The Hills

Season 5 Episode 12

The Bitch Is Back: The Hills Season Preview

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 16, 2009 on MTV - Music Television

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  • MTV can't really expect me to buy this S H I T anymore

    Fake. Forced. Abysmal acting. I can't watch this s h i t anymore. I could just hear the producers telling that man voiced Kristin "hook up with Justin for a while" and now Justin has lines? really?! I almost fell asleep when he was flirting with miss man voice about his motorcycle. Miss man voice may be prettier than Lauren but her acting sucks ass like im sure she does on a regular basis. Also can someone just shoot Audrina, Stephanie and Lo(ser) because they just looked pathetic.

    bottom line:you cant have a man voiced blonde fake acting like a b i t c h to every1 as the main character of a show.
  • The show starts off with Heidi and Spencer returning from thier honeymoon.They were having a get togther between friends and Kristin was there and had to start fighting with Stephaine Audrina. That was when I turned off the show.

    Oh my god!! I can't believe they did it again. They gave Lauren's show to that **** in their words. I watched the first part before commercial break and she already started in on Audrina. She is so evil it is crazy to give her a show. Just like when she took over Laguna Beach they are going to have to change the name and start completely over, because everything she gets her hands on is taunted. I will never watch a show with her in it again. Unless it is TMZ humiliating her which is what she deserves. One time I saw her on that show and she acted as if everybody was suppose to know who she was, at first I was trying to remember who she was. It was hilarious to see the way she was, she acted like a complete snob. Nobody wants to see her on TV. I turned off the show immediately so it wouldn't get any ratings. I will watch the show when they bring back Lauren.