The Highwayman

Season 1 Episode 0

Terror on the Blacktop

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 1987 on NBC
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Terror on the Blacktop
In the near future, the mysterious Highwayman is part of a firm that patrols the roads, keeping law and order where the legal lines blur. When a biker gang leader is put in jail after a bank robbery, Highwayman goes to find out what's really going on and how the local sheriff and prominent rich community member are involved in a fraud cover-up.moreless

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Wings Hauser

Wings Hauser

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In this episode, Highwayman's truck has the capability to become invisible. This function does not appear in any of the other episodes after this one.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Highwayman: I don't like this. I feel like a Christmas tree.

    • Narrator: They say he came into this world from some place off the clock, that his mother was an ice-cold wind, his pa a fiery rock. It's told that on some starless nights his rig could up and blow and folks who say they saw it coming swear they didn't see it go. Now you hear a lot of legends told when you ride the long hard slab, of some who say the man is good, and some who say he's bad. But all agree whoever tried to play a cheating hand, you only get one chance to draw against the Highwayman.

    • Highwayman: You just tell him Highwayman's looking for him.
      Geronimo: He supposed to know what that means?
      Highwayman: Well, he will when I find him.

    • Highwayman: Time to go now, miss.
      Mandy: I don't know how to thank you.
      Highwayman: By going, now.

    • Narrator: Most crimes in our society begin or end on some stretch of road, where laws often terminate at county lines. Combating these legal blackouts is a new breed of law man, working in secret and known simply as Highwaymen. This is the story and the legend of one such man, the Highwayman.

    • Dawn: Well, if it isn't the nightmare of the Elm Street interstate.
      Highwayman: Is that how you see me?
      Dawn: I can't see you at all. Tell me, Highway, what are you wearing?
      Highwayman: Is this an obscene call?

    • Dawn: I just read the eyewitness reports from your latest assignment. I just find it difficult to believe that anybody actually goes to work in leather, chains, and a sidearm the size of a bazooka.
      Highwayman: Look, lady, I'm out here driving in dust and you don't scare anything off wearing a nightstick and an inexpensive twill.
      Dawn: Wait a minute, now do I seem like the type of lady whose into cheap twills?
      Highwayman: Someday I guess we're gonna find out just what it is you are into.

    • Dawn: I'm ordering you to pull in for modifications. Do you read me?
      Highwayman: Dawn, honey, there are some guys who just don't like the idea of being modified.

    • Geronimo: Next time we meet that honking Highwayman, I'm gonna hit him so hard that he's gonna get busted for flying without a licence!

    • Highwayman: Good, you remember me.
      Barman: Remember? You came in here about nine months ago looking for a man that didn't wanna be found. You and he had words and then you mopped up this place with that fella and you never did say why.
      Highwayman: Yeah, I never do.

    • Dawn: Are you trying to buck me off?
      Highwayman: I think I have bad signal here.
      Dawn: Bucking as in bucking bronco, wild undisciplined maverick-like creature from the West.
      Highwayman: I think there's a slight edge to your voice there. Is there something wrong, honey?

    • Bo: Neither one of us is ever getting out of here alive, unless you're some kind of law man.
      Highwayman: Oh don't say it like its a dirty word.

    • (as Mandy cleans up his wounds)
      Highwayman: Your daddy's not going to like this and neither's that Sheriff out there.
      Mandy: Yeah, well, I can live with that. I don't like them much either.

    • Highwayman: (to Geronimo) It's nice to know if we don't want to talk we can always kill each other.

    • Bo: Exactly who are you? All right, what are you?
      Highwayman: Did you know that every crook in this country uses our roads and highways in one way or another? That there are law men out there who don't have authority beyond their own jurisdiction, that don't want it? There had to be a higher authority out here on the road.

    • Highwayman: I want you to get that little dukeaholic back out here, strip out all these fancy gadgets.
      Dawn: You're actually willing to agree to a rendezvous-vu with Toto?
      Highwayman: Why'd you make it sound like a romantic interlude?

    • Highwayman: I never said I wanted to avoid contact.
      Dawn: You sure don't go out of your way to try to make it.
      Highwayman: Well, being the refined city-girl that you are, Dawn, honey, your idea of two people making contact seems to be a few hundred miles off from mine.

  • NOTES (2)

    • This first aired as a pilot film simply titled 'The Highwayman.' It was later retitled 'Terror on the Blacktop.'

    • Two main characters from this pilot episode - Highway's contact Dawn, played by Claudia Christian, and mechanic and technician Mr Toto, played by Stanford Egi - do not appear in any following episodes. No explanation for their disappearance is given.


    • Dawn: Well, if it isn't the nightmare of the Elm Street interstate.
      Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) is an infamous horror film, the first in a series. It concerns Freddy Krueger (Robert England,) a serial child murderer with the distinctive appearance of a burned face and a bladed glove, who is able to enter childrens' dreams and continue his killing spree from beyond the grave.

    • Travis: This looks like something from Close Encounters!
      Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) is an American science-fiction film, written and directed by Steven Speilberg. Davey is likely comparing the hi-tech and colorful dashboard of Highwayman's truck to the mothership seen in the film.