The High Chaparral

NBC (ended 1971)




Episode Guide

    • Survival
      Season 1 - Episode 18
      John Cannon and Billy Blue are captured by Apaches far from home and made to face death from lack of water. John and Billy force a wounded Indian, Klosen, to lead them toward water but the Apache escapes. Buck and Manolito catch a glimpse of a war party wearing John's and Billy's hats but harsh desert winds make it impossible to track the missing pair. When John and Billy do find water, renegade Chief Soldado ties them to a rock to die of thirst.moreless
    • Best Man for the Job
      Best Man for the Job
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      John Cannon must decide whether to send his son to possible death to save their besieged ranch. Three army deserters, who have murdered Apaches on Cannon land, are taken prisoner by Indians. Captain Dabney fails in an effort to rescue the men, but gains Apache hostages, including a female relative of Cochise. When Captain Dabney refuses to trade prisoners, and as the Apaches prepare to execute the deserters (as well as Sam, who is also an Apache hostage), Cannon must decide whether to hand son, Billy Blue, the perilous job of secretly returning Dabney's hostages to Cochise. Guest Stars: Warren Stevens as Captain Dabney, Nino Cochise, grandson of Cochise as Cochise.moreless
    • Young Blood
      Young Blood
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      The future of the ranch is jeopardized when bandits steal a prize bull and breeding stock which Billy Blue Cannon and Manolito Montoya have bought in Mexico with the last of the Cannon money. Victoria persuades husband John Cannon to send the boys to her father's rancho for the cattle after his brother Buck Cannon is injured. Manolito bargains with his father, Don Sebastian Montoya, for his second best bull. Don Sebastian thinks the boys are pulling a prank and hires bandits to steal the bull. They boys make a desperate attempt to catch the thieves and still prove their trustworthiness.moreless
    • A Piece of Land
      A Piece of Land
      Season 3 - Episode 4
      After accidentally uncovering a silver deposit, an excited Buck Cannon wastes no time in talking Manolito into joining him in a major real estate investment. Unable to raise the down payment to Jeff Patterson, who has agreed to sell his ranch, Buck invites Manolito to be his financial backer for half-interest. After Victoria has turned over a priceless necklace to her brother for collateral on a loan, the new land owners learn hat their silver cache is worthless.moreless
    • Shadows on the Land
      Shadows on the Land
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      John Cannon needs cattle from Mexican ranchers for his Army beef contract, but finds the frightened men are being forced to sell at cheap prices to a ruthless cattle buyer. When John offers them higher prices, the ranchers refuse to sell because Dolf Tanner has threatened to kill them if they do. John and brother Buck try to force the ranchers to sell by refusing them watering rights, as they drive their herds toward Tanner. But Tanner strikes back by giving Apaches new rifles and urging them to kill the Cannon herds.moreless
    • Too Many Chiefs
      Too Many Chiefs
      Season 3 - Episode 23
      Convinced by Victoria that he needs a vacation, John reluctantly leaves Buck, Manolito and Blue in charge of the ranch and returns to an Indian uprising. Victoria convinces John that he needs a break from the rigors of his work. The Cannons take what is intended to be a carefree vacation, leaving the ranch in the eager but inexperienced hands of Buck, Manolito and Blue. John returns to find that the boys have made a few mistakes, not the least of which is the provoking of an all-out Apache uprising.moreless
    • Too Late the Epitaph
      Too Late the Epitaph
      Season 4 - Episode 8
      Manolito is jailed in a case of mistaken identity on charges of holdup and murder. En route back to the Cannon ranch from a cattle purchase, Manolito is arrested when mistakenly identified as a member of a gang who held up a gold shipment hours earlier. He is released when an old friend Dave Redman, a fast-rising leader of the community in which Mano is being held, vouches for him. Later, when Mano finds himself framed for murder, he learns who his real friends are.moreless
    • The Arrangement (2)
      The Arrangement (2)
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      John Cannon's first wife is killed during an Apache raid. Buck, his brother, can't stop Mexican bandits from rustling cattle. Unable to fight on two fronts -- against Mexican marauders and the Indians -- John arranges a defense agreement with his neighbor in Mexico, Don Sebastian Montoya. The Mexican insists that John seal the agreement by marrying Victoria, his daughter, thus solidifying an alliance against the Apache. Moreover, Don Sebastian demands that Victoria's carefree brother, Manolito, come along to guarantee her safety.moreless
    • The New Lion of Sonora (1)
      The New Lion of Sonora (1)
      Season 4 - Episode 14
      Gilbert Roland guest stars as the surprise heir to the Montoya ranch in this special two-hour presentation. The sudden, peaceful passing of Don Sebastian Montoya brings his daughter Victoria, his son Manolito, John Cannon and Buck to the Montoya ranch to attend funeral services and to settle estate matters. All are amazed to learn the will leaves the vast Montoya holding to Don Sebastian's ne'er-do-well brother Don Domingo, a charming, irresponsible rascal currently living in Mexico City. Upon his return to the family home to claim his legacy, Domingo shocks the family by announcing he plans to sell the ranch and travel. A series of unexplained raids on his new-found cattle and property serves to uncover a little-known dimension of Don Domingomoreless
    • The Reluctant Deputy
      The Reluctant Deputy
      Season 3 - Episode 21
      Blue is the victim of a practical joke that finds him enlisted as a temporary lawman Tricked into being sworn in as a deputy marshal by Manolito and his Uncle Buck, Blue is forced to take the job seriously when the town's regular lawman departs leaving him in charge of the entire town. Blue's new authority enables him to exact a sweet revenge on Manolito and Buck.moreless
    • The Stallion
      The Stallion
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      An Indian outbreak threatens to erupt when Billy Blue Cannon and an Apache boy fight over a wild horse. Chatto, son of an Apache chief, first discovers the prized stallion, but fails in his attempt to capture it. When Billy Blue successfully ropes the horse, Chatto becomes infuriated with Cannon and steals it back. Billy Blue retaliates and a feud begins. Chief Natchez approaches John Cannon and warns him of trouble if Chatto loses the horse. The two boys meet and fight while High Chaparral wranglers and Apache braves watch and prepare for battle.moreless
