"
      Wal reunites with Tam

    • (realising the centre is at risk)
      Helen: Can you imagine the outcry when news spreads of a drugs raid on the premises?

  • Notes

    • Final appearances from Ross Thompson and John Jacobs as Harry and Spider, together with Marcus Eyre as Ellis and Dean Nottle as Ron.

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