The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

BBC Two (ended 1981)


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  • A short yet very amusing sci fi comedy series.

    Though the length of this show was small, the story, humor, and characters were not. From being originated as nothing more than thought by Douglas Adams(who was drunk in a feild at the time)to a radio show, a book, this series, and later an awe-inspiring motion picture, the story of hitchikers goes quite a long ways.

    It is the story of a man named Arthor, who's planet(Earth) is destroyed by an alien flagship in order to make way for an intergalactic expressway. Being saved by his friend Ford Prefect, who turns out to be an alien from another planet, he takes Arther on an journey acros the Galaxy with the help of one electronic book; The Hitchiker's Guid to the Galaxy. Joined up with a woman Arthur meet at a party on Earth, a wacky intergalactic president, and a very depressed robot, they set out on one crazy adventure.

    Yes, this show's effects are extremely dated and the costume designs may not be anything special, but everything from story to humor made up for it, not to mention that the series was made as a short TV series in Britain on the BBC channel in 1981. All in all, it should be enough to keep you enterteined to where you'd just eventually set effects aside and try to understand what's going on(as the story is tossed and turned from time to time).

    Though I have never read the book or listened to the radio show, this series and the movie is what really got me interested into the whole thing. I'm sure that the book can explain more than the series represented, since it did feel like some things were left out or probably forgotten.

    Either way, this is a very interesting and quite hilarious show to watch, and don't let the shortage of episodes fool you into thinking it's horrible, it may leave you hanging on some parts, but it seems to have ended itself with a fair conclusion to what has happened.