    • The Assassins
      The Assassins
      Season 1 - Episode 17
      An Apache renegade and his followers plan to kill Cochise's peace representative in the Cannon ranch house and start a new Indian war. Medicine man Nock-Ay-Del explains that Cochise will agree to live peacefully if John Cannon offers sufficient gifts. Buck warns against a death trap when an outpost guard is killed during negotiations. Sub-chief Soldado and three warriors move in towards the ranch house to accomplish their purpose.moreless
    • The Doctor from Dodge
      The Doctor from Dodge
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      When Billy Blue Cannon is forced into a showdown with wanted gunfighters, he is saved by a wandering dentist who proves to be fast with a gun. John Cannon returns the favor to Doc Henry by agreeing to send Billy Blue to help the dentist establish a practice in Tucson. Billy Blue is kidnapped en route and held for ransom by the gunfighters, Jacques Dubois and Kid Curry. The boy loses faith in his new friend when the dentist throws in with the crooks. John Cannon corners Doc Henry with the ransom and prepares for a shoot-out.moreless
    • Jelks
      Season 3 - Episode 17
      Joe, foreman of the Cannon Ranch, threatens to quit over John Cannon's mistrust of a new hired hand but later realizes that John's suspicions were well-founded. In need of new help for an upcoming cattle drive, Joe hires drifter Jelks, whose attitude and actions are questioned by the boss. Dissention erupts between John and his foreman over the new man, who inadvertently solves their differences by proving one of them wrong.moreless
    • A Quiet Day in Tucson
      A Quiet Day in Tucson
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      Buck, Manolito and Billy Blue are sent to Tucson for food, supplies and boots, but are sidetracked instead by women and song. While John Cannon awaits his trio's return with the goods, Buck promptly enters a poker game with cowhand Kansas and loses the supply money, Manolito courts Pearlita who rolls him for his money, and Billy Blue sets out with little Rag-Tag Tina to buy the fanciest pair of boots in Tucson. Problems grow when the boys try to help Fergus MacLeish and his wife from being held up, only to lose the guns they need in Tucson.moreless
    • Time of Your Life
      Time of Your Life
      Season 3 - Episode 1
      A gunfighter attempts to goad Blue into a shootout.

      Participating in his first trails-end celebration that traditionally follows a grueling cattle drive, Blue joins his father John Cannon, Uncle Buck and Manolito and the town's other weary, but happy cowhands in observing the occasion. A barroom argument develops between Blue and short-tempered Johnny Keough, who invites young Blue outside to settle the matter with their guns. Well aware of the obvious advantage the well-known gunman Keough has over him but also concerned about his own pride as a result of being publicly challenged, Blue finds himself facing one of the most important decisions of his life.moreless
    • The Ghost of Chaparral
      The Ghost of Chaparral
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      Victoria's efforts to overcome husband John Cannon's memory of his first wife are thwarted when Apaches lay siege to their ranch, and she is kidnapped. Victoria is exchanged for an injured Apache and receives two opportunities to live in safety and leave the husband who doesn't love her. Former suitor Anthony Grey rides in with an offer to take her to England, as Indians attack in earnest. Don Sebastian, her father, arrives with armed vaqueros to break the siege and insists his daughter return to the safety of her home in Mexico.moreless
    • Ten Little Indians
      Ten Little Indians
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      When John Cannon feeds hungry Apache children orphaned by Pima Indian attacks, his ranch is threatened by the two tribes. Buck and Billy Blue find the young Apaches in the desert including Choddi, grandson of Geronimo. Geronimo and his braves come for the children, but the young Apaches mistake them for Pimas and hide in the desert. The Apaches threaten revenge if they are not returned, while Pimas wait nearby endangering the children.moreless
    • No Irish Need Apply
      No Irish Need Apply
      Season 2 - Episode 16
      Against John Cannon's advice, Mano helps Sean McLaren, an Irish miner, and his friends in their strike against dangerous working conditions. McLaren and his friend Scanlon are sentenced to the chain gang for fighting with Cass Gregg, mine superintendent. Mano helps the two escape. John Cannon favors negotiations to improve conditions while McLaren insists sabotage will provide more direct results. When Scanlon is fatally beaten by Gregg, McLaren decides to destroy the mine, and Manolito appears helpless to stop him.moreless
    • Apache Trust
      Apache Trust
      Season 3 - Episode 8
      Billy Blue is captured by the Apaches, who use him as a pawn in a bartering game to stave off an impending cavalry attack. Although he denies pillaging an army weapons patrol, Apache Chief Morales anticipates a retaliatory attack by the cavalry and threatens the life of his hostage, Blue, unless his terms are met. John Cannon, who believes the Indians to be innocent of the pillaging charge, pleads for time, and vows to bring in the guilty parties in a desperate attempt to save his son.moreless
    • The Covey
      The Covey
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      Mexican bandit El Lobo breaks jail and plots to plunder the Cannon Ranch supplies to avenge his imprisonment by Manolito. When heavy rain prevents wagons from reaching the ranch with needed supplies, Buck, Billy Blue, and Manolito attempt to get a mule train through. El Lobo traps the group in an isolated canyon.moreless
    • The Guns of Johnny Rondo
      The Guns of Johnny Rondo
      Season 3 - Episode 18
      A former gunfighter's new life as a Cannon ranchhand is jeopardized by four enemies. Other Cannon ranchhands and Johnny's teen-age son, Dan, who are unaware of Johnny's reputation, misinterpret his refusal to wear a gun and otherwise go out of his way to avoid confrontation with anyone. Any doubts as to Rondo's courage are soon dispelled however, when he is challenged by three men out of his past.moreless
    • The Price of Revenge
      The Price of Revenge
      Season 1 - Episode 12
      Buck Cannon goes to work as foreman for a lovely neighboring widow, and clashes with his brother John when the job appears permanent. Buck falls in love with the widow, Melanie Cawthorne, and becomes her tool as she strives for quick riches and respectability. As water grows scarce, she buys stolen Mexican cattle from Romero without Buck's knowledge.moreless
    • The Kinsman
      The Kinsman
      Season 1 - Episode 20
      The Cannons care for a wounded relative who repays them by stealing the ranch payroll.

