The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

BBC Two (ended 1981)


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  • Imagine if George Lucas just had to make Star Wars in 1965. Making use of current low budget effects to make the film. No doubt it would still be a cult classic and fun to watch, no matter how hokey it may seem today.

    The BBC loves producing television, and the British people love Douglas Adams, put them together, and you have this peanut butter meets chocolate result, that no matter what all the naysayers may say, Hitchhikers Guide is an absolutely fabulous piece of British film history.

    Of course, those with no appreciation of the finer aspect of this low budget classic go right for it's achilles heel, Zaphod's extraneous head... Obviously the BBC had bigger hopes that never quite materialized, but the acting of the supporting cast and their abject refusual to even acknowledge the silly prosthetic makes it even more plausible to the underlying story. And I thought they did a great job with the Vogons.

    If they had just happened to use a young Britisih actor by the name of Alan Rickman to do Marvin's voice, it would have been box office gold.

    As a descedent of Paul Revere, I offer my apology to the mother country, and thank the BBC for producing this little gem, I also say a prayer to the memory and surviving family of Mr. Douglas Adams. So Long and Thanks For All the Laughs.
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