The Herculoids

CBS (ended 1969)





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  • An interesting series.

    My dad says this was one of his favorite shows when he was a kid (although I couldn't get him to watch an episode now if I chained him to a chair and taped his eyes open). I catch episodes when I can on Boomerang, and I still haven't seen them all, but the eps I have watched were enough to hook me. The animation isn't quite on par with that in "Jonny Quest." There's no character development. We don't get any history on the characters (at least not in the episodes I've seen.) We do get three humanoids and five super-powered alien creatures who fight all manner of weird beasts, robots and maniacs that invade their unnamed homeland. It doesn't matter that we don't know what planet the Herculoids inhabit, or why they live in prehistoric conditions while many of their opponents use highly advanced technology. This series' only objective is to provide thirty minutes of fun, alien butt-kicking action, and it does this very well.