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  • Flaky teens!!

    They act like teenagers not professional women living on their own in a big city and they don't even respond to their bosses "like sure I can do that, " I can take care of that", "I can do a great job", they just sit and smile, they act like Air heads! Worring and taking time for the wrong things. Do they have a washer or brush their hair?! and guys are as Sholes! I Gave'm a break on their Rating!! LIKED JERSEYLICIOUS MORE!! LADIES - don't let anyone MANIPULATE/FOOL with your life be independent, strong professional woman!
  • Loves it.

    When i watched Luguna i loved it i thought no way can any other reality show be good but this one is great. I always liked LC over Kristin so i was so happy she got a spinoff. The show's first season was so fun! I missed a lot of LB's other characters but Heidi was so dumb so it made me laugh. Season 2 was great i really hated Spencer and hated Heidi for her liking him. Season 3 was the best it was longer and the LC and Heidi fight was soooo great and i was glad to see Lo and Stephen again. Alltogether a great show so Guilty though and so not real.
  • i LOVE the drama. This really shows what girls are like. its funny because me and my friends aren't even half as dramatic as this (still a good show, though!!!)

    I lvoe watching this show! the drama is fantastic, but also the not dramatic scenes are good too. The funny scenes are really good. I LOVE IT! its a great show and all of my friends watch it. Reality tv is the best! you never know what will actually happen, like, it is really unpredictable. this is one of my favorite tv shows, and everyone should watch it. Like girls all act like this at times, and this show really shows how bratty and snobby (but also nice, and sensitive) girls can be. This is really a good show, and i really like it!
  • Who honestly cares?

    I do not understand why so many people think this show is great. Exactly why do they have any interest nor care for spoiled, rich kids and their daily lives? This show is as pointless as wearing snowpants to the beach. First, it takes no talent to act the way they do. I also think it takes no talent to whine, complain, cry, and worry about the most stupid things. I don't call this entertainment. I think a better term would be wasteful. Overall, I think this show is a joke. The people on this show are ones who I could care less about. I never watched more than 5 minutes of this show and I think that was way too much. Thank you.
  • Its all totally fake

    Holy crap, do you people actually believe that this is a reality show, or that the other crap show was? Man, it´s all so obviously fake. How can anyone not know. Fake reality-TV. The human race is doomed by its own existence. Every person on these two shows are payed actresses or acters. I´ve seen about 5 minutes , 10 tops, and I realized what Laguna Beach and this actually is. A " realityshow " that doesnt leave anything to chance by making everything up. This is all I had to say about the show and I do so hope that others have realized this aswell. I tried giving it a 0 but it didnt work.
  • A pop-cultural phenomenon loved for its simplicity.

    'The Hills' isn't exactly your high quality drama, in fact, with all this confusion about what's real and what's not, you can barely even categorize it with quality, because it's life, life of a beautiful blonde who got famous for being famous and whose adventures in Hollywood are so addicting, they are more talked about then events in let's say Africa or the Middle-East. Not that I am the one to talk, just like everyone else (who is either tv-addicted or a young white female dreaming of life in L.A.) I've fallen for Lauren Conrad & co a long time ago, and couldn't help but tune in to what's easily the best example for what you call a "guilty pleasure". The show has nothing to be proud of, hence the "guilty", we all know how awful those girls are that have their own reality shows and are loved by everyone for doing nothing worth mentioning, but at the same time, even straight nineteen year old guys are interested to see if Lauren attends a wedding. The truth is this; the show revolves about hot girls living rich among other beautiful people with opportunities, parties and houses galore, and at least a small part of us wouldn't mind such a life ourselves. Lauren attends the biggest parties, goes to the hottest clubs, is friends with other semi-celebs (ask my dad who Brody Jenner is and he'll probably say "the mail man", ask my 15-year old friend and she can be mopped off of the floor) and has a awesome job, and I don't mean the one at People's Revolution. The thing is, everything these group of people touch becomes well known, from the music, the clubs to the clothes they wear, they are the most accessible celebs around and the fact that their lives are made extra juicy for our entertainment value is soon forgotten. With that we have to complement the crew of The Hills, not only have they succeeded in following twenty-somethings around for years, they've also managed to make their lives seem so dramatic that it borders with unbelievable, but that it's still enough to wonder how come your life is so boring. And even though sometimes the writers aren't very original, it's always entertaining, and it's always addicting. For five seasons, The Hills knew exactly how to keep you hooked every week, and with wise life lessons from Lauren, sweet advice from Whitney, scandalous mistakes from Heidi and, well, Justin-drama from Audrina (let's not forget the hilarious Lo, btchy Stephanie and the evil Spencer) every week, there comes a time to say goodbye to the life of these young people. We've seen them turn into young adults, and we've watched all the drama that came with it, now it's time for them to take a rest, and for us to start life ourselves….or tune in to the next tv-pleasure you can't talk about to anyone else.
  • Tv show following a group of people who live in L.A.

