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  • Season 3
    • Steven Tyler
      Steven Tyler
      Episode 21
      Guest: Steven Tyler
    • Arianna Huffington, Sinead O'Connor
      Guest: Arianna Huffington Musical Guest: Sinead O'Connor
    • Interview: Sinead O'Connor
      It's the season finale of The Henry Rollins Show and in this week's Teeing Off, Henry reminds us all that freedom of speech is a right that we absolutely must exercise if we hope to sustain its power. This week's guest is political activist and web mogul Arianna Huffington who is upfront in revealing the real motivation behind her political shift and what she truly thinks of the 2008 Democratic candidates. And finally, this season concludes fittingly with a very outspoken performance from Sinead O'Connor. Sinead performs the politically infused "If You Had a Vineyard" off her new album "Theology" and also performs her classic, "Black Boys on Mopeds", exclusively for
    • Shepard Fairey, The Duke Spirit
      Guest: Shepard Fairey

      Musical Guest: The Duke Spirit
    • Interview: Shepard Fairey
      In this week's Teeing Off, Henry is furious with advertisers who have redefined what it means to be "getting by" in America, and have manipulated the middle and lower class into thinking they need to own a home. This week's guest is legendary street artist, Shepard Fairey, the genius behind the Obey Giant phenomenon, who shares his insight on modern media and explains how we're unknowingly faced with propaganda on a daily basis. Then, in this season's final installment of "Drawing Conclusions", we see Henry's hilarious, animated take on kids getting introduced to alcohol at a young age. And finally, this week's musical performance is from the celebrated indie outfit The Duke Spirit, who give us a sneak peek at material from their upcoming, still untitled, sophomore release. The Duke Spirit perform "Lasso" on the show but also perform "The Step and the Walk" exclusively for
    • Samuel L. Jackson, Manu Chao
      Guest: Samuel L. Jackson Musical Guest: Manu Chao
    • Interview: Manu Chao
      In this week's Teeing Off, Henry examines his perplexity regarding America's compulsion to gamble away their earnings. Samuel L. Jackson joins Henry to discuss his early battles with addiction and his time served in the trenches of the Civil Rights battle. This week also features a very special "Letter from Henry", addressed to none other than Jesus Christ. Written from within the walls of Jerusalem, Henry poses several questions for his holiness and wonders if he'll continue to allow our president to exploit his name in pushing his political agenda. And, this week's musical performer is global phenomenon Manu Chao, who makes his television debut here in the United States performing the single "Rainin' in Paradize" off his new album "La Radiolina". Manu also performs "Mi Vida" exclusively for
    • Interview: Gogol Bordello
      In this week's Teeing Off, Henry questions the integrity of political polling and encourages everyone to make decisions based on their own opinions and not those manipulated by pollsters. This week's interview guest is author and visionary Gore Vidal who stops by to express his concerns with the state of the union and warns us on the price we will all pay for Bush's actions. This week also features the season's final installment of "The Disquisition", featuring Janeane Garofalo, as she asks us all to look deeper at the ulterior motives behind "the corporation" and how they affect our political system. And, this week's musical guest is gypsy punk pioneers Gogol Bordello who perform "60 Revolutions" off their critically acclaimed album "Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike." Gogol Bordello also performs "Ultimate" off their new album "Super Taranta!" exclusively for
    • Gore Vidal, Gogol Bordello
      Guest: Gore Vidal Musical Guest: Gogol Bordello
    • Interview: The Good The Bad And The Queen
      In this week's Teeing Off, Henry sarcastically calls America to our next mission - the complete eradication of any and all germs. Then we're visited by the youth culture entrepreneur Russell Simmons who opens up about national politics and the trade-off between self-censorship and freedom of speech. In this installment of "Letters From Henry," Henry writes to the ghost of disgraced Enron CEO, Ken Lay and wonders why it is that his widow may still be able to enjoy the monetary fruits of his crimes. And, this week features a musical performance from Damon Albarn, Paul Simonon, Simon Tong, and Tony Allen, who perform the song "Nature Springs" off their album "The Good, The Bad and The Queen." They also perform "Herculean" exclusively for
    • Russell Simmons, The Good, the Bad and the Queen
      Guest: Russell Simmons Musical Guest: The Good, the Bad and the Queen
    • Christopher Walken, Shane Macgowan
      Guest: Christopher Walken Musical Guest: Shane Macgowan
    • Serj Tankian, Tom Morello, Amen
      Guest: Serj Tankian, Tom Morello
      Musical Guest: Amen
    • Larry Flynt, Placebo
      Guest: Larry Flynt Musical Guest: Placebo
    • Tim Roth, Robyn Hitchcock
      Guest: Tim Roth Musical Guest: Robyn Hitchcock
    • Gene Simmons, Queens of the Stone Age
      Guest: Gene Simmons Musical Guest: Queens of the Stone Age
    • Jason Lemieux & Paul Reickoff, Bob Mould
      Guest: Iraq War Veterans Musical Guest: Bob Mould
    • Don Cheadle, Rufus Wainwright
      Guest: Don Cheadle Musical Guest: Rufus Wainwright
    • William Shatner, Peeping Tom
      Guest: William Shatner Musical Guest: Peeping Tom (Mike Patton)
    • Steve Buscemi, Billy Bragg
      Guest: Steve Buscemi Musica Guest: Billy Bragg
    • Joan Jett, The Blood Brothers
      Guest: Joan Jett Musical Guest: The Blood Brothers
    • Luke & Andrew Wilson, Chris Cornell
      Guest: Luke and Andrew Wilson Musical Guest: Chris Cornell
    • Iggy Pop, The Stooges
      Guest: Iggy Pop Musical Guest: The Stooges
    • John Waters, The Mars Volta
      Guest: John Waters Musical Guest: The Mars Volta
    • Ben Stiller, Ryan Adams
      Guest: Ben Stiller Musical Guest: Ryan Adams
    • Marilyn Manson, Peaches
      Guest: Marilyn Manson Musical Guest: Peaches

      Plus, Janeane Garofalo's "The Disquisition"
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