      Uncle Dan Brooks arrives suddenly after a 15-year absence seeking safety in the heavily fortified ranch. He conceals the fact he is wanted dead or alive for murder and has been shot by bounty hunters Mace and Gurney. When Buck hires the bounty hunters as ranch hands, Brooks saves his own skin by offering to help Mace and Gurney steal the Cannon payroll.moreless
    • Destination Tucson (1)
      Destination Tucson (1)
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      This pilot launches the saga of the Cannon family as they fight to establish a ranch in the Arizona territory of the 1870s. Marauding Apaches led by Cochise are on the warpath. The Army orders the Cannon family to move on, but Big John Cannon won't budge. While his brother Buck rides off to recruit gun-carrying cowhands, Big John learns of another enemy: a Mexican land baron claims the Cannon property, and dispatches his men to seize the cattle.moreless
    • Ebenezer
      Season 2 - Episode 7
      Crusading editor Ebenezer Binns risks his life against extortionists and killers. John Cannon persuades Binns to establish Tucson's first newspaper in hope of running the lawless element out of town. A plot by Hank Pogue, the town boss, to kill the fearless editor fails twice. When Binns starts to print his first edition exposing Pogue's operation, Manolito and Pedro barricade themselves in the newspaper office to protect Binns from Pogue's determined gunmen.moreless
    • It Takes a Smart Man
      It Takes a Smart Man
      Season 4 - Episode 6
      Fearing for the life of his threatened brother Buck, John Cannon accepts the demands of a blackmailer. Confronted by the demands of one-time gunman Tulsa Red, John has little choice but to turn over $5,000 to the man who has threatened to goad Buck into a shootout that John knows his brother will lose. Upon learning of how he was used, an angered Buck takes his own steps to recover the money and his pride.moreless
    • Generation
      Season 3 - Episode 25
      Determined to seek a new career as an artist, Blue announces his decision to leave the Cannon Ranch for good.

      Blue is chided by men of the Chaparral for assuming his drawings have merit. Blue has the last word, however, when an editor sees some of his work and offers him a high-paying job in the city.moreless
    • Gold Is Where You Leave It
      Gold Is Where You Leave It
      Season 1 - Episode 19
      John Cannon drives gold seekers from an abandoned mine on his land and they retaliate by plotting to kill the Cannons. Lije Driskill, Johnny Faro and Shorty Bleeson fail in an attempt to kill Buck, Sam and Victoria, who are driving back to the ranch with dynamite to use at the mine. Driskill and his companions then raid the ranch and drive off the cattle. Buck, mistaking a friendly kiss from Victoria, leaves to dynamite the mine, and plans to make it his final job for John. Billy Blue rides to help Buck. but is captured by Driskill, who plans to kill the young mmoreless
    • The Widow from Red Rock
      The Widow from Red Rock
      Season 1 - Episode 13
      Billy Blue Cannon faces possible hanging when he is court-martialed on the charge of killing an army general's son. Billy Blue saves an Indian girl from advances by a drunken army lieutenant, who is killed in the fight. When the girl flees to the Apache stronghold, Buck and Manolito risk their lives to persuade Cochise to release Blue's only eyewitness. Her testimony is discarded when the court learns her release was obtained by a bribe. It becomes obvious to John Cannon that the court-appointed defense is incapable of saving Billy Blue, and John personally takes over his son's defense.moreless
    • The New Lion of Sonora (2)
      The New Lion of Sonora (2)
      Season 4 - Episode 15
      Gilbert Roland guest stars as the surprise heir to the Montoya ranch in this special two-hour presentation. The sudden, peaceful passing of Don Sebastian Montoya brings his daughter Victoria, his son Manolito, John Cannon and Buck to the Montoya ranch to attend funeral services and to settle estate matters. All are amazed to learn the will leaves the vast Montoya holding to Don Sebastian's ne'er-do-well brother Don Domingo, a charming, irresponsible rascal currently living in Mexico City. Upon his return to the family home to claim his legacy, Domingo shocks the family by announcing he plans to sell the ranch and travel. A series of unexplained raids on his new-found cattle and property serves to uncover a little-known dimension of Don Domingomoreless
    • The Promised Land
      The Promised Land
      Season 2 - Episode 6
      Don Sebastian Montoya repudiates his promise to sell a small village on his land to tenants after Vaquero obtains the purchase money. Vaquero received the money from a dying friend to buy the village. This matter becomes complicated when he learns the money may have been stolen by his friend and bandit, Miguel Morales.moreless
    • A Hanging Offense
      A Hanging Offense
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      Billy Blue Cannon faces possible hanging when he is court-martialed on the charge of killing an army general's son. Billy Blue saves an Indian girl from advances by a drunken army lieutenant, who is killed in the fight. When the girl flees to the Apache stronghold, Buck and Manolito risk their lives to persuade Cochise to release Blue's only eyewitness. Her testimony is discarded when the court learns her release was obtained by a bribe. It becomes obvious to John Cannon that the court-appointed defense is incapable of saving Billy Blue, and John personally takes over his son's defensemoreless
    • The Long Shadow
      The Long Shadow
      Season 3 - Episode 14
      The Cannon Ranch faces wholesale resignations by hired hands because of a series of attacks on men and cattle by an unknown assailant. Convinced that the source of the fear is a former employee, John directs a search for the man. Cannon and his men are stunned on learning they have been tracking the wrong man after they find their quarry dead, victim himself of the mysterious marauder.moreless
    • Sudden Country
      Sudden Country
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      Mistakes of an inexperienced eastern bank clerk who attempts to settle on a ramshackle ranch near the Cannon family threaten to wipe out the cattle industry of the territory. When Creed and Meg Hallock make repeated mistakes, John Cannon sends Buck, Billy Blue and Manolito to help them survive. Creed buys a non-existent herd and is swindled again when he innocently purchases diseased Mexican cattle. John ruins the greenhorn financially when he orders the cattle killed before they can infect other animals.moreless
    • For the Love of Carlos
      For the Love of Carlos
      Season 2 - Episode 26
      Victoria reopens Tucson's only school and befriends a troubled Mexican boy, but she is kidnapped by the boy's father.

      Alberto Ruiz, wanted in a slaying, takes his son's horse to escape from a posse. Victoria finds the boy, Carlos, walking in the desert and takes him back to the High Chaparral. Carlos remembers his father's promise to meet him in Tucson. He agrees to live with a family in Tucson and attend Victoria's school there. He reacts favorably to her affection, and quickly learns to love school and family life. However, one day Victoria and Blue are taking Carlos home after school when Ruiz kidnaps Victoria for ransom.moreless
    • The Filibusteros
      The Filibusteros
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      Buck, Victoria and Manolito return to the Montoya Ranch and become prisoners, with Don Sebastian, of a degraded former Civil War friend of Buck. Lanier and his disheveled army announce plans to create their own state.