    I love the hills disappointed lc is gone. It always has me wanting to see next episode cant wait 4 new series the new girl i dont like the sound of though.
    Why o why Heidi stuck with Spencer I willl never know" love his sis though feel sorry for her having him as a bro. The show should def do something to make it longer hate the fact episodes are so blooming short. Why please tell me?? hope to enjoy new series as much as the old ones:) hoping to be riveted. Audrina is my fav at the mo(now lc gone) seen her getting her garden made over was kl x x x x x x x
  • this reality show follows the life and adventures of Lauren Conrad. Spun off from the series Laguna Beach Lauren was a quick favorite and got her own show. This focuses on her friends, work and love life through the good and the bad times.

    There are many speculations about how real the show is and what not. But from what I know this show still shows the real stories of her life. It's so refreshing to see that people eventhough they may have the fame it does not make their life any easier. This show is unbeliveably addicting. I love how genuine she seems and I think its why so many relate to her. High school is a rough time for girls and in a way I believe high school never ends. And watching Lauren Conrads struggles are something MANY girls can relate to. I think there is something for everyone in this show and of course who doesn't love to hate spencer pratt? This show is one of the most addicting shows on television. And I think what makes it even more appealing is the sense that these are REAL people not just actors. Yes some scenes may be re done but that doesn't mean its not real emotion. This is a relatable show for many people out there and I think its important for the world to see that these people in the spotlight are human too.
  • This show is about Lauren and all the drama she goes through with her friends in LA.

    I have 2 opinions about The Hills. The first is that this show is so interesting, full of real drama. Whereas this is real, Lauren is a real person with real feelings. Everything that happens is really happening to her. Other shows are over dramatic because they are not real. It's nice for people who don't have as much in their life. The second is, you cannot live life through the eyes of another. It is nice to see how other people's lives go, how other people thing and relate to each other. And people have enough things to do in their life than watch a show.
  • music

    go to to here a song about the hills its very good the song is about the hills and the sunny blue skies of california and just the show in general its a very good pop punk song that should be on the show if they ever make another seaon for the show btu def check out the to listen to the song's great verses and chorus's and im just rambling on to fill up this one hundred one count! like anyone really reads this stuff i guess! ten more words to go and im almost done !
  • New Song! Composed entirely from samples of episode 4x16 of the Hills

    DJ Montagged Your Mommy - The Hills Have Teary Eyes
    MP3 download link here:

    Have you ever thought to yourself, "Man, I wish someone would make a song exclusively out of samples from an episode from the Hills?"
    Well... I havent either
    but here it is!

    Emotion, drama, heartache, joy, warmth
    you will cry
    you will laugh
    you will spew puke at times
    but you will love it in the end

    All extracted from episode 16 season 4 of the hills, packed into mp3 for your audible pleasure
  • Follow the "real life" of Lauren Conrad as she deals with frenemies and work.

    I absolutly can not stand this show. It is extremly unoriginal and focuses on the "real life" of Lauren Conrad. Please. Real life? It is so unbelievable. That is unbelievable as in, i dont believe its real. Not unbelievable meaning, whoa that show is unbelievable! Seriously how many "reality" shows can they make revolving around a group of pretty girls who are not nice to each other. It sounds just like every other show on MTV. I have read articles stating that LC is exagerating on her life and her job. Ok, i know you cant believe everything you read, but you also cant belive everything you see on tv. I dont know how teenage girls i know can get so wrapped up in the show.
  • I love The Hills!!!

