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The Hills

Season 1 Episode 1

New City, New Drama

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 31, 2006 on MTV - Music Television
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Episode Summary

Lauren ("LC") moves from Laguna Beach to Los Angeles where she plans to apply for an internship at Teen Vogue and attend fashion school. Alongside her is best friend Heidi who is pretty much just into the party scene. The real test of Lauren's new life is if she can juggle work, school, and partying. However, no matter where she goes, drama always seems to follow.moreless

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  • As a die-hard Laguna fan of course I'm going to love The Hills!

    Wow, what a difference to Laguna. I always thought Lauren a different person on Laguna simply for the fact that she wasn't excatly the main character. The Hills is a perfect way to get to know her and little better and to better understand her life.

    First off, good for Lauren for not becoming some totally spoiled rich kid and not going out and working! Good for her for going for that internship and for getting it. She better buckle down though and work because her boss scares the hell out of me! Whitney's a sweet girl and I look forward to seeing more of her! I didn't quite understand the whole fashion change thing, "There, that's more Teen Vogue." What the heck does that mean?!

    Heidi.. dear Heidi. I don't understand why exactly you would ever crash a party that your friend's job is leaning on, it seemed like such a mean thing to do! I would certainly never to that to someone that I know!

    I love it, I love this show already! I cannot wait for the season to continue.moreless
  • this is when Lauren leaves Laguna and gos to Los Angeles to start her new life going to fashion school and working for teen vogue.

    this was a great start for Lauren. this was better then expected for a drama and reality show.this shows that if you live your home dose not mean things are going to go bad. that there are always new expires to learn and live. there are so many other people to meet and that that life that you left will always be there for when you what to go throw memory line. there will always be drama where ever you go. it will always be like if you where back in high school with all the same problems and just different people.moreless
  • Lauren ("LC") moves from Laguna Beach to Los Angeles where she plans to apply for an internship at Teen Vogue and attend fashion school. Alongside her is best friend Heidi who is pretty much just into the party scene.moreless

    I love this show! Lauren Conrad is by far my very favorite character. I just love her; I think she is so pretty and I really admire her. I really like Whitney too. She's pretty too. And Audrina! Wow she's so pretty and I admire her so much! MTV was smart in choosing this to be Lauren Conrad's show where she moves to LA. I absolutely loved her in Laguna Beach and couldn't wait to see her on her own. It has been an exciting experience for her. She has met many cool people that she likes and so do I.moreless
  • The first episode of a great show.

    This episode follows the journey of Lauren Conrad after leaving her life and family behind in Laguna Beach and heading to the city of angels, LA to start a new life.

    In this first episode we meet Heidi who Lauren shares an appartment with and watch as Lauren tries to land her dream job... working at Teen Vogue in LA.

    Of course, Lauren gets the job and is extremely happy, which is when we meet Whitney, Lauren's co-worker.

    Overall, this is a good pilot episode to a great series and really gets you in the mood to watch the rest of the show!moreless
  • LC gets her intern at Teen Vogue and moves into an apartment with her friend Heidi. LC gets to cover a specific area at a party she has to go to for her job, and Heidi brings her firends to the party unexpectedly and puts the pressure on LC to get them inmoreless

    LC needs to get a new roomate!! How dare Heidi just show up at the party for teen vogue unannouced and put the pressure on LC to get her AND her friends in. Also for Heidi to have an big argument with her boyfriend at the party and sit in the chairs thats her and ger friends were specifically told not to sit down on. It is not also her fault, LC could have did more to prevent them form sitting, and she should not have told the girl at front to get Heidi in. She needs to have more balls when it comes to standing up for her job. Overall the show was good, and it keeps me wondering how much drama and trouble is Heidi going to get LC into, I mean she has already showed her true thoughts about school. Im just waiting for the drama to unravel.moreless
Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie


Guest Star

Brian Jolet

Brian Jolet


Recurring Role

Jordan Eubanks

Jordan Eubanks


Recurring Role

Lisa Love (III)

Lisa Love (III)


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (0)

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Brian: Have you asked Heidi if you could have a threesome with Lauren?
      Jordan: No, not yet.

    • David: Normally I usually work like 40 hours a week.
      Jordan: Holy! Full time!?
      David: Yeah!
      Jordan: I just don't really like working!
      LC: You guys, people do have full time jobs! Crazy, but I know - way out there (points over the city).

    • Lauren: Get up, get up, I'm in trouble.

    • Susan: Have you looked at the curriculum?
      Heidi: No.
      Susan: Have you thought about what you'd like to do in life?
      Heidi: I wanna do PR. I wanna be the fun PR-type of girl in LA
      Susan: Heidi, you know, you have to pay your dues before you get to plan parties and such.
      Heidi: Really? It's not like right away? You don't get to do that?
      Susan: Would you consider maybe working retail to get some fashion industry experience?
      Heidi: You mean actually work the floor and stuff? I don't think I can do that.
      Susan: Have you considered any other majors?
      Heidi: No.
      Susan Are you sure you're at the right school?
      Heidi: Yes.

    • Olivia: It's a little too matchy-matchy. We've kind of done the Western look.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Other people appearing:
      David (Lauren's Friend)
      Susan Aronson (Director of Admissions)
      Blaine (West Coast Contributor)
      Olivia (Fashion Stylist)
      Nicole (Entertainment Editor)

    • Chapters:
      • New City, New Drama
      • Late Registration
      • Party Crashers

    • Music played in this episode:
      - Vaughan Penn - Bring On The Day
      - Alissa Moreno - A Place For Me
      - Rihanna - Pon De Replay
      - The Handcuffs - Safe Tonight
      - Black Eyed Peas - Don't Phunk With My Heart
      - The Premiums - Postcards From Hollywood
      - Better Than Ezra - Juicy
      - Vaughn Penn - On Your Way
      - Leedsy Ports - Cheeky
      - The Handcuffs - Boys Can Be Dumb
      - Matt White - Anybody Else
      - Bloc Party - Banquet
      - Kings Of Leon - Four Kicks
      - Omarion - Touch
      - Jamiroquai - Feels Just Like It Should
      - Petey Pablo - Vibrate
      - Pharrell - Can I Have It Like That
      - Lindsay Lohan - Beautiful Life

    • Nicole Richie was seen briefly in this episode. She was at the Teen Vogue party in the red carpet.

    • The theme song is Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield.


    • Lauren: Did you ever see that Seinfeld episode where, like, that bald guy's fiancée, like, licked all the envelopes and she died from, like, glue poisoning?
      Lauren is referring to "The Invitations" episode. George's fiancée, Susan, dies of glue poisoning from licking her wedding invitation envelopes.