    • Fiesta
      Season 4 - Episode 10
      En route to a bordertown fiesta, Buck invites trouble when he befriends a Mexican boy. Buck encounters Homero Jose, an itinerant promoter whose income comes from fights he stages between friendless Mexican youths for anyone willing to wager on the outcome. Repelled by the sight of 11-year-old Beto being beaten, Buck takes him away in hopes of finding him a new home; but a vengeful Jose takes up their trail, vowing to get the boy back.moreless
    • To Stand for Something More
      To Stand for Something More
      Season 3 - Episode 6
      Left in charge of the Chaparral, Blue fails in his first major test of responsibility and then takes drastic steps to redeem himself. In the absence of his father, John Cannon, his Uncle Buck and Manolito, Blue is given full authority to run the ranch only to have their prize stallion stolen by bandits. Hurt by his father's criticism and determined to regain his confidence, Blue faces the bandits alone in his attempt to retrieve the valuable horse.moreless
    • The Brothers Cannon
      The Brothers Cannon
      Season 3 - Episode 3
      Buck angrily parts company with his brother John when a long-smoldering family feud is brought out into the open. Fed up with menial jobs on the Chaparral, Buck is ignored when he complains to his older brother John and so he leaves the ranch once and for all. When Blue also turns against him, John finally agrees to go after Buck who refuses to return.moreless
    • Ride the Savage Land
      Ride the Savage Land
      Season 1 - Episode 22
      Buck and Manolito invade the Apache stronghold to rescuer a captive white girl. Ann, an Apache slave for five years, is rescued by Buck and Manolito as she flees from her captors, but her frail sister Olive is recaptured. John asks a passing Army detachment for aid, but the unit is massacred before it can help. Buck and Manolito ride unarmed into the Apache stronghold prepared to buy the girl's freedom, but the Apache chief and the medicine man offer to let them go free with the girl if Manolito can survive a test of courage.moreless
    • The Legacy
      The Legacy
      Season 3 - Episode 11
      Blue falls in love with an attractive houseguest but the romance is marred when the girl and her father reveal the true purpose of their visit. Promoter Gar Burnett and daughter Trece charm their way into being invited to the Chaparral Ranch as part of a scheme to blackmail John Cannon. Enamored of the girl, Blue refuses to believe that Trece was aware of her father's plot.moreless
    • Mark of the Turtle
      Mark of the Turtle
      Season 1 - Episode 14
      John Cannon risks breaking a mutual defense agreement with Victoria's father and dissolution of his marriage when his ranch hands join a posse searching for marauding bandits in Mexico. Marshal Virgil Shanks leads the posse into Mexico and comes into strong conflict with Buck and the Cannon cowhands when he disregards the delicacy of the situation and rides boldly onto Montoya land. Manolito finds the bandit leader, El Lobo, on his father's land and attempts to move the bandits out before the posse moves in for the kill.moreless
    • Bad Day for a Thirst
      Bad Day for a Thirst
      Season 1 - Episode 23
      Buck Cannon jeopardizes his life, when he tries to turn two Apaches into wranglers. Sourdough and Saddleblanket quickly become valuable hands. When an Apache war party kills three ranchers and kidnaps the two Indian wranglers, all but Buck believes the two Apaches are killers and have reverted to their old ways. The High Chaparral group tracks the war party to an Army fort the Indians have captured and where Buck lies seriously wounded beyond reach of his comrades. Almost dying of thirst, Buck's only chance for survival lies in an appeal to his Indian wranglers inside the fort to turn on their fellow Apaches.moreless
    • The Decievers
      The Decievers
      Season 0 - Episode 1
    • A Fella Named Kilroy
      A Fella Named Kilroy
      Season 2 - Episode 23
      Buck hires saddle tramp Orville Kilroy, who hides his criminal past and quickly becomes the most popular hand on the Cannon Ranch. Blue admires Kilroy's ability with a gun, the bunkhouse gang respects him as a top hand, and John Cannon is fascinated with his chess game. Telford Burris and his two sons trail Kilroy to Tucson and accuse him of running out with the money from a robbery. When the Burrises corner Kilroy, Buck must help the new hand to keep Blue's idol from crumbling, or turn the thieves over to the law.moreless
    • The Peacemaker
      The Peacemaker
      Season 1 - Episode 25
      Billy Blue Cannon quits the ranch after a quarrel with his father and leads a peace representative of the President to Cochise. On the trail Blue falls in love with Kelly's adopted Apache daughter, Moonfire. Kelly, an idealistic dreamer, meets Cochise's demands for a strip of land separating the High Chaparral from Tucson. This would cut the Cannons' supply route and threaten them with bankruptcy. John, angered by the peace terms and his son's choice of a wife, prepares to defend the ranch against the Apaches.moreless
    • Once on a Day in Spring
      Once on a Day in Spring
      Season 2 - Episode 20
      Victoria, feeling ignored, leaves her husband John but finds little peace of mind at her father's ranch. Manolito joins Victoria at the Montoya Ranch and vies with his father, Don Sebastian Montoya, for the attention of Countess Maria. Victoria objects to the countess until she learns the countess has been through similar quarrels with her own several husbands. Buck persuades John he has taken his wife too much for granted. John finds it difficult to forget ranch work and turn romantic to win Victoria's return.moreless
    • Pale Warrior
      Pale Warrior
      Season 4 - Episode 12
      Claiming to have been imprisoned by the Apaches for 15 years, a white man is befriended by the Cannons who soon regret their helpfulness. After aiding Talbot whom they find injured, John Cannon, Victoria, Buck and Manolito become suspicious of the man's true purpose for being in the Cannon Ranch area. It is Wind who uncovers evidence to confirm their suspicions.moreless
    • Tiger by the Tail
      Tiger by the Tail
      Season 1 - Episode 24
      Ricardo Montalban guest-stars as a wounded bandit leader who is captured by the Cannons and tells them his followers will destroy them unless he is released. When El Tigre's brother, Rafael, threatens to attack the ranch to free the notorious bandit, John Cannon has difficulty persuading his wranglers to hold the outlaw for trial in Tucson. During the attack Victoria frees El Tigre when he promises to leave peacefully and to stop the bloodshed, but he shows his true colors by making John his captive.moreless
    • Lady Fair
      Lady Fair
      Season 3 - Episode 9
      Joanna Moore stars as the pretty head of a struggling freight company to whom smitten Buck Cannon not only offers his help but a proposal of marriage. Buck is swept off his feet by the down-to-earth Charly Converse, who hits town with her crew of wagons and drivers bent on building a freight-hauling business. Buck stuns everybody with his decision to take a wife. Pardee, Charly's unscrupulous competitor, makes a last ditch stand to run her out of town, and the business as well as Buck's romance undergoes a true test.moreless
    • Only the Bad Come to Sonora
      Only the Bad Come to Sonora
      Season 4 - Episode 3
      A half-breed Indian lad whose life has been saved by men of the Cannon ranch strives to repay the debt. John Cannon, Buck and Manolito intervene when ranchers Fraley and Henderson attempt to hang Wind, whom they accuse of rustling cattle. The boy's indebtedness later figures significantly in the defense against a series of mysterious and costly raids on a major cattle drive.moreless
    • Stinky Flanagan
      Stinky Flanagan
      Season 2 - Episode 21
      A flamboyant Irishman cons Buck into buying a camel, promising it will revolutionize the cattle industry. Cavalry trooper Flanagan misinterprets an order to "shoe" his camel Tillie as "shoot" and deserts his unit to save the camel's life. Flanagan wears out his welcome at the Cannon Ranch when he cheats at poker, steals Manolito's girl, Pearlita, and admits Tillie can't herd cattle. When Flanagan attempts to escape the Cannon Ranch with Tillie and rejoin the cavalry, he discovers the unit is surrounded by Indians.moreless
    • A Man to Match the Land
      A Man to Match the Land
      Season 4 - Episode 18
      Albert Salmi is the sole survivor of an Indian battle who decides to live as an Apache. Needing to fulfill an Army contract for the sale of horses, John Cannon, Buck, Manolito and Wind head for Indian country to round up a wild herd. Confronted by a tribe of embittered Apaches led by White Horse and Red Eagle, Cannon is allowed access to the herd only on condition that White Horse accompany the group with Buck left behind in the Apache camp.moreless
    • Shadow of the Wind
      Shadow of the Wind
      Season 2 - Episode 15
      The celebration of a peace treaty with the Indians is cut short for the Cannons by scalp hunters disguised as lawmen. Nickanora, an old friend of Manolito and Victoria, admits he has come from Mexico with Johnny Ringo's gang to scalp Indians for profit. When the gang kills an Indian family, Mano goes after the group alone and is captured. John Cannon and the High Chaparral wranglers locate Manolito, but hesitate to start a gun fight, fearing an approaching Apache war party will be alerted by the shots.moreless
    • Surtee
      Season 2 - Episode 22
      A dishonest Indian agent jeopardizes the future of an Apache reservation started by John Cannon and Apache Chief Sandoval.

      John suspects Capt. Surtee has hired renegade Apache brave, Chato, to start trouble and to steal government cattle that was bought for the Indian reservation. John and Billy Blue attempt to prove John's suspicions by exposing themselves to attack by Chato and other renegade Indians. When his suspicions are proven correct, John fires Surtee.moreless
    • Friends and Partners
      Friends and Partners
      Season 3 - Episode 16
      Tired of the daily grind as cowhands on the Cannon Ranch, Manolito and Buck leave to operate their own recently-purchased spread and find they have only added to their woes. Convinced they can have an easier life by being their own bosses, Manolito and Buck tell John of their decision to go out on their own. It is not long before the somewhat lazy Manolito and the less-than-neat Buck realize that as friends they make bad business partners.moreless
    • Our Lady of Guadalupe
      Our Lady of Guadalupe
      Season 2 - Episode 13
      Ricardo Montalban guest-stars as a priest who obtains money from the Cannon family, presumably to finance his search for a religious statue, but channels the funds to the poor. Father Sanchez is forced to ride to New Orleans to purchase a fake statue when Victoria persuades John Cannon to provide the needed funds. Buck and Manolito serve as escorts for the priest and his statue. They are joined by Mavis and Gillis, who plot to steal it. When Gillis starts to rob the group, Father Sanchez reveals the statue is phony.moreless
    • Sea of Enemies
      Sea of Enemies
      Season 2 - Episode 14
      An Army deserter accused of murder takes Billy Blue as hostage. Graham Jessup enlists Billy Blue to help him escape by fabricating a story that he has been mistreated because he is a Negro. Jessup makes Billy his prisoner when the young man hesitates to lead him into forbidden Apache land. The pair are cornered in the forbidden land by a large band of Indians, complicating the rescue efforts of John Cannon, Buck and the cavalry.moreless
    • The Hair Hunter
      The Hair Hunter
      Season 1 - Episode 26
      A bounty on Apache scalps disrupts peace between the Cannons and the Indians. When Apache raids close Judah Austin's mine, he offers Stoner a bounty for Indian scalps despite John Cannon's objections. Stoner's son Chad is wounded in an attack on the Apaches and turns against his father while recuperating at the High Chaparral ranch.moreless
    • The Glory Soldiers
      The Glory Soldiers
      Season 2 - Episode 18