    I love The Hills!!! I was lucky enough to hang out with Doug from the Hills for NYE in DENVER! OMG I can't believe he was in Denver.

    I would like to take the time to thank MTV for The Hills. Without this show I wouldn't know who any of these hotties are. I would have never thought I would be able to meet one of the stars in Denver, CO. This is something I would expect in the larger cities like LA or New York.

    Happy New Years Everyone!!!

    Check out the pictures from one of the best nights of my life.
  • The perfect end of weekend viewing!!

    The Hills is the perfect Sunday evening viewing. Yes, a lot of it may be staged and the lives of the characters may have the kind of lifestyles unreachable for most of us but who cares??!! It is what it is, if you actually believe that reality tv is 'reality' then anything by MTV isn't for you. I love switching my brain off, curling up on the sofa with my favourite snack and forgetting for half an hour that it's a work day tomorrow. It's also one of those shows that you can dip in and out of, although I will confess I was a follower of Laguna Beach too.

    In a nutshell, The Hills is pure girlie viewing and I adore it whatever the critics say!!
  • Lifestyles of the rich and famous. Lifestyles of the beautiful and bold. More importantly, life as you wish you had. Follow the lives of Los Angeles vixens and see what it is like to have extreme drama. Lauren, Audrina, Heidi, Lo, and boys boys boys.

    While scrolling down to choose the classification for this show, I wanted to list them all. Yes, The Hills is a trend setter, unintentionally funny, a complete waste of time, etc etc. but above all, it is a guilty pleasure. Girls spew banter to each other, drama ensues, tears shed, reunited hugs. We all know it is fake, but it's hard to stay away. The reason is this: it feeds our perception of media. We love these catty girls and disrespectful guys because it gives us something to talk about. And plus, it's fun to watch these young girls live life. In a way, it makes certain viewers appreciate their intellectual conversations more :) And who doesn't like some brainless television after a hard day?
    In all honesty, I love this show. As a Communications major, it is interesting to see the quarrels of Heidi and Spender, the troubles of Lauren and Lo, and the decisions that each character makes. I have succumbed to the brainwash that is The Hills.
  • If you're looking for a way to numb your mind, or if you need to see just how it works in the real world, then watch this show, and qucikly go to something else. This show is horrible.

    This probably has to be the worst show that anyone has ever thrown on TV. That says alot when you take into account the countless other mind numbing shows to pick from. The only bright side to this show is when we get to see the guys from "The Soup" make fun of it. Do you really need to get into your car to drive, even out of your drive way, to talk with your "other" about the boundries of your Tivo? If the children are our future, then count me out , I'll try to stay here. So to sum it all up for the "Hills" fans or the curious alike. Show no change watch something else.

    .....Poor kids
  • i personally hate this show all these fake as people.. they need to take there 5 minutes of fame and put it up there asses all ready especially that Spencer and Heidi chick i hate those two with a passion.

    i personally hate this show all these fake as people.. they need to take there 5 minutes of fame and put it up there asses all ready especially that Spencer and Heidi chick i hate those two with a passion. they think just cuz they work on the hill there automaitcly famous thats b.s i hate that, they are not doing anything and yet they are famous thats bull **** i wanna be an actor and im working hard for because i have talent not like others "Heidi Bootag she needs to stop signing already she stinks !!!!!!i hate her
  • This show is literally just drama that never ends. Really stupid and obviously fake.. but once you watch, you just can't stop.

    This show has really good music! In an upcoming episode, they are featuring the song "Remind Me To Miss You" by Headway.

    You can check the band out on myspace at

    trust me. you won't be disappointed with what you hear.
    stop reading this and go!

    They're currently on tour with OneRepublic in the UK.
    A little taste:
    The Headway sound is elegant piano mixed with a driving rhythm section and swooping rock guitars. Beautifully crafted songs are overlaid with the unique voice and melodies of David Wright. Not just a mesmerizing vocalist, but a great front man too the kind of front man that the UK are renowned for producing.
  • A reality show following Laguna Beach's Lauren Conrad and her glamorous LA lifestyle with her friends Audrina,Lo and Whitney as well as her enemies Heidi and Spencer.

