The Highwayman

Season 1 Episode 6

Billionaire Body Club

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 15, 1988 on NBC
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Billionaire Body Club
Bodies are found drained of blood and missing organs. Joshua Towler, a brilliant rich doctor, is the number one suspect. It seems he has been playing God, supplying the rich and famous with the spare parts they need to stay alive. Jetto and Highway investigate, alongside Mink, a policewoman desperate to get her sister away from Towler.moreless

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  • When bodies are found drained of blood and missing organs, Highwayman joins forces with a cop desperate to save her sister, to try and put a stop to a twisted surgeon, who is selling body parts and new identities to the rich. Not my favourite episode...moreless

    "Billionaire Body Club" should be a good episode. No, it IS a good episode, reasonably. But for whatever reason, coming after the excellent "Summer of 45" and "Send in the Clones", it just seems like such a comedown.

    This was actually the first episode of the series to be produced, though not designed as the first to be aired, as Jetto also has his replacement truck from "Road Lord" in this one.

    This episode features a lot more of D.C. that usual. From his usual one or two brief scenes in the average episode, he has a lot of screen time in this one; he even gets to go up in the chopper with Highway and guest-girl-of-the-week.

    The story, on paper, is very good – a twisted surgeon who is stealing body parts and using them in the rich and criminal to give them new identities. And to an extent, it is good on screen too. But for whatever reason, I was never fully able to get into this one. It just didn't seem as tight as some of the (short lived) show's best offerings; it seemed drawn out in places, and didn't have the usual air of mystery. As it was the first regular episode produced, I wonder if they were still struggling to find their footing.

    It does have some good moments (the opening sequence of the dead girl's body appearing from the grave really scared me as a child), and the climatic chase, to try and stop the bloodthirsty doctor in time, is pretty good, but this one just didn't do it as much for me, and it lacked the urgency such a story needed.

    It does have its good points, but isn't one of the best instalments. I give this episode 8 out of 10.moreless
  • The Highwayman

    I worked on this television series and it was great fun... To bad the sow didn't last longer then it did.

    The actors and the crew were great to work with and Glen Larson is a very creative person. I would like to see this come to dvd one day.

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    • (after Highway has scared off a bar patron annoying Tania)
      Tania: You're late.
      Highwayman: You're welcome.

    • Jetto: A crate, the size and shape of a coffin.
      Highwayman: Any guess on what the contents were?
      Jetto: I think Dracula's having his dinner delivered tonight, kind of Transylanian version of ordering a pizza.

    • Highwayman: Somebody just tried to kill you and you're not gonna help your sister by going to that ball.
      Mink: (pulls a gun from her purse) This princess is going to the ball. Any questions, marshal?

    • Highwayman: I thought you were watching Towler's crate?
      Jetto: I did and here we are. They bought it to the party. Makes you want to stay away from the buffet table, doesn't it?

    • Highwayman: What are you?
      Joshua: Why, I'm God, of course. With the power to decide who lives or dies.

    • Highwayman: Something went wrong last night.
      Tania: I know, I had to get Jetto out of jail!

    • Jetto: (to Highwayman and Tania) Next time there's a change in rendezvous, you two fill me in. I just debriefed a man in briefs!

    • Mink: (about Highwayman) He happens to be a federal marshal.
      Mayor: Then J Edgar must be rolling over in his grave!

    • Joshua: There is no price a rich man will not pay for life. We provide a one of a kind service and even with last night's carelessness, we lost nothing.
      Mason: We lost 25 million dollars!

    • Joshua: Your trouble, Mason, is that you think mortal. You don't soar high enough or look down and see what I see.

    • Highwayman: You've got a problem, Josh. You're out of touch with reality and you don't believe anything is beyond your judgement, including life and death.

    • Joshua: You'll pay for this.
      Highwayman: No, you'll pay, Josh, for what you've done, for making human beings into a gallery of spare parts. Wherever you go, whatever you do, I will be there. I'll be waiting for you.

    • Highwayman: I just saw Mink and Melissa off.
      Tania: Especially Mink.
      Highwayman: Now what's that supposed to mean?
      Tania: Well, it took you long enough.
      Highwayman: You sound a little jealous.
      Tania: Of a local cop? Where's she from, Demoine?
      Highwayman: No, Denver. It's 8729 Alpine...
      Tania: Enough!

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    • Jetto: I think Dracula's having his dinner delivered tonight, kind of Transylanian version of ordering a pizza.
      The most famous of the fictional vampires, Dracula first appeared as the title character in the book by Bram Stoker in 1897. He is said to be based on the Romanian general Vlad the Impaler. A seductive character with a strong accent, he has become a pop culture icon and featured in a number of films and TV series, perhaps most famously played by Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee.