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  • When he appears, strange things happen. Years before there was a Sopranos or Six Feet Under, HBO gave viewers a terrific television series chronicling the stories of a mysterious drifter.


    I became an instant fan of The Hitchhiker from the first episode that I saw. Each episode was so very well written and had a story that had me hooked until the end. It's obvious that the series owes some degree of its success to the original Twilight Zone series, but The Hitchhiker was far from a carbon copy. Though he was not the original choice for the title character/narrator, Page Fletcher was excellent as the mysterious drifter who had great stories to tell. What also makes this show fun to watch is seeing so many of today's well known actors (Kirstie Alley, Joe Pantoliano) in early roles. Wikipedia says HBO will release the complete series on DVD in 2012. I can hardly wait!

  • Underrated show but still great!

    I remember seeing this show as a kid back on
    USA Network as it was in the genre of both
    The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents as it came on after Hitchcock. Very good and underrated show. As it started with the unnamed hitchhiker giving the prologue and epilogue to set the story in motion. Want it back on tv!
  • One of the best adult TV series ever made. The writing was fantastic - with more than a touch of irony. The narrating was excellent. The women were beautiful. The action made for very suspenseful drama.

    Each episode was focussed on different aspects of right or wrong. In effect, they were like parables.

    Characters who made the wrong choice in the stories were often punished severely. Often, they died. There was usually a bit of poetic justice to each story.

    At the end, the narrator, the hitchhiker himself, would explain the meaning of what had just happened and why it had happened.

    The next most memorable thing about the series was the actresses. Every episode at least one of the most beautiful females could not keep her clothes on.

    The nudity was only R rated, of course - since it was a cable television show. There was often some tasteful intimacy between a couple of the characters.

    Except for the nudity and the fact that some of the main characters each show were very good looking young adults, the feel of the show was kind of like "The Twilight Zone".