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  • In the early 1990s this was broadcast in the graveyard slot of 4am.

    Pete Waterman then a hugely successful record producer took the presenter's job and began to wonder if he had made the worst mistake. The show were at half empty clubs. Then it started to get a cult following from drunks coming home and now the clubs had queues of people stretching so far they had to turn people away. The show consisted of people dancing very badly to the latest club tunes that were unsustainable unless you were stuck in a club. Meanwhile professional dancers lead by a black man in a white nylon wig did their thing. The show was noticeable for the cameraman's interest in the women dancing on the stage and this was one of the reasons why the show was canceled, also another reason was due to a number of dancers who were able to keep up an athletic tempo despite sweat pouring off them, it was later revealed a few had taken a well known stimulant that was part of the club scene at the time. At 4 in a morning the show was best viewed after a night out at your own club with quite a few drinks in side you, if you were watching it sobber and wide awake then you were wasting your time.