The Henry Rollins Show

Season 3 Episode 20

Arianna Huffington, Sinead O'Connor

Aired Unknown Aug 31, 2007 on IFC

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  • Henry welcomes Arianna Huffington and has Sinead O'Connor as his musical guests.

    Never heard of this show because I didn't have IFC for so long now I have the chance to catch up. I'am familiar with Henry Rollins work. He is a straight shooter who'll say thing as it is.

    His opening statements about Freedom of Speech and standing up for your convictions and not following like a zombie what someone says is brilliant. He reminded me of myself there standing up for my beliefs and never afraid to back down to what other cowards would do just to remain in their comfortable positions.

    He goes on with the show with guests with Republican turned Democratic turned book author turned blogger Arianna Huffington. Even though this was taped in 2007 since we are still in an election year the stuff that Arianna says about HIlary and Obama are relevant.

    She basically sums up Hilary as a smart woman with lots of experience but a bit cold and calculative which is how many people see her. She describes Obama as a great speaker with charisma but who might lack certain things Hilary has.

    The talk then turns to the war and whether Republicans would want to turn Democrat. The talk also looks at Arianna's brief run for governor of California.

    She also says here that even though she lost she learned of from the experience. Arianna has had success in other things so her main point was that failure doesn't mean much as long as you have success. It's a great lesson which many people don't head and kind of like Henry's comment about Freedom of Speech people are too afraid to change their lives and accept what they got.

    Sinead was great as the musical guests. You might disagree with her views but the woman can play.

    All in all it was a solid show.