The Highwayman

Season 1 Episode 3

'Til Death Duel Us Part

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 18, 1988 on NBC
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'Til Death Duel Us Part
When Highwayman's old instructor and friend, Cody Teague, is imprisoned for a theft he claims he didn't commit, Highway breaks him out of jail and goes on the run with him to prove his innocence. Cody claims it's someone high up in the Highwaymen organisation who framed him and he and Highway race to find evidence to prove it, having to evade the authorities chasing them down, including Jetto.moreless

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  • Highway breaks his old mentor, Cody Teague, out of jail, to prove that Cody was not responsible for the armed holdup that he insists he didn't t commit – and Jetto is send out to track them down and bring them in. Not my favourite, but some good action...moreless

    This review contains spoilers.

    The plot of "'Til Death Duel Us Part" uses two of the well-trodden action-adventure concepts - the prison break out, and the "two friends forced to duel against each other" (both in terms of Highway and Jetto, and later Highway and Cody).

    This episode is notable for being almost completely absent of Highway's truck (although the next episode, "Summer of '45", only features Jetto's truck).

    This probably isn't one of my favourite episodes of 'The Highwayman' plot-wise, but it certainly does hold some of the short-lives series' best action sequences. The helicopter pursuit, between Highway's truck's chopper, and the pursuing Jetto, through the valley, is spectacular, and there are also some great moments as Highway and Cody zip around in the dune buggy.

    Later, after Jetto finally corners Highway and Cody, and Highway convinces him to let them free to at least have a chance of clearing Cody, the plot starts to lag. The stop-off for Cody to pick up a photo of his young daughter doesn't really add anything to the story, and it might come as little surprise that Cody later turns out to be a bad guy after all. Then there is another oft-used plot cliché, of the two friends challenging each other to a duel – all while dialogue is delivered, too!

    Things pick up a little as Cody heads to retrieve the stolen loot, but don't match the sharpness of the first half of the story. The ultimate cowboy-like street shootout between Highway and Cody is pretty well done though – and unless I'm wrong, they used the 'Miami Vice' night-time trick of watering the streets to make the surrounding lighting reflect off of it.

    Although I had many of the episodes surviving in various states from when my ITV region broadcast them in the late 1980s (see my previous reviews on the series for more on this), "'Till Death..." is one of the ones that didn't survive. I know we had it recorded at some point, but my father had long since taped over it. So this was one of the episodes that I was unfamiliar until I managed to get an unofficial collector's copy in the mid-2000s.

    All-in-all, a fair episode, but not perfect (and as I say, not one of my absolute favourites of the series). The later stages of this story let it down from being a outstanding, but the early scenes and the good action sequences still let me give this one a fair 9 out of 10.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Trivia: Highwayman says that he and Jetto met during the Vietnam War where Jetto was part of the Australian unit that worked with Highwayman's unit on the roads.

    • Trivia: Cody and Highwayman met during the Vietnam War, when Cody was already a veteran. At some point, Cody took a grenade for Highwayman. Later Cody was one of people who started up the Highwaymen system.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Cody: Better ways of getting into a prison than letting a snake bite you!
      Highwayman: Well it seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

    • Montana: No one ever found any money, or the truck.
      Bonham: Of course not. Cody hid them
      Jetto: A ten-tonne armored truck? Cute trick.

    • Bonham: Well, now do you see? That man's a cold-blooded killer.
      Jetto: Let me clue you in, mate – if Highway wanted us dead, we'd be dead.

    • Highwayman: We've sure got a long walk ahead of us tomorrow.
      Cody: Thanks to your friend.
      Highwayman: Ah he's just doing his job, just like I do mine, and just like you used to do yours.
      Cody: Blindly and with total faith in the system.
      Highwayman: You helped build the system.
      Cody: No, I didn't build it. I helped start it.

    • Cody: (to Highwayman) I remember the first time I saw you. God, I was scared. I thought, 'they really gotta be bad if they're drafting them right outta grade school!'

    • Highwayman: Winthrop is the new boss.
      Cody: Winthrop, don't know him.
      Highwayman: It's a her.
      Cody: Her? You're taking orders from a woman?
      Highwayman: Hey, she could arm-wrestle you right under the table!
      Cody: Oh, found that out already, did you?
      Highwayman: Hey!
      Cody: You always did like them physical.

    • Cody: Things were simpler then. You were either good or bad.
      Highwayman: Ah, things always look simpler when you look back on them, Cody.
      Cody: I'll have to take your word on that. Right now, my past looks pretty screwed up.

    • Tania: I want you to find Highway and Cody and bring them to me, without Bonham's knowledge if possible.
      Jetto: That's a direct violation of procedure, which of course means I'll do it.

    • Highwayman: It's too easy, I've got this bad feeling.
      Cody: I've still got a piece of shrapnel in my leg from the last time you had a bad feeling!

    • Cody: You gotta be Jetto.
      Jetto: Don't have to be, me mum likes it that way!

    • Cody: 'Course I got a plan. Only thing a man ever needs is a good knife....
      Highwayman:...and a good plan. I know, Cody Teague's number one rule for survival.

    • Highwayman: I know how it looked.
      Tania: Should have seen what it looked like higher up. You pull that stunt again and I'll pull your badge so fast, your pockets'll get whiplash!

    • Tania: (about Cody) I read his record, it was very impressive. Why he decided to throw it all away is something that'll die with him.
      Highwayman: Hell, sometimes you make the wrong turn, you never find your way home again. But you play, you pay, and he got what he paid for. Couldn't have turned out any other way.

    • Highwayman: Thanks a lot for taking the heat for me.
      Tania: That was yesterday. Today I'm taking the credit.

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