The Highwayman

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 1988 on NBC

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  • When Jetto is in an accident, he escapes from hospital, drugged up, with his mind reverted back to five years previously, where he was double-crossed by comrades in battle, and sets out to even the score. An action-packed episode...

    This review contains spoilers.

    "Warzone" was the last first-run episode of the short-lived 'Highwayman' to be shown in the US, bar "Haunted Highway" which had been postponed previously. It is a real shame, as by this point, while some minor tweaking might arguably have been needed, the show was starting to really dish up some enjoyable, exciting and action-packed tales.

    I like the story, of Jetto being in an (unseen) accident, causing his mind to revert back to five years previously, where comrades double-crossed him in battle, leaving him for dead. Jetto was billed with the series as being an "outdoor survival expert", and this episode, where he "turns Rambo", is a great showcase of that – even if he's not in his right mind!

    I know I've also said it about the previous two broadcast episodes as well, but "Warzone" features a lot more of D.C. than usual; I wonder if the series had been allowed to continue for longer, if he would have been brought to the forefront even more?

    The first third or so of the story is interesting, but a little unfocused in places, and the whole double-cross thing is never actually made that clear. But this is made up for later on, as the story develops into a very exciting tale, with a great series of action sequences.

    This climatic sequence, with Jetto racing around in a Ford pick-up, and Highway pursing him in a Jeep, is really good. BUT... then we get the unexpected final twist in the closing act. Far from the story being over, one of the criminals kidnaps Jetto from the hospital and tosses him out of a flying helicopter. Cue Highway to fly off after him, and leap out after Jetto (as D.C. takes the control), saving them both with one parachute! This was as incredible as it was unexpected, and a wonderful, exhilarating twist. (Again, why oh why couldn't this series have continued for longer?!).

    This episode has always been strangely elusive to me. Long before the days of the Internet gave much more in-depth and varied cult TV coverage, I used to buy the U.K. sci-fi magazine 'Starburst', which gave a review of the series and an episode guide. Except – due to an error (presumably), "Warzone" was left off of the list. Then, when I got hold of an unofficial off-air copy from a collector in America, they forgot to tell me that it didn't include "Warzone" (as their copy was so poor quality that they had long since junked it)! (and it wasn't an ep that I had remaining from when ITV ran the series either). It wasn't until I got a second, better unofficial fan copy from the 'Net a few years ago, that I finally got my hands on this episode.

    Anyway, all-in-all, this is a really exciting instalment. In it's first third or so, I enjoyed it, but kinda had it pegged at around a 9, but the rest of the episode seriously picks up, and I award it a very strong 9.5 out of 10.