The Hogan Family - Season 3

NBC (ended 1991)




Episode Guide

  • Close Encounters
    Close Encounters
    Episode 21
    While on a flight, Michael possibly experiences close encounters with the third kind when he witnesses a strange-lighted object hover and fly past his airplane. Later, Michael has close encounters of the most embarrassing kind when his friends' find out he saw a UFO. Meanwhile, Mark and Willie win free tickets to a Bruce Springsteen concert and their refusal to give David an extra ticket sends his high hopes plummeting to earth.moreless
  • 48 Hours
    48 Hours
    Episode 20
    David is less than enthusiastic about him and Michael having a father-son retreat but it soon goes awry when they both get locked in the Pooles' garage. Meanwhile, Willie and Mark get an X-rated video tape stuck in the VCR and do their best to prevent Sandy from discovering it.
  • Help Wanted
    Help Wanted
    Episode 19
    Michael and Sandy are bombarded with unqualified applicants for a temporary housekeeper position. Meanwhile, David, Willie and Mark run across a ditsy waitress whom they inadvertently get fired from her job. Feeling guilty, the boys push Sandy into hiring her as the new housekeeper. However soon the boys find themselves doing all the housework.moreless
  • Skip III: The Bailout
    Skip Franklin makes another visit to Oak Park with the bad news that he is recently divorced. Later, he takes Michael and David for a ride in a small plane, but when the plane blows an engine they're forced to bail out and all of their lives are put in jeopardy.moreless
  • The King and I
    The King and I
    Episode 17
    Mrs. Poole talks a relcutant Sandy into going out on a blind date. Later, Sandy's dreaded blind date turns out to be a "King," an Elvis impersonator. Meanwhile, David is all excited about spending an evening with his new girlfriend but soon finds it difficult with Mark and Willie around.
  • A Restaurant Named Desire
    David and Burt have been working in a restaurant and soon David steps into the middle of a lover's quarrel between his boss, Pete and his girlfriend, Danielle. It seems Danielle has been making passes at David, even though she is engaged to Pete. Meanwhile, Michael teaches Mark how to defend himself from a bully.moreless
  • Mark and Willie's Day Off
    Willie learns that Vanna White will be visiting the local mall for a book signing and he sets out to get her autograph so he can give it to his girlfriend, Tracy. This leads him to talk Mark into skipping school with him but when Sandy catches Mark, Willie decides to feign ignorance about the whole scheme. Meanwhile, David gets talked into performing as a clown at a children's birthday party.moreless
  • Mother Poole's Visit
    Mrs. Poole is fed up with her overbearing mother-in-law who has come for a visit. Meanwhile, David has been reading a book on venting anger, gives Mrs. Poole some advice which backfires and leads to Mother Poole moving in with the Hogan’s.
  • Teacher's Pet
    Teacher's Pet
    Episode 13
    An attraction between David and his science teacher turns into something a bit more, when he asks her out on a date and she accepts. Meanwhile, Mrs. Poole is depressed on her anniversary, when Mr. Poole can't make it home to celebrate, so Sandy tries to cheer her up.
  • Faulty Attraction
    Faulty Attraction
    Episode 12
    Sandy becomes a bit annoyed when her ex-husband Richard re-enters her life and all she soon realizes just why she divorced him in the first place. Meanwhile, one of Michael's poker buddies can't make a game and David soon fills his spot.
  • Love with the Proper Hogan
    After Burt suffers rejection from a girl that he has a crush on, Sandy consoles him which in turn fuels a growing attraction leading him to fall hard for Sandy. Meanwhile, Sandy thinks her principal is the one who has romance in mind and must decide how to let him down gracefully.moreless
  • Poetic Injustice
    Poetic Injustice
    Episode 10
    Fresh from his triumphant A-plus on an English essay, Willie soon crumbles under the pressure of composing a poem, leading him to plagairism. Meanwhile, Sandy and David lose their minds when they lose Mrs. Poole's beloved dog while dogsitting.
  • Nightmare on Oak Street
    On a stormy night, the boys are all set for an evening of terror, watching a horror movie. However, when it's over each one of them is scared stiff and go on to experience their own nightmare version of "Nightmare at Zombie High."
  • School of Hard Knocks
    Sandy gets Mark into a special program that would allow him to take high school classes. This soon proves to be a burden on David as Mark begins to intrude not only in David's classes but also his love life.
  • You Bet Your Life
    You Bet Your Life
    Episode 7
    David wants some quick cash and hits it big betting money on football games. However, he is unprepared to pay back his debts when his sudden luck begins to fade and he soon finds an angry bookie at the back door. Meanwhile, Sandy, Mark and Willie try to take Mrs. Poole's mind off of her sister who is giving birth.moreless
  • A Room With No View
    With the rest of the family away, David has the house to himself and throws a party but risks losing his best friend when he locks him in a closet to keep him from driving while drunk. Meanwhile, Sandy, Michael, Mark and Willie pay a visit to a resort that Sandy had invested in but find it less than accommodating.moreless
  • You've Got to Believe
    During class, David's history teacher has a heart attack and David saves his life with CPR. This leads David to re-examine his belief in God. Meanwhile, Mrs. Poole goes to work in the Hogan's backyard, landscaping after her dog, Casey runs amok.
  • Take My Wife, Please
    Mark and Willie's school project in which they each have mock marriages takes an interesting turn when Willie's lusting over Mark's wife turns ugly when he begins to pursue her. Meanwhile, David tries to defeat Sandy at everything from golf to tennis, but ends up losing.
  • Burned Out
    Burned Out
    Episode 3
    While moving in some of Sandy's belongings, the boys dig up old stuff in the attic, one of which is an old lamp David made as a gift for Michael. However, unaware to anyone, the lamp sparks a fire causing the house to go up in smoke and the Hogans to temporarily move in with the Pooles next door.moreless
  • Liars and Other Strangers
    Rich and Burt assume more than they should after David has a study session with the new girl in school and he lets them assume that they are much more involved than they actually are. Quickly he learns he's inadvertently destroying a reputation.
  • Movin' On
    Movin' On
    Episode 1
    After Valerie's sudden death in an automobile accident, Sandy, Michael's sister moves in and finds her school-counseling job a breeze compared with what she faces at home: David tries to be a "supermom," while Willie and Mark are at odds over a science project.
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