      Manolito leaves the routine of the Cannon Ranch searching excitement and becomes involved with three uniformed musicians. Mano contemplated joining El Lobo, his old bandit friend, until he learns El Lobo has robbed Capt. Ellie Strong and her two followers. He steals money from the bandit to finance Capt. Strong's trip to Tombstone to escape El Lobo and the Mexican authorities, who seek Manolito's capture for petty crimes. Buck takes an interest in Capt. Strong and joins the group. The success of the trip appears questionable when El Lobo, Apaches and Mexican authorities appear.moreless
    • No Bugles, No Drums
      No Bugles, No Drums
      Season 2 - Episode 24
      Buck tries to find and return the missing husband of Ann Simmons, an old girlfriend. Ann gives Buck a valuable diamond ring to identify him as her representative if he finds her husband Jack. Buck is overpowered by the Truscott gang in a border town. Simmons rescues Buck and the diamond, but refuses to return to his wife. Buck is recaptured on the way home by the thieves and his chances for survival appear slim.moreless
    • North to Tucson
      North to Tucson
      Season 2 - Episode 8
      When Victoria saves the life of a man injured in a stagecoach plundered by Comancheros, she learns the man has sworn to kill her husband. The injured man, James Forrest, blames John Cannon for the death of his family in the Civil War. The Comancheros, led by Macklin, capture the wandering pair, who are lost in the desert. Victoria again saves Forrest by convincing the bandits he is John Cannon and worth a high ransom.moreless
    • Tornado Frances
      Tornado Frances
      Season 2 - Episode 4
      Buck Cannon's plans to open a saloon are threatened by a temperance group led by spirited Frances O'Tolle. Oscar Hipple sells his saloon to Buck, but conceals the fact it was wrecked by Miss O'Tolle's crusaders. Buck hires Warren Case to help restore the saloon and learns Miss O'Tolle started the crusade when she came West to marry Case, but found him drunk. She leads a second assault and Buck's deputized customers jail her for trespassing.moreless
    • The Hostage
      The Hostage
      Season 4 - Episode 17
      This episode involves the suspenseful moments spent by innocent bystanders taken hostage during an attempted bank robbery. During what he hoped to be the last robbery of his crime-filled career, Morgan MacQuarie imperils the lives of a group of hostages including Victoria and Wind. MacQuarie's problems mount when his robbery plan goes awry and the ensuing delay prompts an open defiance among his own men.moreless
    • Champion of the Western World
      Champion of the Western World
      Season 1 - Episode 21
      Billy Blue Cannon plans to earn money for an expensive silver saddle by boxing. Billy Blue learns Killian and his ranch hands have entered every event in the Fourth of July rodeo to win the saddle, so the High Chaparral wranglers compete trying to help Blue, but they fail. Desperate for funds, Blue works out for five dollars with champion Paddy O'Bannion's opponent, but breaks the man's jaw. Buck convinces Blue he must fight the champ if he hopes to buy the saddle. Blue learns O'Bannion needs the fight money to marry and is torn between mixed reactions.moreless
    • The Terrorist
      The Terrorist
      Season 1 - Episode 15
      Henry Silva guest-stars as a revolutionary who plans to assassinate Benito Juarez, exiled President of Mexico, on the Cannon Ranch. Manolito frees his old friend Santos from a Mexican jail, where he has been imprisoned by the French as a terrorist for Juarez. Santos and his sister, Pilar, are taken to the Cannon Ranch where Victoria arranges for Juarez to plan an invasion of Mexico. Manolito learns Santos has turned traitor and plans to conquer French-ruled Mexico himself. Before Manolito can warn his friends, Santos's followers take over the ranch and prepare to kill Juarez upon his arrival.moreless
    • The Firing Wall
      The Firing Wall
      Season 1 - Episode 16
      Fernando Lamas guest-stars as a Mexican bandit turned revolutionary who captures and prepares to execute the Cannon Ranch hands to prove his power. Manolito is jailed by El Caudillo, the Mexican bandit, when Conchita lures the group across the border. Billy Blue Cannon is allowed to escape, and he returns with El Caudillo's old enemy, Don Sebastian, and the entire group, except ranch hand Pedro, then is jailed. Hope for escape fades when El Caudillo prepares to shoot the group before frightened villagers to prove his power and to force them to join his revolution to conquer Mexico.moreless
    • A Matter of Survival
      A Matter of Survival
      Season 4 - Episode 5
      Returning home from a visit to her father's ranch, Victoria and her escorts Sam and Pedro find infant Joey, the only survivor of an Indian raid on his parent's wagon. When the boy's grandfather, Dan Casement, spared only because he had gone ahead to scout for water, insists on leaving with the child, a concerned Victoria balks, insisting that she can better care of the baby en route to the safety of the Cannon ranch. Relenting, Casement joins them in their slow trek across the desert while Indians stalk them, awaiting the best time to attack.moreless
    • Feather of an Eagle
      Feather of an Eagle
      Season 2 - Episode 19
      Billy is taken hostage by Apaches after he ignores Buck's advice and frees a white girl from them. Buck learns Apache leader Santos considers himself to be Sarah's husband. Buck hesitates to use force which would break the Cannon peace treaty with the Indians. Santos threatens Billy's life unless Sarah is returned.moreless
    • For What We Are About to Receive
      For What We Are About to Receive
      Season 2 - Episode 11
      John Cannon quarrels with a neighbor and Indians, and interrupts Thanksgiving plans. Victoria persuades John to buy the last turkey from argumentative neighbor Fergus McLeish. The deal fails when McLeish, a squatter, insists on a free deed to some Cannon land. Chief Koso steals McLeish's bird, and ranch hand Pedro swaps the Indian a rifle for the turkey. The Thanksgiving dinner is threatened when Chief Koso wants the turkey back and McLeish thinks John is the thief.moreless
    • No Trouble at All
      No Trouble at All
      Season 3 - Episode 26
      Victoria's life is imperiled when she insists upon crossing dangerous Indian country to go to the aid of a friend. Separated from her escorts Buck and Manolito when they are attacked by Apaches, Victoria is captured by a lone Indian who leads her on foot across the desert. Apparently "rescued" by a trio of men who overpower her captor, Victoria soon realizes her troubles have just begun when the riders turn out to be bandits on the run from the law.moreless
