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  • Henry Rollins emerges in a truly unique, uncensored talk show featuring interviews, studio performances, and his own brand of humor/sarcasm-tinged ranting.

    Nobody does it quite like Henry Rollins. Musician, actor, writer, public speaker, comedian, and pop/subculture "aging alternative icon", he does it all, and he never goes quietly.

    His show always opens up with 'Teeing Off', where he rants about whatever social issue is pissing him off lately. This is followed by a lengthy uncensored interview with an actor, director, writer, or musician he respects. After that, you get some variety between episodes, with several segue features which are usually humor segments. The brilliant recurring sketch "Rollins Reconsiders..." is always a sarcastic commentary where he pretends to change his stances on social issues, and what the world might be like if everyone did. This is usually accompanied by hilarious pictures as a literal interpretation of his unique wordplay. Following that, Heidi May introduces an uncut performance by a large variety of bands, such as Thom Yorke, the original lineup of Dinosaur Jr., Ani DiFranco, Death Cab For Cutie, and even Slayer. Finally, 'End Credits' is a short segment at the end of most episodes, where Rollins addresses some noteworthy people in history that he respects, in relation to current issues.

    From socio-political rants to film and music appreciation, to completely uncensored interviews and performances, to hilarious observations and recurring sketches, the Henry Rollins Show is great variety and great entertainment. There is no show on television quite like it.

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