The High Life

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Friday 9:30 PM Jan 20, 1995 on BBC Two



  • Trivia

    • A possible goof (although there's no way to be sure) - This Morning with Richard and Judy at this point was shown in mid-mornings during which time presumably the Glasgow-London flights are taking place (as we can see from the need for breakfasts and from Sebastian having to rush from having woken up in the Pilot episode to make it to work on time). If he watches Richard and Judy at all it can only be the most casual of vices because it surely conflicts with when he's in the air.

  • Quotes

    • Shona: The only thing you got on last night Steve, was my tits ... metaphorically speaking!

    • Steve: That's because for once Shona has seen through your veil of deceit, she sees that I am a man of decency, of integrity, of honour - a man capable of taking her to the point of ecstacy and keeping her there for at least - awww - three minutes.

    • Shona: I will have you over a barrel!
      Sebastian: You'll have to chloroform me first!

    • Steve: Oh no! I'm two jellybeans short!
      Sebastian: Here, use these.
      Steve: What are they?
      Sebastian: Suppositories.

    • Steve: Aye, but for my money you can't beat a hot sausage first thing in the mornin'!

    • Sebastian: Dear God, I know it's been a long time since I last spoke to you and I know I haven't always been complimentary about your son but please, oh please, assist me in my hour of need. I will give up any vice: smoking, Richard and Judy, shoplifting if you see your way to ensuring that when I open up that oven that there are twenty five hot breakfasts looking at me. Yours divinely, Sebastian Flight.

    • Sebastian: Who was she?
      Captain Duff: Oh, I don't know. Wait, erm - she was medium-height, curvy and wore ladies' underwear. Does that narrow it down for you?

    • Shona: Steve - have you had a hand on my jugs-
      Steve: Ach, well -
      Shona: -of water?

    • Sebastian: There's an awful lot to be said for celibacy Steve. I mean, look what it's done for Cliff Richard's skin!

    • Sebastian: Oh - I get it, you've been having another one of your whirlwind romances during my recreational absence, haven't you?

    • Sebastian: It shouldn't piss down in Florida Steve. It shatt'red all my illusions. I mean I hugged Mickey Mouse and he was damp!

    • Sebastian: A-ha. The Greenfly effect.
      Steve: No, no-no, no - house, Sebastian. House.
      Sebastian: Greenfly, housefly - the exact species is irrelevant!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • In Sebastian's list of things he'll give up he includes Richard and Judy as a vice.

      A couple who presented a mid-morning magazine show together, "This Morning", in the UK.

    • Sebastian: Not as cheap or cheerful as doing a Roy Orbison impression though.

      A bespectacled singer of the 50s through to the 70s who wore oversized sunglasses.

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