The Highwayman

Season 1 Episode 5

Send in the Clones

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 08, 1988 on NBC
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Send in the Clones
Highwayman meets a strange man called Mac, who is taken away by an army unit from the mysterious and confidential Project Doppelgänger. Despite being warned off, Highway and Jetto decide to find out what's happened to Mac and discover he's actually a clone and that he has a mission in New York that he's determined to complete.moreless

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  • Highway meets a curious but friendly, muscular young man named Mac. But soon after, Mac is snatched away by a mysterious army unit. As Highway investigates what has happened to his new friend, he finds that Mac is actually a clone. Another great ep...moreless

    Although the previous episode, the excellent "Summer of 45", generally ranks as my favourite episode of 'The Highwayman', "Send in the Clones" in many ways comes in a close second.

    It is said that this episode doubled as a backdoor pilot for a series based around the character of Mac, which would have been title 'McClone'. It is easy to see that it was designed as such, introducing Mac, the three villainous other clones, the sympathetic Dr. Lassen, and the Police Chief recovering from a mental breakdown. But, even though it didn't sell, unlike many other failed backdoor pilots, "Send in the Clones" thankfully still works as a great standalone episode.

    There are some terrific action sequences in this one, including the park shootout, and later another shootout at the laser music show – which the audience all think is part of the act!

    Things do feel a little strange when Highway and Jetto arrive in New York – we get many (then) current day vehicles and settings, as well as the obligatory full orchestral version of 'New York, New York'. Coming from a series that was set in the near but noticeably different future (sometimes with feel of maybe coming after some disaster of day of reckoning), this felt a little odd for the series. But it didn't spoil the overall setting of the episode any for me, and this setting was maybe as much down to setting the scene for the proposed 'McClone' series.

    Of course, 'McClone' never made it to a series, and 'The Highwayman' itself only continued for a few more episodes. We shall never know if 'Highwayman' had continued for longer, if Mac would ever have made a return appearance.

    As I say at the top, not quite my absolute favourite 'Highwayman' story, but in my personal Top 3, and a really good episode in itself. I give "Send in the Clones" a top scoring 10 out of 10.moreless

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    • Mac: Did you know there are over 272 ways to kill a cow?
      Highwayman:....No, I didn't know that.
      Mac: 12 of those are totally painless. 4 of those can be done with just one hand.

    • Highwayman: Mac, this is my partner, Jetto.
      Jetto: Nice to meet you. Highway's told me what you can do to a cow, I respect that.

    • Dr. Chadway: That's murder!
      Colonel Westcourt: Aren't you a little confused, Dr. Chadway? We're dealing with a clone, not a human being. Mac was created in a test-tube.
      Dr. Chadway: Read the newspapers, people are created in test-tubes everyday! Mac has feelings.

    • Highwayman: This your first trip to New York?
      Jetto: Not exactly.
      Highwayman: What do you mean, Jetto? You've either been here or you haven't.
      Jetto: Yeah, well I saw Crocodile Dundee eight times!

    • Highwayman: There's something bothering me about Mac.
      Jetto: Other than he sleeps in a vat of lime jello?

    • Tania: (about Jetto and Highwayman) They work for me.
      Commander: You have my condolences.

    • Dr. Chadway: I don't pretend for a minute this isn't all my fault.
      Highwayman: So we agree on something.

    • Dr. Chadway: Our primary mission is the genetic creation of a group of super soldiers – strong, fearless, obedient.
      Jetto: Maybe you should have got yourself a dog!

    • Dr. Chadway: Please hurry, there are three other clones after him and believe me, they're not as friendly as Mac.
      Highwayman: We know, they shot up a park.
      Jetto: With us in it!

    • Commander: I may have received a death threat.
      Mayor: Welcome to the club. I get them all the time, it's election year.

    • Colonel Westcourt: I always knew that Mac couldn't kill. But what he could do was talk and that's far more damaging to my programme than murder.

    • Dr. Chadway: We're talking a hybrid, a breed of human genetically spliced together to represent things that none of us are yet.
      Highwayman: Are you talking indestructible?
      Dr. Chadway: No, but resilient beyond anyone's wildest dreams, like a salamander who grows a new tail or a lobster a new claw. Our clones regenerate tissue, at least up to a point. It was part of our programme to create soldiers of the future.

    • Jetto: We've got to do something, Highway, we've got to tell someone.
      Highwayman: Why? So someone as expedient as Colonel Westcourt can come along, take over the programme, hunt Mac down, control him, or even worse than that? No, I'll tell you, Jetto, as far as I'm concerned, Mac is dead.

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    • Jetto: Yeah, well I saw Crocodile Dundee eight times!
      Crocodile Dundee (1986) is an Australian comedy film about the exploits of outdoorsman Mick 'Crocodile' Dundee (Paul Hogan). It is a classic 'fish-out-of-water' story. Jetto is referring to the portion of the film where Dundee visits New York for the first time.

    • Title
      'Send in the Clowns' is a famous song by Stephen Sondheim from the musical A Little Night Music.