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The Herculoids

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The Herculoids are a group of five super-powered creatures lead by King Zandor of Amzot, his wife Tara, and his son, Dorno. They live together on the planet Quasar and fight against the inevitable alien invaders who seem to show up every week. They crossed over with many other Hanna/Barbera characters such as Space Ghost, the genie Shazam, and many more that remain popular to this day. The shows varied between 10 and 15 minutes, and were often mixed with other shows. Characters (The Herculoids) Gloop & Gleep: Two yellow blobs that can change their forms at will, stretch, and are incredibly elastic. Tundro: A rhinoceros-like dinosaur with thick shielding, he can stretch out his ten legs and blast rocks from its one horn that burst open, causing a mess. Zok: A flying dragon that can release laser beams from its tail and eyes, and can survive in outer space.Igoo: A large ape made of rock, compiled of immense power and very hard to bring down. Zandor, Tara, & Dorno: They are a team (family) who also have power which is unlike others. They are trained athletes and use slingshots to fire rocks that burst open. Despite their seemingly primitive appearance, they come from an advanced planet and Zandor uses various equipment that is very useful in trying to stop the aliens.moreless
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  • MORE Herculoids PLEASE

    How very sad. Just 5 Herculoids episodes? Phooey.

    I recommend that this site acquire ALL the Herculoids episodes, instead of just teasing users.

    Good journey.
  • An interesting series.

    My dad says this was one of his favorite shows when he was a kid (although I couldn't get him to watch an episode now if I chained him to a chair and taped his eyes open). I catch episodes when I can on Boomerang, and I still haven't seen them all, but the eps I have watched were enough to hook me. The animation isn't quite on par with that in "Jonny Quest." There's no character development. We don't get any history on the characters (at least not in the episodes I've seen.) We do get three humanoids and five super-powered alien creatures who fight all manner of weird beasts, robots and maniacs that invade their unnamed homeland. It doesn't matter that we don't know what planet the Herculoids inhabit, or why they live in prehistoric conditions while many of their opponents use highly advanced technology. This series' only objective is to provide thirty minutes of fun, alien butt-kicking action, and it does this very well.moreless
  • A classic cartoon from the "hero" period of Hanna Barbera Studios, The Herculoids mixed space-age technology with stone-age surroundings.

    The Herculoids is one of the classic hero cartoons that Hanna-Barbera produced the mid-late 60s. It was a unique mixture of futuristic and prehistoric. The characters looked like something out of "100,000 B.C.," but they had space ships and powers and weapons that you'd find only in the sci fi world.

    The cartoon was perfectly geared to little boys and girls who dreamed of adventure, taking them to a different world with interesting creatures, powerful friends, and evil villains. The positive message that can be drawn from the show pertained to the value of teamwork -- The Herculoids had to work together as a team -- helping each other out of jams, protecting each other, combining their powers, etc. -- to defeat the villains. However, this was not a "message" cartoon per se. It was intended primarily for entertainment.

    The quality of the animation was poor by today's standards, but far better than what followed in the 70s and 80s, when the animators' budgets began to be slashed.moreless
  • Futuristic, animated, adventure series, set on another planet, featuring imaginatively designed monsters with special powers who protect a scantily clad human family of three who take turns needing to be saved. The action and graphics were very good.moreless

    Futuristic, animated, adventure series, set on another planet, featuring imaginatively designed monsters with special powers who protect a scantily clad human family of three who take turns needing to be saved. The action and graphics were very good.

    Among the humans, Zandor is the muscular, red-haired father; Tara is the beautiful, blond mother; and Dorno is the athletic, blond son.

    Among the monsters, Igoo is a huge apelike rock creature with enormous strength; Zok is a giant flying dragon who shoots lasers from its eyes and tail; Tundro is a big, multi-legged ceratops who shoots energy rocks from its horn; and Gloop and Gleep are, respectively, large and small ghostlike shape-shifters.

    The family lives in a treehouse, with their monsters bunking outside. Together, they face a different peril every week.

    The monsters clearly stole the show. They were imaginatively drawn, fiercely loyal, and supernaturally powerful.

    As for the humans, aside from explaining the plot and interpreting the monsters' grunts and roars, their primary job was to look attractive and sympathetic while they were being menaced by the villain of the week.

    With each episode being only ten minutes in length, the plot was understandably formulaic, the dialogue was utilitarian, and the character development was non-existent.

    Unfortunately, the 1981 episodes had weaker graphics, and its attempts at character development tended to distract from the action.moreless
  • The Action Cartoon of its Day

    3 humans on a distant planet with a team of friendly super Monsters on a savage world where theres anything from Aline invadors, Mutant Monsters, and Gladators.

    This show as it all.

    It would make a great Anime series or would make a great come back series.

    This show needs to come back or come out on DVD.