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The Hills follows Laguna Beach's Lauren "LC" Conrad as she moves to L.A. to attend college at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. In The Hills, Lauren gets a job as an intern at the popular magazine Teen Vogue. The show focuses on the challenges Lauren faces while she is trying to juggle work, school, and relationships. After four seasons and some major drama Whitney decided to leave for New York City and her own show, The City.


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    • Loves it.

      When i watched Luguna i loved it i thought no way can any other reality show be good but this one is great. I always liked LC over Kristin so i was so happy she got a spinoff. The show's first season was so fun! I missed a lot of LB's other characters but Heidi was so dumb so it made me laugh. Season 2 was great i really hated Spencer and hated Heidi for her liking him. Season 3 was the best it was longer and the LC and Heidi fight was soooo great and i was glad to see Lo and Stephen again. Alltogether a great show so Guilty though and so not real.moreless
    • i LOVE the drama. This really shows what girls are like. its funny because me and my friends aren't even half as dramatic as this (still a good show, though!!!)

      I lvoe watching this show! the drama is fantastic, but also the not dramatic scenes are good too. The funny scenes are really good. I LOVE IT! its a great show and all of my friends watch it. Reality tv is the best! you never know what will actually happen, like, it is really unpredictable. this is one of my favorite tv shows, and everyone should watch it. Like girls all act like this at times, and this show really shows how bratty and snobby (but also nice, and sensitive) girls can be. This is really a good show, and i really like it!moreless
    • Who honestly cares?

      I do not understand why so many people think this show is great. Exactly why do they have any interest nor care for spoiled, rich kids and their daily lives? This show is as pointless as wearing snowpants to the beach. First, it takes no talent to act the way they do. I also think it takes no talent to whine, complain, cry, and worry about the most stupid things. I don't call this entertainment. I think a better term would be wasteful. Overall, I think this show is a joke. The people on this show are ones who I could care less about. I never watched more than 5 minutes of this show and I think that was way too much. Thank you.moreless
    • Its all totally fake

      Holy crap, do you people actually believe that this is a reality show, or that the other crap show was? Man, it´s all so obviously fake. How can anyone not know. Fake reality-TV. The human race is doomed by its own existence. Every person on these two shows are payed actresses or acters. I´ve seen about 5 minutes , 10 tops, and I realized what Laguna Beach and this actually is. A " realityshow " that doesnt leave anything to chance by making everything up. This is all I had to say about the show and I do so hope that others have realized this aswell. I tried giving it a 0 but it didnt work.moreless
    • A pop-cultural phenomenon loved for its simplicity.

      'The Hills' isn't exactly your high quality drama, in fact, with all this confusion about what's real and what's not, you can barely even categorize it with quality, because it's life, life of a beautiful blonde who got famous for being famous and whose adventures in Hollywood are so addicting, they are more talked about then events in let's say Africa or the Middle-East. Not that I am the one to talk, just like everyone else (who is either tv-addicted or a young white female dreaming of life in L.A.) I've fallen for Lauren Conrad & co a long time ago, and couldn't help but tune in to what's easily the best example for what you call a "guilty pleasure". The show has nothing to be proud of, hence the "guilty", we all know how awful those girls are that have their own reality shows and are loved by everyone for doing nothing worth mentioning, but at the same time, even straight nineteen year old guys are interested to see if Lauren attends a wedding. The truth is this; the show revolves about hot girls living rich among other beautiful people with opportunities, parties and houses galore, and at least a small part of us wouldn't mind such a life ourselves. Lauren attends the biggest parties, goes to the hottest clubs, is friends with other semi-celebs (ask my dad who Brody Jenner is and he'll probably say "the mail man", ask my 15-year old friend and she can be mopped off of the floor) and has a awesome job, and I don't mean the one at People's Revolution. The thing is, everything these group of people touch becomes well known, from the music, the clubs to the clothes they wear, they are the most accessible celebs around and the fact that their lives are made extra juicy for our entertainment value is soon forgotten. With that we have to complement the crew of The Hills, not only have they succeeded in following twenty-somethings around for years, they've also managed to make their lives seem so dramatic that it borders with unbelievable, but that it's still enough to wonder how come your life is so boring. And even though sometimes the writers aren't very original, it's always entertaining, and it's always addicting. For five seasons, The Hills knew exactly how to keep you hooked every week, and with wise life lessons from Lauren, sweet advice from Whitney, scandalous mistakes from Heidi and, well, Justin-drama from Audrina (let's not forget the hilarious Lo, btchy Stephanie and the evil Spencer) every week, there comes a time to say goodbye to the life of these young people. We've seen them turn into young adults, and we've watched all the drama that came with it, now it's time for them to take a rest, and for us to start life ourselves….or tune in to the next tv-pleasure you can't talk about to anyone else.moreless

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