The Hills

Season 5 Episode 3

I'm Done With You

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 13, 2009 on MTV - Music Television

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  • stephanie has an interview at peoples revoultion that is a disaster. in the meantime spencer goes out with a bartender. the fun ends when heidi and his sister catch him out with her and confront him. later spencer is faced with an ultimatum.

    This was painful to watch in the sense that it was HILARIOUS. To start Stephanies interview with Kelly Catrone could not have been any funnier. I felt horrible for her cause that woman couldn't be a bigger bag but when she spoke french to her oh god what a disaster it was the interview from hell. Then spencer and stacie? The spencer drama continues as always we wouldnt expect any less from him. Also, who the hell is that charlie? Together they seem like the next cast members for malibus most wanted. Then the confrontation. I am so glad Heidi finally grew a pair and told him that he did this her way or nothing. We were all cheering inside when she gave him that ultimatum. But of course we know that they will get back together anyway but hey everyone loves watching this drama. What a laughable AWESOME packed episode to watch. loved it.
  • The end of Speidi?

    We know Speidi gets back together as we still see them popping up in fake paparazzi photographs together, so why even have this breakup? Spencer and Heidi deserve each other, because they cannot do any better than each other.

    How bad was Stephanie's interview? Dang, she got hammered by the uber evil Kelly Cutrone. Looks like nobody in the Pratt family had success in this episode.

    And finally where was Audrina in this episode? Her new movie Into The Blue 2 (give her the Oscar now!) comes out soon, so having her on screen would be a good way to promote it.