    I really love this show despite the fact it is so false it's unreal.At first I believed that somehow these young girls might actually lead those lives but then after much consideration I realised how impossible it was for girls of their age to be working in such glamorous jobs with endless money and designer clothes and handbags everytime they appear on the screen.With an interns salary there's no way they could afford all this and the way Lauren and her enemy Heidi always "run into" each other in practically every episode is so unlikely.However,I do think this show is a brilliant watch because of all the drama and the way it still manages to pull off the title of reality show.Nearly every teenager I know loves "The Hills" as it is so enjoyable to watch and is like a more glamorous "Big Brother" with more drama and a girly makeover.
  • I regret watching this even for a lil bit it totally was a waste of my time

    I think this show Is a waste of time. The actors are all fake and stuck up. I think there the kids in life that got everything and thats not normal for a typical America family. They just think too highly of themselves and I think there making themselves look stupid. They seem to want to find love by some fake actors who are guys. I think this show was produced to make money and It was a waste. Everyone I know, hates this show. I would not suggust this show for anyone to watch. I rather watch nothing than waste my time watching this show. Maybe the producers should consider ending the season and not playing anymore.
  • if you love DRAMA, watch this show!

    so i rated this show an 8 and said that it needs some fine-tuning, only because for about the past 2 seasons, its kinda been going down hill. the premiere for season 4 had 17 minutes of commercials! what is up with that! and it just doesnt seem as interesting as it once was! but putting all that into account, it's still an eye catcher. and its addicting. and as much as i get mad at it sometimes, i still watch every episode. what can i say, im a devoted fan! i deff. will miss this show when it is over!
  • Get inside the life of 4 fantastic indivuals and there friends, while they try to live thier lives as normal as you and I!

    basically it is a show where nothing really ever happens, but so much behind the scenes...i cant help but to watch it every monday! Lauren has the coolest life ever and its amazing to let the camera's in her life all the time! as for relationships it hits down home, from the terrible speidi what ever you call it to the oh you think its love jason and lauren! which ever your preference this show is got it all from glamour to fashion to sex lies and scandal! what better to do on a friday night then tune in 9 o'clock central time baby!
  • My personnal Favourite.

    The Hills is about 4 girls living in LA, and what there lifes are like. LC studies fashion and is an intern at Teen Vogue. Heidi studied for fashion for one day and then gave up, but now works at Bolthouse. Audrina is a rceptionist. Whitney is an intern at Teen Vogue. Season 1 started off really good for LC and Heidi, they were best friends but that all changed in season 2 when Heidi met Spencer and LC didn't like him. Audrina was caught in the middle when Heidi and LC became enemies but she mainly spent her time with LC. Heidi did eventually become engaged to Spencer. This show is absolutly fantastic, it shows the fun, laughter, tears etc of 4 young girls, and how they are trying to survive in the world of LA.
  • The Hills is about Lauren and her friends personal lives, now if this show was longer or didn't feel like some of the girls are looking at the camera, this would be a excellent show. It's the best in the "soap" category hands down, and I recommend this!

    Now I watch soaps like EastEnders, Coronation Street and sometimes Emmerdale, and some of the stories in those soaps are getting completely ridiculous it's actually laughable. Now if you want something that isn't about acting, you just want a "daily life" programme where the people experience some problems in their life then The Hills is where you want to be.

    The Hills is about a girl called Lauren, whom at the start of the season moves to LA, she talks with her friends Heidi, Audrina and Whitney. They get boyfriends later on which in the later seasons breaks them apart. They get jobs at different places, the main one being at Teen Vogue and centered around there throughout some of the episodes. They also go to school to study, however you don't really see a lot of this nor hear Lauren talk about it or any of her friends a lot. It's only when you forget about it that your later reminded of it.

    The camera angles are great, it looks like your watching something in a film, where the camera is still and focused. However unlike in films, in about 2 or 3 episodes of The Hills you'll find 1 of the girls looking at the camera quickly. This makes it feel acted out when it's not supposed to be. This show only runs for 30 minutes (22 minutes if you want to be precise) and a few times the characters like Spencer (Heidi's boyfriend in the later series) and Whitney do not get a great deal of time, Spencer only seems to be seen with Heidi and not with any of his mates, despite the fact that he talks about them some times. Spencer seems to be the coolest person, his humour in one of the episodes is dirty but funny, he admits when he is wrong and he gave up a BBQ that him and his friend set up 2 months in advanced to see Heidi's family for the weekend in Colorado. It's times when you think that they should have an episode where it is all to do with the guys, as they don't get too much.

