The Hogan Family

NBC (ended 1991)




Episode Guide

  • Season 6
    • Old Enough
      Old Enough
      Episode 14
    • Ho, Ho, Hogans
      Ho, Ho, Hogans
      Episode 13
      Christmas stress hits the Hogan family as Sandy struggles to get a Christmas tree and Mark and Willie battle it out over the same gift that each one wants to give Cara and Brenda. Meanwhile, David becomes a department-store Santa Claus, but soon finds he is a victim of a pickpocket when he finds his wallet stolen.moreless
    • Isn't It Romantic?
      Isn't It Romantic?
      Episode 12
      Lloyd is enthusiastic about an impending rendezvous with his first love who has come to town for a visit. Meanwhile, Willie and Mark get into a competition of sorts over romance. This after, Willie and Brenda get into an argument over his lack of romance. However, things go awry for both Willie and Lloyd when they get locked in a storeroom.moreless
    • A Family Affair
      A Family Affair
      Episode 11
      Michael has a new girlfriend and he's been sneaking around to see her. The family is in for a shock when they meet her, a college co-ed and classmate of David and Burt. Meanwhile, Mark and Willie dog-sit a pedigree dog and set out a plan to make some quick cash.moreless
    • A Sneaking Suspicion
      David plans revenge on Mark and Willie when he loses his latest girlfriend because the twins beat her to a new job at a shoe store. Meanwhile, Mrs. Poole finds herself in a bind when one of Sandy's friends gets her thinking about having an affair, something she is seriously considering.moreless
    • The Best of Friends, Worst of Times
      Mark's volunteer job at the hospital sets the scene for a documentary that David and Burt are filming. And in the hospital during their filming, David runs into his old pal, Rich and discovers that he is now battling AIDS. Meanwhile, Willie decides to take a home economics course in order to meet girls.moreless
    • It Happened One Night . . . Or Did It?
      Mark and Cara have a study session which turns into an all-nighter when she stays over. However, the family becomes suspicious that something other than studying took place when Sandy discovers Cara sneaking out of Mark's room in the morning.
    • Come Fly With Me
      Come Fly With Me
      Episode 7
      David has hit a dry spell with the ladies and when he takes Michael's pilot's uniforms to the cleaners he gets a great idea. So him and Burt high-tail it to the nearest bar dressed in uniform to pick up girls.
    • Ex Marks the Spot
      Sandy gets news that her ex-husband, Richard is remarrying. However, she just can't quite muster up any happiness for them and she is horrified when best man, David insists that she attend. Meanwhile, Lloyd buys Mark and Willie a motorcycle without consulting Michael.
    • From Russia with Fries
      Mark and Willie have been preparing for a visit of Russian dignitaries to Bossy Burger, but they arrive a day early and to top all off, Mark and Willie skip out to go to a Rolling Stones concert leaving Sandy and Mrs. Poole to entertain them. Meanwhile, Michael gives David a family heirloom, which he accidentally destroys.moreless
    • The Play's the Thing
      Mark seethes when Willie gets the lead in a school play opposite Cara and he gets even crazier when he learns the two will share a romantic kiss. Meanwhile, Michael and Lloyd test their friendship on the golf course and David tries to curb Sandy's non-stop spending habits.
    • The Baby Stops Here
      The babysitting kids misplace Mrs. Poole's infant niece.
    • California Dreamin' (2)
      Sandy and Michael fear the worst when Lloyd disappears but breath a sigh of relief when he is found safe. Later, Sandy tries to talk him into moving in with the family, instead of living on a boat. David's movie crew gig goes awry and Cara makes an unexpected visit, surprising a preoccupied Mark.moreless
    • California Dreamin' (1)
      Sandy and Michael's father has just gotten a divorce and the family decides to go out to California to visit him. Grandpa Lloyd has taken to living on a boat and has plans to sail to Tahiti, something which Sandy is adamantly against. Meanwhile, David becomes a crew member of a film being shot on the beach.moreless
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