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  • Henry Rollins is taking no prisoners with the show, and you should check it out unless you have no interest in a former punk god, touring poet, and spoken word genious has to say about the world we live in. he is very well read and educated, and shows it.

    Henry Rollins has been the onbject of my torn soul since the 80's. When I got into punk rock, it was a pretty weird time. punk had been ostensibly dead for some time, but no one had told it so. And Henry made it all the more messed up for all of us who wanted so dearly to be on the other side of the stage.
    Black Flag had already been extremely well known as a punk/hardcore outfit, and when they needed yet another new singer, it was Rollins, a FAN, that they tapped. He changed their sound and image forever.
    Long before Marky Mark wanted to be a rockstar, we had the story of Henry... And his life...

    After Black Flag finally disbanded, he didn't sit on his ass, get fat, and think about a reunion tour...

    Hell no, he kept up with his reading, and started another band, and started promoting his spoken word. Now, I know what you are thinking... Didn't that Jello dude from the Dead Kennedys do that too? well, if you are asking that, I am impressed, and think you would be well to message me, cause your probably at least sort of cool...

    The difference here is that enry went about it his own way, and kicked, punched, and shot his way through. As much as I love Jello, he is always going to eb a bit too hippy for me. Henry on the other hand, seems to understand that sometimes the best way to get an idea through someones head is with a hammer. He is blunt, straightforward, and sincere. He is what pretty much every single punk rock geek would love to be when they grow up, even me, and according to my wife, I am already grown up, and therefore should stop telling people that I am going to be Henry Rollins when I grow up.

    But most of this is about Henry Rollins, which is appropriatewhen discussing the Henry Rollins Show...

    So the show itself. He seems to follow a basic format of one speaking guest, and one music guest, with a rant or three peppered in for flavor. This is of course the perfect mix for a half hour show. The guests he picks are always pretty cool, from Kevin Smith, to Johnny Knoxville, and lets not forget everyones favorite, Oliver Stone, and Eddie Izzard. So far as the music goes, we are talking S.L.A.Y.E.R., The New York Dolls (ok, 2 dolls, and a bunch of new guys they replaced the dead guys with), and Dinosaur Jr. The sound on these music sequences is super tight, being a closed studio production...

    Alltogether though, if your not into Rollins as a person, you will probably not be too into his show. The only way it could be better would be to increase it to an hour, double the interview time with the speaking guest, and get some interview time with the bands too.

    If your listening Henry, thats the only thing you should even consider changing for the show...
    it's f***ing awesome.
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