The Herculoids - Season 2

CBS (ended 1969)




Episode Guide

  • Long Ride to the Top
  • The Firebird
    The Firebird
    Episode 11
    Tara is kidnapped.
  • The Thunderbolt
    The Thunderbolt
    Episode 10
    A friendly dinosaur-like creature, Surla, accidentally eats some radioactive rocks and becomes electrified. Going on a rampage he attacks the Herculoids, taking down Igoo and Tundro with ease. The Herculoids revive and manage to trick him into draining off his energies and reverting to his friendly self.
  • The Buccaneer
    The Buccaneer
    Episode 9
    The Buccaneer and his pirates arrive on Quasar searching for a buried treasure. They meet the Herculoids and tell them of their plans, then use their hovercraft to search for the treasure. They begin drilling near a fault line that is close to the Sand People's home. The Buccaneer kidnaps Dorno and then Zandor when he attempts a rescue. Tara and Zok rescue Zandor and Dorno and Zok captures the Buccaneer and his pirates - Zandor commands they leave Quasar never to return.moreless
  • The Energy Creature
    An energy creature lands on Quasar via a meteorite. The creatuer can take on the form and properties of any creature it duplicates while imprisoning them in energy coils. It takes on the form of Igoo and proves difficult to defeat. Igoo manages to break free through sheer determination and Zandor defeats the creature by tricking it into taking on the form of a Millennium Plant which will be in suspended animation for the next few centuries.moreless
  • The Snake Riders
    The Snake Riders
    Episode 7
    Dorno and Gleep spot the Snake Riders, who plan an attack from halfway across the planet, across the Boiling Sea. They warn the others and the Herculoids drive them back to their caverns, but Zara gets captured. Zok disguises himself as one of the Riders' giant snakes and Dorno disguises himself as a Snake Rider and they sneak in, free Zara, and seal off the passageway leading back to the Snake Riders' home.moreless
  • Return of the Ancients
    The descendents/survivors of a highly-developed race that was wiped out on Quasar return to the planet after a 1,000-year mission, and they're not happy to find out their civilization is gone. They attack and capture Dorno, and Gleep and Gloop bring the others. When Zandor confronts them they capture him and put him into a battle with energy whips against their leader. Tara and the Herculoids find proof of how the aliens' civilization was wiped out by trumpeter plants while Zandor plays for time. Tara gets the flower to Zandor which he uses to drive the aliens off.moreless
  • The Ice Monster
    The Ice Monster
    Episode 5
    Dorno is feeling depressed when Zandor treats him like a child because of his size and age. Cue an ancient robot monster emerging from an iceblock that is indestructible. Gleep and Dorno sneak into the robot and manage to take control of it and direct it to walk off a cliff, escaping in the nick of time.moreless
  • The Purple Menace
    The Purple Menace
    Episode 4
    A monstrous purple plant sends forth its tentacles to attack, interrupting a game of hide-and-seek. The Herculoids drive off the branches and destroy the core. Dorno doesn't think the menace is over and he and Gleep go looking for another plant, getting into trouble. Dorno leads them to a crater with an energy rock that is mutating the plant life. Combining their powers they seal the fissure containing the rock, ending the menace once and for all.moreless
  • Space Trappers
    Space Trappers
    Episode 3
    A Space Trapper comes to the planet to capture animals. He captures Zandor and his family and then uses a mind-control device to take control of Igoo, Tundro, and Zok. Gloop and Gleep free Zandor and the others and Zandor distracts the trapper by giving up on the captives and acting as a guide. Tara tries to free the others by destroying the mind-control device. The trapper gets wise and controls Gloop and Gleep but Zandor destroys the mind control device and drive the Trapper off.moreless
  • Mindbender
    Episode 2
    Dorn, Gloop, and Gleep are playing and discovered an unearthed metal cylinder which contains an alien big-brained alien. When they release him he reveals himself to be a member of race that ruled Quasar thousands of years ago. The Herculoids seem powerless against his powers of telekinesis. Finally Zandor manages to defeat the alien by grabbing his amulet. When the Mindbender threatens to destroy him, Zandor tossed it back into the cylinder. It's a fake and when the alien is in the cylinder they seal it and put him back into stasis.moreless
  • The Invisibles
    The Invisibles
    Episode 1
    Zandor and the Herculoids are plagued by a strange series of invisible incidents as they are entangled and then they start disappearing. Zandor suspects the Flying People and the king says that his son is behind the incident but doesn't know where the invisibility powers come from. Guest-star Space Ghost arrives to reveal that a Magnetite meteor came out of a black hole: its radiation causes invisibility and the king's son got hold of it. Space Ghost takes the meteor away and Zandor drives off the rebellious son.moreless