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The Hitchhiker Chronicles

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The Hitchhiker Chronicles is a reality TV show from FX that puts three young adults in a car with a hidden camera, picking up hitchhikers across the country. Filmmaker Elysia Skye is the designated driver for Scott Ward and Christina Pazsitzky, who pick up people needing a ride to hear what they have to say. The season opens with the group finding Ted, a hippie that needs a ride to Albuquerque, NM. Fred by appearance looks dangerous, but after thirty minutes of joking around, the group discovers that he's just a regular guy. In the next episode, Christina gets a surprise after Paul, a hitchhiker needing a ride to Reno, NV, asks her out on a date. All is not fun-and-games for the hosts as they also pick up some shady characters on the road, including a schizophrenic homeless woman and a drug addict looking for his next score. By the end of the season, viewers get a good idea of the advantages and disadvantages in picking up hitchhikers.