    • Alliance
      Season 3 - Episode 12
      The Cannon Ranch is threatened by an Indian war when the military sends a bounty hunter after an Apache brave accused of murder. Johnny Ringo reveals to his old friend Manolito that he has been assigned by the cavalry to arrest Keono. Manolito, fearing Ringo may trigger an Indian uprising, insists on accompanying the bounty hunter. Ignoring Manolito's warnings, Ringo gets his man and involves himself and the men of the Chaparral Ranch in a hopelessly one-sided shoot-out with attacking Apaches.moreless
    • Spokes
      Season 4 - Episode 2
      Needing to get away temporarily from the rigors of ranch life, Buck chooses the raucous Fourth of July holiday for the time and the roughest town in the territory for the place Soon after his arrival in Spokes, a lawless community run by tough China Pierce, Buck witnesses a saloon shootout in which Pierce's son Bud is killed by Jones, an old friendless trapper who is seriously wounded. Although it was a fair fight, cowering townspeople refuse to help Jones, so Buck goes to the man's aid and then mounts a vigil to await the inevitable explosive confrontation with Pierce.moreless
    • The Lion Sleeps
      The Lion Sleeps
      Season 2 - Episode 25
      Don Sebastian, wounded by a would-be assassin, plays on the sympathy of his family and friends in a scheme to gain control of the Cannon Ranch. On his pretended death bed, Don Sebastian extracts a promise from Manolito to marry Anita Santiago, a beautiful but headstrong neighbor in a plot to join the two ranchos. Victoria gives in to her father's wish to persuade John to sign the Cannon Ranch over to Manolito. Don Sebastian's plan begins to falter when Mano learns that his father is faking, and the assassin returns for a second attempt on Don Sebastian's life.moreless
    • The Lost Ones
      The Lost Ones
      Season 3 - Episode 10
      Because she once "magically" saved the life of an Indian brave, Victoria is forcibly brought to an Apache camp to treat the chief's dying son. In awe of Victoria, who he believes to possess special curative powers since she treated him, Apache brave Nemo demands that she similarly aid the critically wounded son of his tribal chief. Victoria's own life is in the balance when she realizes there is little hope for the injured man.moreless
    • Bad Day for Bad Men
      Bad Day for Bad Men
      Season 3 - Episode 5
      Bandits take advantage of Manolito's affinity for a pretty face by absconding with one of his girlfriends and cash, the theft of which threatens the loss of the Cannon ranch. Entrusted with money to buy a huge cattle herd, Manolito is overpowered by Matar and Kyle who head for the border with both the booty and Manolito's fiery girlfriend, Juanita. John Cannon, Buck and Blue and Manolito give chase but it is the feminine wiles of Juanita and Victoria Cannon with which the bandits soon learn they must contend.moreless
    • A Way of Justice
      A Way of Justice
      Season 2 - Episode 12
      John Cannon is accused of killing the daughter of a Mexican sheepherder and is condemned to death unless steep ransom is paid. Escaped convicts Mitch, Cable, and Kolos accidentally kill the girl while heading for Tucson to reclaim stolen money. They escape the sheepherders by forcing John to change into the prison clothing of the inarticulate Kolos. John is captured and condemned to death, but Manolito promises money for John's release. Buck and Billy Blue fail to raise the ransommoreless
    • The Last Hundred Miles
      The Last Hundred Miles
      Season 2 - Episode 17
      Lucien Charot raises his freight prices by having Indian attacks faked against his wagons. John interests an El Paso stage and freight line in extending operations to Tucson with local merchants financing the plan. Charot increases the phony raids and the frightened merchants withdraw from the deal. John then puts his ranch up to guarantee the initial safety of the new line. Victoria joins John for the first ride into Tucson while Charot and his gunmen wait in ambush.moreless
    • The Journal of Death
      The Journal of Death
      Season 3 - Episode 15
      A former prison doctor accused of malpractice becomes the only man to whom John Cannon can appeal in efforts to save the life of his seriously ill wife. Lawman Tad Garnet requests a night's lodging at the Cannon ranch while escorting Mathew Kendel, a one-time prison physician, to jail on charges of willfully causing the deaths of many of his convict patients. When Victoria suddenly falls ill and needs an operation to save her life, John must ask the now-embittered Kendel for help.moreless
    • The Lieutenant
      The Lieutenant
      Season 3 - Episode 20
      Men of the Cannon ranch are caught in the middle of a confrontation between a neighboring rancher and a young cavalry officer determined to arrest him. When Lt. Jason Adams reveals his intent to bring in neighboring rancher Henry Simmons on a long-standing desertion charge, Billy Blue makes an ill-advised effort to warn Simmons and his daughter Martha. Resigned to giving himself up, Simmons prepares to do so but, fearing for her father's life, Martha reacts and provokes a military siege of their home.moreless
    • Wind
      Season 4 - Episode 4
      Returning home from a visit to her father's ranch, Victoria and her escorts Sam and Pedro find infant Joey, the only survivor of an Indian raid on his parent's wagon. When the boy's grandfather, Dan Casement, spared only because he had gone ahead to scout for water, insists on leaving with the child, a concerned Victoria balks, insisting that she can better care of the baby en route to the safety of the Cannon ranch. Relenting, Casement joins them in their slow trek across the desert while Indians stalk them, awaiting the best time to attack.moreless
    • A Time to Laugh, a Time to Cry
      A Time to Laugh, a Time to Cry
      Season 3 - Episode 2
      For the first time in his life, Manolito falls seriously in love but his romance takes a tragic turn when Comancheros decide to settle a debt.

