The Hogan Family - Season 2

NBC (ended 1991)




Episode Guide

  • The Return of Uncle Skip
    Valerie is less than thrilled with another visit from Michael's war buddy Skip Franklin who brings a surprise, his new bride, Darlene. Later, a fight ensues when Skip drops the news that he's planning on getting a job in Chicago which is a total surprise to Darlene.
  • Babes in the Woods
    Babes in the Woods
    Episode 21
    Michael gets an unexpected call for a flight, which leads Valerie and the boys to go it alone on a camping trip. Having borrowed Mrs. Poole's camper for the trip, Valerie and the boys become stranded in the woods when thieves with a taste for all the modern conveniences take off with it.moreless
  • Shape Up and Move Out
    Willie's wanton destruction of his brothers' personal belongings leads David and Mark to give him the silent treatment. Feeling unwanted, Willie decides to move into the attic to get away from his cruel brothers. Meanwhile, Valerie, Annie and Mrs. Poole all go on a diet but Valerie's dieting failures lead to an exercise in self loathing.moreless
  • Oedipus Wrecks
    Oedipus Wrecks
    Episode 19
    David takes Michael's new Italian sports car out for a spin to impress a young woman and ends up wrapping it around a tree. David manages to come out of it unscathed, but must soon face his angry father. Meanwhile, the twins are feeling cooped up when they both come down with the chicken pox.moreless
  • Hogan vs. Hogan
    Hogan vs. Hogan
    Episode 18
    Mark and Willie go away for the weekend and Mark leaves his pet lizard, Chuck, in David's care. When Chuck passes away before Mark's return, David must prepare to tell Mark the bad news, which he doesn't take too well. Mark decides to haul David into small-claims court, claiming that David was responsible for Chuck's death.moreless
  • Community Theatre
    Community Theatre
    Episode 17
    Although she's sworn off community theater, Valerie finds herself directing Annie's play, placating overworked stagehands Michael, Willie and Mark and trying to replace a leading lady who's under the weather. Meanwhile, David has his eye on nothing but the leading lady and Mrs. Poole has her eye on nothing but getting the leading lady's part.moreless
  • Whose Team is It Anyway?
    Valerie becomes the new coach of Mark and Willie's soccer team and her first official act is to bench Willie for laziness in practice. Meanwhile, David's car stereo is stolen and in order to get his parents to buy him a new one agrees to household chores.
  • A Night to Remember
    A Night to Remember
    Episode 15
    Willie's fantasy date with the prettiest girl in the seventh grade could be realized if he can just persuade Mark to make it a double date with the girl's cousin. Meanwhile, with the kids out of the house, Valerie and Michael enjoy a romantic evening.
  • Bad Timing
    Bad Timing
    Episode 14
    Old friends of the family visit for the weekend and one of them is a childhood sweetheart of David's who is now a grown woman who makes it obvious to him that she is still interested in him and suggests that perhaps they should take their friendship to a new level, a sexual one.moreless
  • Wooly Bully
    Wooly Bully
    Episode 13
    Valerie's discomfort after a bunion operation is compounded by Mrs. Poole's relentless help around the house and basically refuses to let Valerie lift a finger for herself. Meanwhile, David has become close with his tutor but her ex-boyfriend has something to say about that which results in David getting a sucker's punch and David vowing revenge.moreless
  • Never on Tuesday
    Never on Tuesday
    Episode 12
    Valerie, Annie and Mrs. Poole all begin taking a self-defense class, however things get a little out of hand when Valerie puts Annie's arm in a sling. At the same time, David may be in some hot water after he leaves the boys with a babysitter, his friend Burt, so he can keep a date, but the twins pull a fast one and sneak out.moreless
  • Boston Tea Party
    Boston Tea Party
    Episode 11
    While heading to Bermuda to meet Michael, Valerie is mistaken for a purse snatcher by airport security. Meanwhile, David misses a concert when he's forced to take care of Mrs. Poole's four-year-old niece, Pamela, after Mrs. Poole's back goes out.
  • The Way We're Not
    The Way We're Not
    Episode 10
    Michael finds a silver lining in an airline pilots' strike since now he has plenty of time to spend with the family which all too quickly has Valerie and the boys wishing he were airborne again. Meanwhile, Mrs. Poole has Valerie design the invitations for her high school reunion.
  • Small Packages
    Small Packages
    Episode 9
    On her birthday, Valerie gets just what she needs when the boys give her a new garbage disposal. However installing it proves to be quite a challenge. Valerie also gets just what she doesn't need when a client who has a crush on her gives her an expensive necklace.
  • The Roots of All Evil
    Relations are strained between new used car owner David and investors Mark and Willie, who expect to be chauffeured in return. Meanwhile, Annie's elm tree is clogging the Hogans' pipes and threatening her relationship with Valerie.
  • One of a Kind
    One of a Kind
    Episode 7
    The boys are not looking forward to a visit from Valerie's caustic Aunt Josephine, whose pushy ways get under everyone's skin. Later, no one is prepared for her unexpected departure when she unexpectedly passes away while at a grocery store with Valerie.
  • Dr. No
    Dr. No
    Episode 6
    David injures his knee during a game and comes home limping. He soon learns that he will have to have surgery, something that he decides to avoid. Meanwhile, a neighborhood girl, Judy has a crush on Mark but she soon begins to suffocate Mark with her attention and admiration.
  • Leave It to Willie
    Leave It to Willie
    Episode 5
    Couch potato, Willie learns that life is no sitcom after he takes the family car for a spin, hits a parked car and allows David to take the blame, creating a crisis that just might not end happily in 30 minutes.
  • Caught on a Hot Tin Roof
    Mark and Willie are intrigued by a slumber party that Annie's daughter is having next door. Tempted, they both decide to sneak a peak, however, Willie gets a peak at something he never expected when he sees, Annie's daughter naked.
  • Of Human Blondage
    Of Human Blondage
    Episode 3
    Valerie's friend Annie encourages her to try out a trendy hairdresser, however, she soon gets more than she bargained for when her hair gets dyed blond. Meanwhile, after tripping over Willie's skateboard, David blackmails him into being his servant. And Mark's pet lizard escapes from the glass cage.
  • The Big Fix-Up
    The Big Fix-Up
    Episode 2
    Valerie fixes David up with the daughter of a friend of hers, however, David slips into depression when he gets dumped. Meanwhile, the new neighbors, the Pooles have a dog, whose nocturnal barking is keeping Valerie up all night.
  • Full Moon
    Full Moon
    Episode 1
    Valerie has a rough morning and the rest of the day doesn't prove to be any better when she gets a call from the school with news that Mark mooned the student body while up on stage accepting a citizenship award. Meanwhile, Valerie also finds herself dealing with David, who is grounded for breaking curfew and Willie who suddenly has in his possession a pair of num-chucks.moreless