    One thing I haven't seen in any soap or "daily life" programme is the fact that they use music to sort of express their feelings. There are quite a number of bands, for example Tokio Hotel and Coldplay. The theme is from Natasha Bedingfield which pretty much describes the show perfectly, being "unwritten" meaning they won't really know what is going to happen next. This show is amazing, with a fine tweak here and there I would have given it a 10, but the problems aren't big and there aren't really many, no trvia's but there is a good quote which I'll end this review on (also from the episode of the same name) "Love is not a maybe thing."
  • A show that basically just shows what kind life most Americans don't have...

    I feel like I am sinning just watching it. If I go to hell for watching a whole one minute of The Hills, I completely understand why. Its probably the worst show ever made. All the show does is show some stupid rich girls that complain about how hard life is when, number one, they haven't worked a day in their entire lives and probably never will, and two, shop at the hottest stores and live in huge houses overlooking a beautiful beach. These girls wouldn't last one day in the real world nor last one day without daddy's money to buy them stuff. Please MTV, you are better then this, you are too good to be showing this crap.
  • The following is a running diary of last night's great season premiere.

    Going into this episode my expectations were pretty low as most season premiere's just touch on all the stuff the tabloids cover. Thankfully, this episode was much more than that and quite entertaining. Here's my standard follow along blog.

    1) D texted me, "LC's dress (from the live interview)…ew…she doesn't have the boobs for it." Um, I completely disagree any cleavage is good cleavage. 2) Scripted conversation between LC and Whitney. Standard stuff to catch us up on what's going on. I agree with Whitney Doug is kind of a lame name.

    3) They follow the show's theme song up with my favorite chick song right now. Pussycat Doll's…When I grow up.

    4) Heidi's fake work friend got uglier and I didn't think she was halfway attractive in the first place.

    5) Audrina's first comment about Schmo of the season, "Lo is always super **** that's just how she is." Love that that is her first line, hope drama unfolds there, it no doubt should.

    6) Spencer is sitting there playing vids. Get out of here with that, I would work you son. Yes, that was a CT line for those die hard MTV fans.

    7) That's a weak reason to pout Spencer, it's just her sister. And what does Heidi's sister's tat on her inner wrist say?

    8) So, Schmo and Audrina are openly disliking each other this season. That's a different twist, but one I definately like, it can only end badly.

    9) Red Pearl Kitchen…you can thank The Hills for that free advertising. 10) LC, "I think your drink says a lot about you. Beer says you're a guys guy." What does jack and coke say I am LC? And LC ordered a Fuzzy Dragon? That sounds delicious, but I think that says to me, that you don't trim your bush. 11) Doug just asked who Audrina is. Get serious Dougy, you have clearly watched the show before or season her in the tabloids with LC.

    12) Back to back amazing previews. Real excited for Making the Band to come back tomorrow. The crop of summer shows had been horrible. I had been delegated to watching I Love Money (which is fantastic actually) and Million Dollar Listing. Now I've got The Hills, Making the Band and Sunset Tan all returning. Not to mention the next preview and a new show I'm quite excited for, the new version of Beverly Hills, "90210″ featuring Eden.

    13) Jesus Christ, these commercials just won't stop. What is the run time on this episode? 12 minutes? Just rewinded my TiVo to see if I was overreacting. No joke 8 minutes of the Hills playtime followed by 9 minutes of advertising. That is pathetic, especially for a season premiere. 14) Spencer is hilarious. He is intentionally over the top Spencer haters, everything he does is intentional and thought out, stop taking him seriously.

    15) Whoa Whoa. How are Doug and Frankie already friends? Did anyone else catch that they went to Audrina's party together and without Brody.

    16) All of Audrina's crazy friends are showing up to the party. Over/Under on S.T.D.'s at that party I'm setting at 14.5. No joke, I'd take the over, there are so many dirtballs.

