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The High Life

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Friday 9:30 PM Jan 13, 1995 on BBC Two
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Episode Summary

After a poor inspection the Air Scotia employees are ordered to attend a weekend of training at a Scottish country retreat. Steve is going there looking for love, Sebastian wants to spend the weekend in a drunken revelry but the instructor Gretchen is harsh and threatens to fail them which would result in them losing their jobs. Whilst Steve's romantic fortunes hang in the wind Sebastian has hatched a plan to get a pass but how will the arrival of Gretchen's ex-lover change things and is Steve to be happy?moreless

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    Ann Scott-Jones

    Ann Scott-Jones

    Gretchen Betjeman

    Guest Star

    Pamela Kelly

    Pamela Kelly

    Mrs. Ina Stott

    Guest Star

    Sally Howitt

    Sally Howitt


    Guest Star

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (0)

    • QUOTES (14)

      • (Steve bursts into tears after Shona says she's off to Reykjavik).
        Shona: What's up wi' him?
        Sebastian (comforting Steve): He had a shag last night, he's a bit vulnerable.

      • Shona: If you mean will I have a drink I'll have a mineral water please.
        Steve: Errr... With gas or do you still have your wind problem?
        Shona: Still please. And if you don't mind I won't stay for a chat although I'm sure the conversation would be sparkling.

      • Captain Duff: My wife's left me! She didn't understand me... She was from Sri Lanka!

      • Sebastian: STEVE! STEVE! I take it from your excessive ablutions that you're meeting your future fi-nance down at the Ceilidh.

      • Shona: I'm getting a little behind.
        Sebastian: Ooh - when's it arriving?

      • Shona: And there is a cash bonus of a hundred pounds for whoever comes first in the written examination but that won't be concerning you two will it?
        Steve: It certainly won't Shona.
        Sebastian: What do you mean by that fudge-features?
        Steve: (Manly voice) Well, I don't know about you Sebastian, but I never come first.

      • Sebastian: There's an enormous snot aboot to come oot your left nostril.
        Steve: Aww my gawd, aww my gawd, aww my gawd! What we gonna do? What we gonna do?
        Sebastian: Use one of these handy-hankies. Just stick it up and twist it round.
        Together: Stick it up and twist it round.

      • Gretchen: You two - what's so funny?
        Steve: Ach! Look in the mirror!

      • Steve: I've found the pot of gold at the end of my rainbow and her name is Heather!
        Sebastian: Wait a minute - you're in love with a shrub?

      • Steve: I'm sorry - I didn't catch your name.
        Heather: That's because I didn't throw it.

      • Sebastian: Steve, a mutual love of the New Seekers maketh not a spiritual bond.

      • Shona: Right - I'll just go do some cool-down exercises. I don't want to be stiff later!
        Sebastian: Steve does.
        Steve: Shut it!

      • Captain Duff: No, I loathe all forms of public transport. I have my own means, it's called a car. And I believe that one day soon there will be one in every garage, in every town, in every city in this green and pleasant land. Vote for me, Captain Hilary Duff, thank you.

      • Sebastian: Oh, I get it I get it. I know what kind of stimulation you'll be after this weekend. GLAND stimulaton. Stimulation of your GLANDS!

    • NOTES (4)

      • A Ceilidh is a traditional form of dancing popular among the Celts (Irish/Scottish). It is usually performed in a set, with 4 couples, and accompanied by traditional instruments.

      • The Ina Stott Ceilidh Combo were performed by The John Carmichael Band.

      • The title "Birl" translates from Scots to English as "to spin".

      • The Air Scotia Corporate Song Goes:

        "Scotia, Air Scotia is the airline that's for me.
        Scotia, Air Scotia, I'm very pleased to be (with)
        Scotia, Air Scotia, for you I'll do or die
        Dinnae fash yerself, de it aw'lly well for yoose aye in the sky (ALL TOGETHER)

        Scotia, Air Scotia, for you we'll do no wrong
        Scotia, Air Scotia, for you we sing this song
        Scotia, Air Scotia, the airline that's for us
        If you're London-bound, we're safe and sound and more comfy than the bus (or train)."

    • ALLUSIONS (5)

      • Sebastian describes Captain Duff as being like Salvador Dali.

        Salvador Dali was a surrealist Spanish painter.

      • Steve: Oh, that is really remarkable - I thought that I was the only person who was still into the New Seekers.

        A popular 70s band founded by one of the original Seekers, The New Seekers was designed to sound like the original band. They quickly left folk music behind though and their second album saw them develop a more "pop" sound.

      • Sebastian: Look out - it's Lindsey Wagner.

        Sebastian sees Shona running in a shell suit and makes a reference to Lindsey Wagner, the star of the show, "The Bionic Woman".

      • Sebastian: Aww Christ! Doris Day lives!

        Doris Day was an American film actress, biggest in the musical films of the 1940s and 1950s. Here Shona was sporting a very Doris Day look but Sebastian is insinuating that she would be the right age to be Doris Day.

      • Steve & Sebastian sing the "Stingray" theme.

        A puppet-based show in the style of "Joe 90" and "Thunderbirds" set underwater.