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Sad very sad

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    OK I have to admit it I've been a huge The Hills fan since the beginning (okay I've been a fan since Laguna Beach- there I said it). Truly it's going to be a sad day this coming Tuesday the final show is going to be aired and we will have to say good bye to one of the most interesting cast on reality tv ever. Think about it, The Hills was this generation's 91210, for example Justin Bobby 00's vs. Dylan early 90's. It defines us (sadly), somehow inspired us to speak like them or even dress like them (of course in our own affordable version). This show managed to make a lasting impression on pop culture, one that' s going to be remembered for years to come. I'm really sad to see it go just because I've followed the lives of these people and somehow I feel that we as viewers have created their "quasi-celebrity" status, one that they seem to enjoy often and have managed to make profitable enough. Anyway I'm pretty sure MTV will cook up something similar to ease our pain or keep non Jersey Shore viewers interested on the network. Meanwhile I'll be waiting and so will be America.

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