    17) Schmo is **** in the kitchen. "We are just gonna have to enjoy the company that comes." Thank you, captain obvious. And finally Lauren gives her a frustrated look.

    18) Heidi, "I don't always want my family in my relationship like that." Honestly shut up. You are on a reality show about your relationship, of course you want everyone to know. You and Spencer go out in public begging people to give you attention (which I'm not mocking, it's impressive how much attention you get).

    19) SCHMO SUCKS.

    20) Speaking of Schmo sucking, BooYaKaShaw just texted me his best analysis to date of this show, "Smiegel thinks that Audrina is taking her precious." Hilarious.

    21) Heidi's sister looks a lot hotter in the live interview. 22) 6 minutes of run time there and only 2 minutes of commercials, much better. For those with poor math skills, that's 14 minutes of the show and 11 minutes of advertising. Still a horrible rate.

    23) Heidi's sister leaves and before leaving casually asks to move in. Haha, that's gonna irk Spencer.

    24) Spencer looks like Grizzly Adams.

    25) Schmo and Audrina are going to talk? What? Wait and it's happening now, excellent. My mom has always claimed Schmo looks like a witch. She couldn't be more right, I keep seeing it more and more.

    26) Schmo you should receive the blame for Audrina and LC seperating so much. Both parts of this argument are so well rehearsed that it's difficult to critique, this conversation was clearly planned out. Audrina with the evil dagger to end the discussion, "we will never be friends." Nice.

    27) My mother called me after the show to predict that Heidi's sister will move into the house after Audrina moves out. A bold prediction but I love it and could see it happening.

    Previews: AMAZING. They set up the whole season, so much stuff:

    28) Spencer disowning ShePratt for hanging out with LC.

    29) ShePratt going on a date with Dougy. Drama, Drama, Drama. ShePratt, "she can't dictate all of our lives."

    30) Doug and Brody are best buds. Huh, Doug wants Brody's leftovers?

    31) Audrina takes her top off in the pool. That wouldn't be anything new. 32) LC and Audrina actually trying to patch things up.

    33) Audrina's tatted up sister from the tabloids making an appearance.

    34) Heidi's sister moving out there. And then the sister trying to help Heidi and LC patch up their long lost friendship. Wow great previews and a solid episode. Looking forward to this season. Here is the full text article
  • about lauren and everyone

    i just love lauren because even though she has her flaws which arent bad at all she knows what to do & how to like not hurt people sometimes && shes an all around good person i wouldnt mind her being my big sister.But all heidi could of did for lauren was just talked to her without being a complete idot n say 'what did i do' you know and just talkint eacothers friendship out. i love whitney shes not invovled in no ones drama shes just a different hardworking easy going person and i love her personality very much. I would like to see brody with lauren .
  • A show about people and the drama of their lives.

    I chosses a classification of ahead of its time because it just is. It is one of the most amazing show ever, along with home and away, desperate housewives and of coarse one tree hill. All those shows are my life. I could not live with out them all. The events that happen in the hills are so believible and they are real. All though people say their made do it all but thats not true. The events are real, very real. Lauren is my favourite but they all are amazing people. Heidi, Audrina, Lo and Whitney are amazing people too. People everywhere should watch this show because its ahead of its time. I love it.
  • The Hills follows Laguna Beach's Lauren Conrad as she moves to L.A. to attend college at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. The show focuses on the challenges Lauren faces while she is trying to juggle work, school, and relationships.

    I didn't watch the first season of this reality show. But by the second season I was hooked and been pretty much watching almost every episodes. I hope the third season come soon because I want to see what happens next with the people the show is most focused on. I am glad that I was able to watch this series. And can not wait until the new season if they decide to have another one. To others who watching the show, keep watching so the ratings will stay high and the show would stay airing for a little while longer.
  • I can't get enough of it!

    I am way behind on the seasons...haven't even finished watching season 3 but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! it's entertaining, funny, crazy and inspiring even! I don't have a clue as to it being real or not, but I DON'T CARE because I love, and I want to watch more and more! I hope that the upcoming seasons and episodes I have yet to catch up on, don't disappoint me! What I think is funny is how annoying it is to watch them when they do stupid things (Heidi letting Spencer manipulate her) but, I identify 'cuz Ive gone through that!
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