      Enamored of beautiful Mercedes Vega de Granada, a childhood sweetheart who returns to the Montoya ranch for a visit after a long absence, Manolito proposes marriage. Their plans are disrupted when bandits led by the vengeful Sanchez and Teniente kidnap Mercedes in an ambush. Though seriously injured, a desperate Manolito joins the men of the Chaparral in search for his loved one.moreless
    • Mi Casa, Su Casa
      Mi Casa, Su Casa
      Season 3 - Episode 19
      Told to make himself at home while a houseguest at the Cannon ranch, Don Sebastian Montoya, father of Victoria and Manolito, does just that and inadvertently provokes an Indian attack. Unaccustomed to the rugged life that is part of the operation of the Cannon ranch, wealthy Don Sebastian Montoya proves a disruptive influence by refusing to be without the luxuries he enjoys on his own estate. The demanding houseguest ignores one rule too many and the result is an Indian uprising.moreless
    • A Good Sound Profit
      A Good Sound Profit
      Season 4 - Episode 7
      John Cannon faces alienation of family and friends when he maintains his decision to aid a band of revolutionists. John Cannon, seeing a financial windfall in the sale of guns, ammunition and horses to ill-equipped Mexican rebels, negotiates with their leader over strong objections from his Mexican-born wife, Victoria, and her brother, Manolito. Even when Manolito elects to leave the Cannon ranch for good, John continues his profit-making deals despite the reaction of his family.moreless
    • An Anger Greater Than Mine
      An Anger Greater Than Mine
      Season 4 - Episode 1
      Embittered former revolutionary Diego De La Paula leads his newly-formed army of liberation in a series of harassing raids on the vast lands and herds of the Cannons and Montoyas. He charges they won their wealth at the expense of his deposed hero, Maximilian. Aware of the seriousness and growing destructive power of the vengeful Diego, John Cannon and Don Sebastian Montoya join forces to thwart the attacks with a unique plan that results in a face-to-face confrontation between the elder Montoya and the self-styled liberator. good showmoreless
    • Follow Your Heart
      Follow Your Heart
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      Ranch foreman Sam Butler returns to his native border town to avenge the death of his daughter. Sam, raised by his adopted father Ben Lynch, learns his daughter has been killed by Lynch's would be gunfighter son, Tom. Reunited with his Mexican wife Trinidad, Sam refuses all advice and vows to kill the boy. John Cannon leads the ranch hands to the border city in an attempt to stop the shoot-out.moreless
    • The Deceivers
      The Deceivers
      Season 2 - Episode 9
      Chio, an Apache half-breed and his renegades, capture Cannon's supply wagons. Just as food and ammunition for High Chaparral runs out, Chio is captured and brought to the ranch. Meanwhile, Manolito discovers Tina Granger near a burned out stage coach in an apparently unrelated incident. Tina, Chio's daughter, helps him to escape, but leaves her father when he vows to plunder the ranch to gain recognition. Feeling a loyalty to the Cannons who treated her well at the High Chaparral, she leads Buck and Manolito to the stolen supplies and joins them in a dash for the ranch pursued by Chio and his men.moreless
    • Trail to Nevermore
      Trail to Nevermore
      Season 3 - Episode 7
      Stranded in the desert following an attack by bandits, John, Victoria and Manolito add to their troubles when they seek shelter in what they assume to be a deserted ghost town. While on their way to town in a buckboard, John, Victoria and Manolito are accosted by renegades Bennett, Lippert and Moore who make off with valuables and horses, leaving John seriously hurt. Manolito locates a makeshift shelter in what appears to be a deserted community only to learn the hard way that the town has other residents, among them Marcum, an aging former lawman who resents intruders.moreless
    • The Little Thieves
      The Little Thieves
      Season 3 - Episode 13
      Victimized by two amateur but charming teen-aged cattle rustlers, Buck and Manolito make the mistake of trying to reform them. Intent on impressing her outlaw father, Annie Croswell and her friend Bet Roberts steal the horses of Buck and Manolito. Easily tracked and captured by their victims, the two teen-teenagers are given a second chance by being brought to the Cannon Ranch, where it is hoped they can be dissuaded from following the footsteps of Annie's father.moreless
    • The Buffalo Soldiers
      The Buffalo Soldiers
      Season 2 - Episode 10
      "A factual drama based on the 10th Cavalry, a Negro regiment formed in 1866. Lawlessness in Tucson brings martial law--and the 10th--into open conflict with the town's white populace and an army of outlaws. Members of the honorary 10th Cavalry, formed in Los Angeles in 1966, are featured in this episode." (TV Guide)moreless
    • A Matter of Vengeance
      A Matter of Vengeance
      Season 4 - Episode 11
      Embittered over the loss of his home and grandson in fire during a bandit raid, Casement vows to track down Reese, Gail and Wiley, the men responsible. He trails them to Tucson where his friends of the Chaparral offer to help, but the determined Casement wants to face the men alone.moreless
    • New Hostess in Town
      New Hostess in Town
      Season 3 - Episode 22
      Victoria is kidnapped by outlaws and forced to work as a cantina waitress. Enroute to the Montoya Ranch with a large sum of cash for a cattle purchase, Victoria and Buck are overpowered by bandits Bates and Gideon who take her to an outlaw refuge and leave Buck stranded in the desert. Made to work as a cantina hostess for town boss Robbins, the stunning Victoria soon has the entire outlaw band vying for her attentions. She decides to play one man against the other in a plan to escape.moreless
    • The Forge of Hate
      The Forge of Hate
      Season 4 - Episode 9
      Efforts of a young Apache warrior to make peace with the white man are undermined by the belligerence of his long-embittered tribal chief. Determined to ease the ever-present threat of all-out war, youthful Two Pony negotiates a plan for peace with John Cannon whereby the Indian lad is temporarily housed at the High Chaparral to learn the blacksmith trade. His rebellious chieftain, Grey Wolf, thwarts the peace effort by carrying out a series of harassing attacks against Cannon and his herds.moreless
    • A Joyful Noise
      A Joyful Noise
      Season 1 - Episode 27
      Ramon Novarro, silent film notable is guest star as Padre Guillermo, who flees Mexico to escape the vendetta of a twisted killer. The padre is accompanied by two nuns and Maria. John Cannon agrees to protect the group when Maria's demented fiancé Ramon, who has plundered the padre's Mexican convent, arrives on the scene. Maria rides into the desert intent on sacrificing herself to prevent more bloodshed. Manolito finds Maria, but is trapped with the girl by Ramon.moreless
    • Sangre
      Season 4 - Episode 16
      An all-out Indian war is threatened when a wounded Apache leader is held hostage at the Cannon ranch. Although the original intent to bring wounded Apache warrior Sangre to the Cannon ranch was to give him aid, his presence stirs up a bitter reaction from his own people and from Lt. Allen, head of a cavalry unit that wants Sangre on homicide charges. The circumstance places John Cannon and his ranch in the middle of an impending battle.moreless
    • Auld Lang Syne
      Auld Lang Syne
      Season 3 - Episode 24
      Buck becomes involved in gold robbery by helping an old Army buddy. A happy reunion between Buck Cannon and Army Sgt. Travis Winslow leads to Buck's hiring as a scout for Winslow and his detachment of men, who are escorting a military gold shipment through Apache country. En route, Buck learns that the Indians are not the only threat.moreless
    • Threshold of Courage
      Threshold of Courage
      Season 1 - Episode 28
      John Cannon is forced to relive his final days in the Civil War by a man he disfigured in combat. Vengeful Finley Carr and his brother Stacy kidnap Victoria and head for high country, certain John will follow. Carr captures John and subjects him to physical exhaustion and hunger for three days as he prepares to reverse the roles of their first meeting. Buck, Billy Blue and Manolito force one of Carr's men to help plan a rescue.moreless
    • The Badge
      The Badge
      Season 4 - Episode 13
      In a flashback sequence, John Cannon and brother Buck retrace their lives of years ago when lawman John captures Buck, who is wanted for bank robbery and murder. En route to town for trial, the brothers are followed by Buck's former partners, who are determined to see that the true story never is known.moreless
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